Improve support for audio-device group IDs on Linux.

This is a reland of, originally authored by maxmorin@.
This version contains minor additions, lint fixes and restricts functionality to just non-ChromeOS

This CL adds the following AudioManagerPulse overrides in order to better support group IDs:
  * GetDefaultInputDeviceID()
  * GetDefaultOutputDeviceID()
  * GetAssociatedOutputDeviceID()

The original CL was reverted due to regressions on ChromeOS with AudioManagerPulse. This CL keeps
behavior of AudioManagerPulse on ChromeOS unmodified.

Bug: 636300
Cq-Include-Trybots: luci.chromium.try:android_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:linux_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:mac_optional_gpu_tests_rel;luci.chromium.try:win_optional_gpu_tests_rel
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