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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "chromeos/network/managed_state.h"
#include "components/onc/onc_constants.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace base {
class DictionaryValue;
class Value;
} // namespace base
namespace chromeos {
// Simple class to provide network state information about a network service.
// This class should always be passed as a const* and should never be held
// on to. Store network_state->path() (defined in ManagedState) instead and
// call NetworkStateHandler::GetNetworkState(path) to retrieve the state for
// the network.
// Note: NetworkStateHandler will store an entry for each member of
// Manager.ServiceCompleteList. The visible() method indicates whether the
// network is visible, and the IsInProfile() method indicates whether the
// network is saved in a profile.
class CHROMEOS_EXPORT NetworkState : public ManagedState {
explicit NetworkState(const std::string& path);
~NetworkState() override;
struct CaptivePortalProviderInfo {
// The id used by chrome to identify the provider (i.e. an extension id).
std::string id;
// The display name for the captive portal provider (i.e. extension name).
std::string name;
struct VpnProviderInfo {
// The id used by chrome to identify the provider (i.e. an extension id).
std::string id;
// The VPN type, provided by the VPN provider/extension.
std::string type;
// ManagedState overrides
// If you change this method, update GetProperties too.
bool PropertyChanged(const std::string& key,
const base::Value& value) override;
bool InitialPropertiesReceived(
const base::DictionaryValue& properties) override;
void GetStateProperties(base::DictionaryValue* dictionary) const override;
void IPConfigPropertiesChanged(const base::DictionaryValue& properties);
// Returns true if the network requires a service activation.
bool RequiresActivation() const;
// Returns true if the network security type requires a passphrase only.
bool SecurityRequiresPassphraseOnly() const;
// Accessors
bool visible() const { return visible_; }
void set_visible(bool visible) { visible_ = visible; }
const std::string& security_class() const { return security_class_; }
const std::string& device_path() const { return device_path_; }
const std::string& guid() const { return guid_; }
const std::string& profile_path() const { return profile_path_; }
const std::string& error() const { return error_; }
const std::string& last_error() const { return last_error_; }
void clear_last_error() { last_error_.clear(); }
// Returns |connection_state_| if visible, kStateDisconnect otherwise.
std::string connection_state() const;
void set_connection_state(const std::string connection_state);
const base::DictionaryValue& proxy_config() const { return proxy_config_; }
const base::DictionaryValue& ipv4_config() const { return ipv4_config_; }
std::string GetIpAddress() const;
std::string GetGateway() const;
GURL GetWebProxyAutoDiscoveryUrl() const;
// Wireless property accessors
bool connectable() const { return connectable_; }
void set_connectable(bool connectable) { connectable_ = connectable; }
bool is_captive_portal() const { return is_captive_portal_; }
const CaptivePortalProviderInfo* captive_portal_provider() const {
return captive_portal_provider_.get();
void SetCaptivePortalProvider(const std::string& id, const std::string& name);
int signal_strength() const { return signal_strength_; }
void set_signal_strength(int signal_strength) {
signal_strength_ = signal_strength;
// Wifi property accessors
const std::string& eap_method() const { return eap_method_; }
const std::vector<uint8_t>& raw_ssid() const { return raw_ssid_; }
// Cellular property accessors
const std::string& network_technology() const { return network_technology_; }
const std::string& activation_type() const { return activation_type_; }
const std::string& activation_state() const { return activation_state_; }
const std::string& roaming() const { return roaming_; }
const std::string& payment_url() const { return payment_url_; }
bool cellular_out_of_credits() const { return cellular_out_of_credits_; }
const std::string& tethering_state() const { return tethering_state_; }
// VPN property accessors
const VpnProviderInfo* vpn_provider() const { return vpn_provider_.get(); }
std::string GetVpnProviderType() const;
// Tether accessors and setters.
int battery_percentage() const { return battery_percentage_; }
void set_battery_percentage(int battery_percentage) {
battery_percentage_ = battery_percentage;
const std::string& carrier() const { return carrier_; }
void set_carrier(const std::string& carrier) { carrier_ = carrier; }
bool tether_has_connected_to_host() const {
return tether_has_connected_to_host_;
void set_tether_has_connected_to_host(bool tether_has_connected_to_host) {
tether_has_connected_to_host_ = tether_has_connected_to_host;
const std::string& tether_guid() const { return tether_guid_; }
void set_tether_guid(const std::string& guid) { tether_guid_ = guid; }
// Returns true if current connection is using mobile data.
bool IsUsingMobileData() const;
// Returns true if the network securty is WEP_8021x (Dynamic WEP)
bool IsDynamicWep() const;
// Returns true if |connection_state_| is a connected/connecting state.
bool IsConnectedState() const;
bool IsConnectingState() const;
bool IsConnectingOrConnected() const;
// Returns true if |last_connection_state_| is connected, and
// |connection_state_| is connecting.
bool IsReconnecting() const;
// Returns true if this is a network stored in a profile.
bool IsInProfile() const;
// Returns true if the network is never stored in a profile (e.g. Tether and
// default Cellular).
bool IsNonProfileType() const;
// Returns true if the network properties are stored in a user profile.
bool IsPrivate() const;
// Returns true if the network is a default Cellular network (see
// NetworkStateHandler::EnsureCellularNetwork()).
bool IsDefaultCellular() const;
// Returns the |raw_ssid| as a hex-encoded string
std::string GetHexSsid() const;
// Returns a comma separated string of name servers.
std::string GetDnsServersAsString() const;
// Converts the prefix length to a netmask string.
std::string GetNetmask() const;
// Returns a specifier for identifying this network in the absence of a GUID.
// This should only be used by NetworkStateHandler for keeping track of
// GUIDs assigned to unsaved networks.
std::string GetSpecifier() const;
// Set the GUID. Called exclusively by NetworkStateHandler.
void SetGuid(const std::string& guid);
// Returns |error_| if valid, otherwise returns |last_error_|.
std::string GetErrorState() const;
// Helpers (used e.g. when a state, error, or shill dictionary is cached)
static bool StateIsConnected(const std::string& connection_state);
static bool StateIsConnecting(const std::string& connection_state);
static bool NetworkStateIsCaptivePortal(
const base::DictionaryValue& shill_properties);
static bool ErrorIsValid(const std::string& error);
static std::unique_ptr<NetworkState> CreateDefaultCellular(
const std::string& device_path);
friend class MobileActivatorTest;
friend class NetworkStateHandler;
friend class NetworkChangeNotifierChromeosUpdateTest;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(NetworkStateTest, TetherProperties);
// Updates |name_| from WiFi.HexSSID if provided, and validates |name_|.
// Returns true if |name_| changes.
bool UpdateName(const base::DictionaryValue& properties);
void SetVpnProvider(const std::string& id, const std::string& type);
// Set to true if the network is a member of Manager.Services.
bool visible_ = false;
// Network Service properties. Avoid adding any additional properties here.
// Instead use NetworkConfigurationHandler::GetProperties() to asynchronously
// request properties from Shill.
std::string security_class_;
std::string eap_method_; // Needed for WiFi EAP networks
std::string eap_key_mgmt_; // Needed for identifying Dynamic WEP networks
std::string device_path_;
std::string guid_;
std::string tether_guid_; // Used to double link a Tether and Wi-Fi network.
std::string connection_state_;
std::string last_connection_state_;
std::string profile_path_;
std::vector<uint8_t> raw_ssid_; // Unknown encoding. Not necessarily UTF-8.
int priority_ = 0;
// Reflects the current Shill Service.Error property. This might get cleared
// by Shill shortly after a failure.
std::string error_;
// Last non empty Service.Error property. Cleared by NetworkConnectionHandler
// when a connection attempt is initiated.
std::string last_error_;
// Cached copy of the Shill Service IPConfig object. For ipv6 properties use
// the ip_configs_ property in the corresponding DeviceState.
base::DictionaryValue ipv4_config_;
// Wireless properties, used for icons and Connect logic.
bool connectable_ = false;
bool is_captive_portal_ = false;
std::unique_ptr<CaptivePortalProviderInfo> captive_portal_provider_;
int signal_strength_ = 0;
std::string bssid_; // For ARC
int frequency_ = 0; // For ARC
// Cellular properties, used for icons, Connect, and Activation.
std::string network_technology_;
std::string activation_type_;
std::string activation_state_;
std::string roaming_;
std::string payment_url_;
bool cellular_out_of_credits_ = false;
std::string tethering_state_;
// VPN properties, used to construct the display name and to show the correct
// configuration dialog. The id is the Extension ID or Arc package name for
// extension or Arc provider VPNs.
std::unique_ptr<VpnProviderInfo> vpn_provider_;
// Tether properties.
std::string carrier_;
int battery_percentage_ = 0;
// Whether the current device has already connected to the tether host device
// providing the hotspot corresponding to this NetworkState.
// Note: this means that the current device has already connected to the
// tether host, but it does not necessarily mean that the current device has
// connected to the Tether network corresponding to this NetworkState.
bool tether_has_connected_to_host_ = false;
// TODO(pneubeck): Remove this once (Managed)NetworkConfigurationHandler
// provides proxy configuration.
base::DictionaryValue proxy_config_;
} // namespace chromeos