Revert "Embed all localized strings into GCPW dll directly to allow localization."

This reverts commit 61e28c177145da085bdf576f2db782c5402213da.

Reason for revert: Broke compile on

../../chrome/credential_provider/gaiacp/,10):  fatal error: 'chrome/credential_provider/gaiacp/gaia_resources.h' file not found
#include "chrome/credential_provider/gaiacp/gaia_resources.h"

Looks like this is probably missing a gn dep to make sure the header
is generated by the time it is included.

Original change's description:
> Embed all localized strings into GCPW dll directly to allow localization.
> - Code that generates the strings to be embedded into an
> executable in chrome/installer/util was adapted so that it could be
> used generically anyone.
> - Used this common code to embed the strings into gaia1_0.dll and use
> them directly in code.
> Bug: 908451
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Bug: 908451
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