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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/values.h"
namespace credential_provider {
// The the UI process can exit with the following exit code.
enum UiExitCodes {
// The user completed the sign in successfully.
// The sign in was aborted by the user.
// The sign in timed out.
// The process was killed by the GCP.
// The email is not valid for the given user logging in.
// The email domain is not an accepted domain.
// Some signin data was missing.
// Names of keys returned on json data from UI process.
extern const char kKeyEmail[];
extern const char kKeyPicture[];
extern const char kKeyFullname[];
extern const char kKeyId[];
extern const char kKeyMdmUrl[];
extern const char kKeyMdmIdToken[];
extern const char kKeyPassword[];
extern const char kKeyRefreshToken[];
extern const char kKeyAccessToken[];
extern const char kKeySID[];
extern const char kKeyTokenHandle[];
extern const char kKeyUsername[];
extern const char kKeyDomain[];
extern const char kKeyExitCode[];
// Name of registry value that holds user properties.
extern const wchar_t kUserTokenHandle[];
extern const wchar_t kUserEmail[];
extern const wchar_t kUserId[];
extern const wchar_t kUserPictureUrl[];
// Username and password key for special GAIA account to run GLS.
extern const wchar_t kDefaultGaiaAccountName[];
extern const wchar_t kLsaKeyGaiaUsername[];
extern const wchar_t kLsaKeyGaiaPassword[];
// Name of the desktop used on the Window welcome screen for interactive
// logon.
extern const wchar_t kDesktopName[];
extern const wchar_t kDesktopFullName[];
// Google Update related registry paths.
extern const wchar_t kRegUpdaterClientStateAppPath[];
extern const wchar_t kRegUpdaterClientsAppPath[];
extern const wchar_t kRegUsageStatsName[];
// These are command line switches passed to chrome to start it as a process
// used as a logon stub.
extern const char kGcpwSigninSwitch[];
extern const char kPrefillEmailSwitch[];
extern const char kEmailDomainsSwitch[];
extern const char kGaiaIdSwitch[];
extern const char kGcpwEndpointPathSwitch[];
// Parameter appended to sign in URL to pass valid signin domains to the inline
// login handler. These domains are separated by ','.
extern const char kEmailDomainsSigninPromoParameter[];
extern const char kEmailDomainsSeparator[];
extern const char kValidateGaiaIdSigninPromoParameter[];
extern const char kGcpwEndpointPathPromoParameter[];
// Crashpad related constants
extern const wchar_t kRunAsCrashpadHandlerEntryPoint[];
// HKCU account information path in the hive of the OS user.
extern const wchar_t kRegHkcuAccountsPath[];
} // namespace credential_provider