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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import contextlib
import logging
import os
from pylib.constants import host_paths
_COLORAMA_PATH = os.path.join(
host_paths.DIR_SOURCE_ROOT, 'third_party', 'colorama', 'src')
with host_paths.SysPath(_COLORAMA_PATH):
import colorama
class ColorStreamHandler(logging.StreamHandler):
"""Handler that can be used to colorize logging output.
Example using a specific logger:
logger = logging.getLogger('my_logger')
Example using the root logger:
# pylint does not see members added dynamically in the constructor.
# pylint: disable=no-member
color_map = {
logging.DEBUG: colorama.Fore.CYAN,
logging.WARNING: colorama.Fore.YELLOW,
logging.ERROR: colorama.Fore.RED,
logging.CRITICAL: colorama.Back.RED + colorama.Style.BRIGHT,
def __init__(self, force_color=False):
super(ColorStreamHandler, self).__init__()
self.force_color = force_color
def is_tty(self):
isatty = getattr(, 'isatty', None)
return isatty and isatty()
def format(self, record):
message = logging.StreamHandler.format(self, record)
if self.force_color or self.is_tty:
return self.Colorize(message, record.levelno)
return message
def Colorize(self, message, log_level):
return self.color_map[log_level] + message + colorama.Style.RESET_ALL
except KeyError:
return message
def MakeDefault(force_color=False):
Replaces the default logging handlers with a coloring handler. To use
a colorizing handler at the same time as others, either register them
after this call, or add the ColorStreamHandler on the logger using
force_color: Set to True to bypass the tty check and always colorize.
# If the existing handlers aren't removed, messages are duplicated
logging.getLogger().handlers = []
def SuppressLogging(level=logging.ERROR):
"""Momentarilly suppress logging events from all loggers.
TODO(jbudorick): This is not thread safe. Log events from other threads might
also inadvertently dissapear.
with logging_utils.SuppressLogging():
# all but CRITICAL logging messages are suppressed'just doing some thing') # not shown
logging.critical('something really bad happened') # still shown
level: logging events with this or lower levels are suppressed.