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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chromeos/dbus/dbus_switches.h"
namespace chromeos {
namespace switches {
// Used in CryptohomeClient to determine which Google Privacy CA to use for
// attestation.
const char kAttestationServer[] = "attestation-server";
// Forces the stub implementation of D-Bus clients.
const char kDbusStub[] = "dbus-stub";
// Overrides Shill stub behavior. By default, ethernet, wifi and vpn are
// enabled, and transitions occur instantaneously. Multiple options can be
// comma separated (no spaces). Note: all options are in the format 'foo=x'.
// Values are case sensitive and based on Shill names in service_constants.h.
// See FakeShillManagerClient::SetInitialNetworkState for implementation.
// Examples:
// 'clear=1' - Clears all default configurations
// 'wifi=on' - A wifi network is initially connected ('1' also works)
// 'wifi=off' - Wifi networks are all initially disconnected ('0' also works)
// 'wifi=disabled' - Wifi is initially disabled
// 'wifi=none' - Wifi is unavailable
// 'wifi=portal' - Wifi connection will be in Portal state
// 'cellular=1' - Cellular is initially connected
// 'cellular=LTE' - Cellular is initially connected, technology is LTE
// 'interactive=3' - Interactive mode, connect/scan/etc requests take 3 secs
const char kShillStub[] = "shill-stub";
// Sends test messages on first call to RequestUpdate (stub only).
const char kSmsTestMessages[] = "sms-test-messages";
// Used by FakeDebugDaemonClient to specify that the system is running in dev
// mode when running in a Linux environment. The dev mode probing is done by
// session manager.
const char kSystemDevMode[] = "system-developer-mode";
} // namespace switches
} // namespace chromeos