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<title>Test suspend/resume</title>
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<h1>Test suspend/resume</h1>
<p>Press "Start" button to start the test using a single oscillator.</p>
<p>Then press "Suspend" or "Resume" buttons as desired. "Suspend" should stop the audio.
"Resume" should resume the audio immediately.</p>
<p>Some tests to run:</p>
<li>Suspend/Resume Test
<li>Press "Start test"; audio should be heard.</li>
<li>Press "Suspend" multiple times. The first press should stop the audio. Each
subsequent press should do nothing, but the console should show that each press is
resolved successfully.
<li>Press "Resume". The first press should resume audio immediately. Each subsequent
press should do nothing, but the console should show that each press is resolved
<li>Press "Stop test" to stop the test; audio should stop.</li>
<li>Closed Test
<li>Press "Start test"; audio should be heard.</li>
<li>Press "Stop test"; audio should stop</li>
<li>Press "Suspend" or "Resume". Each press should result in a rejected promise
immediately with an error that suspend or resume is invalid on a closed context.
<p>See <a href="">issue 476429</a></p>
<button onclick="startTest()">Start test</button>
<button onclick="stopTest()">Stop test</button>
<button onclick="suspend()">Suspend</button>
<button onclick="resume()">Resume</button>
<div id="results"></div>
// This is loosely based on the test from isue 476429.
var context;
var osc;
var nextSuspendID = 0;
var nextResumeID = 0;
function startTest() {
try {
context = new AudioContext() || webkitAudioContext();
} catch (e) {
log("Neither AudioContext nor webkitAudioContext found");
if (!context.suspend || !context.resume) {
log("AudioContext lacks suspend/resume support");
osc = context.createOscillator();
function suspend() {
var suspendID = nextSuspendID++;
log("suspend request: " + suspendID);
.then(function() {
log("suspend resolved: " + suspendID);
}, function(e) {
log("suspend rejected: " + suspendID + "; error: " + e);
function resume() {
var resumeID = nextResumeID++;
log("resume request: " + resumeID);
.then(function() {
log("resume resolved: " + resumeID);
}, function(e) {
log("resume rejected: " + resumeID + "; error: " + e);
function stopTest() {
if (context) {
osc = null;
.then(function() {
log("Context closed.");
}, function(e) {
log("Unable to close context: " + e);
function log(message) {
var results = document.querySelector("#results");
results.textContent += message + "\n";