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Milestone Reference APKs

This folder contains APKs for official (upstream) builds for each milestone. The primary use for these APKs is per-milestone binary size analysis.

  • //build/android/ uses them for calculating patch size
  • They can be used with tools/binary_size/ for analyzing what grew in an APK milestone-to-milestone

Downloading Reference APKs

# Downloads ARM 32 MonochromePublic.apk for the latest milestone that we've
# uploaded APKs for.

# Print usage and see all options.
build/android/binary_size/ -h

Updating Reference APKs

# Downloads build products from perf builders and uploads the following APKs
# for M62 and M63:
#   ARM 32 - ChromePublic.apk, ChromeModernPublic.apk, MonochromePublic.apk
#   ARM 64 - ChromePublic.apk ChromeModernPublic.apk
build/android/binary_size/ --update 63 508578 --update 62 499187
  • Remember to commit the generated .sha1 files, update the CURRENT_MILESTONE variable in, and update the list of revisions below

Chromium revisions for each APK