[editing] Avoid ReplaceSelectionCommand crashes with mixed editability

Executing document.execCommand('InsertImage') with this HTML:

  <body contenteditable="true">
    <div contenteditable="false">
      <span contenteditable="true">a|b</span>

runs ReplaceSelectionCommand::InsertParagraphSeparatorIfNeeds().
This would typically split the <span> and insert the <img> as a child of
the <div>. However, the <div> is not editable, so a new <div> was added
at the end of the <body>, since it's an editable ancestor.

A DCHECK failed when collapsing the selection to the VisiblePosition in
the new <div> because the canonical position is null when the height of
a block is 0 (see IsVisuallyEquivalentCandidateAlgorithm).

Alternatively, we can modify the testcase a bit to trigger a null deref.
MergeEndIfNeeded() uses PositionAtEndOfInsertedContent(), which may be
a null VisiblePosition if the original Position couldn't be normalized.
Then it could call InsertNodeBefore() with a null node which would be

This patch avoids this kind of problems by making that code not skip
over non-editable ancestors in EnclosingBlock(). To do so, changes
EnclosingNodeOfTypeAlgorithm() to use RootEditableElementOf() instead
of HighestEditableRoot() when rule == kCannotCrossEditingBoundary.
The difference is that RootEditableElementOf() doesn't cross editing

Bug: 1246674


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