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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
desc="Accessible title of find bar/dialog, to be read aloud.">
Find in page
<ph name="PAGE_TITLE">$1<ex>Google Search</ex></ph>
<message name="IDS_FIND_IN_PAGE_COUNT" desc="How many matches found and what item we are showing">
<ph name="ACTIVE_MATCH">$1</ph>/<ph name="TOTAL_MATCHCOUNT">$2</ph>
<message name="IDS_ACCESSIBLE_FIND_IN_PAGE_COUNT" desc="Accessible text to be spoken when the user is doing a find in page so they know how many results are on the page and which one is active.">
Result <ph name="RESULT_NUMBER">
</ph> of <ph name="TOTAL_RESULTS">
<message name="IDS_ACCESSIBLE_FIND_IN_PAGE_NO_RESULTS" desc="Accessible text to be spoken when the user does a find in page query and no results are found.">
No results
<message name="IDS_FIND_IN_PAGE_PREVIOUS_TOOLTIP" desc="The tooltip for the previous button">
<message name="IDS_FIND_IN_PAGE_NEXT_TOOLTIP" desc="The tooltip for the next button">
<message name="IDS_FIND_IN_PAGE_CLOSE_TOOLTIP" desc="The tooltip for the close button">
Close find bar