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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "extensions/shell/browser/shell_extension_loader.h"
#include "apps/launcher.h"
#include "base/auto_reset.h"
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/files/file_util.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/sequenced_task_runner.h"
#include "base/task_runner_util.h"
#include "extensions/browser/extension_file_task_runner.h"
#include "extensions/browser/extension_prefs.h"
#include "extensions/browser/extension_registry.h"
#include "extensions/common/file_util.h"
namespace extensions {
using LoadErrorBehavior = ExtensionRegistrar::LoadErrorBehavior;
namespace {
scoped_refptr<const Extension> LoadUnpacked(
const base::FilePath& extension_dir) {
// app_shell only supports unpacked extensions.
// NOTE: If you add packed extension support consider removing the flag
// FOLLOW_SYMLINKS_ANYWHERE below. Packed extensions should not have symlinks.
if (!base::DirectoryExists(extension_dir)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Extension directory not found: "
<< extension_dir.AsUTF8Unsafe();
return nullptr;
int load_flags = Extension::FOLLOW_SYMLINKS_ANYWHERE;
std::string load_error;
scoped_refptr<Extension> extension = file_util::LoadExtension(
extension_dir, Manifest::COMMAND_LINE, load_flags, &load_error);
if (!extension.get()) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Loading extension at " << extension_dir.value()
<< " failed with: " << load_error;
return nullptr;
// Log warnings.
if (extension->install_warnings().size()) {
LOG(WARNING) << "Warnings loading extension at " << extension_dir.value()
<< ":";
for (const auto& warning : extension->install_warnings())
LOG(WARNING) << warning.message;
return extension;
} // namespace
content::BrowserContext* browser_context)
: browser_context_(browser_context),
extension_registrar_(browser_context, this),
weak_factory_(this) {}
ShellExtensionLoader::~ShellExtensionLoader() = default;
const Extension* ShellExtensionLoader::LoadExtension(
const base::FilePath& extension_dir) {
scoped_refptr<const Extension> extension = LoadUnpacked(extension_dir);
if (extension)
return extension.get();
void ShellExtensionLoader::ReloadExtension(ExtensionId extension_id) {
const Extension* extension = ExtensionRegistry::Get(browser_context_)
// We shouldn't be trying to reload extensions that haven't been added.
// This should always start false since it's only set here, or in
// LoadExtensionForReload() as a result of the call below.
DCHECK_EQ(false, did_schedule_reload_);
base::AutoReset<bool> reset_did_schedule_reload(&did_schedule_reload_, false);
// Set up a keep-alive while the extension reloads. Do this before starting
// the reload so that the first step, disabling the extension, doesn't release
// the last remaining keep-alive and shut down the application.
extension_registrar_.ReloadExtension(extension_id, LoadErrorBehavior::kQuiet);
if (did_schedule_reload_)
// ExtensionRegistrar didn't invoke us to schedule the reload, so the reload
// wasn't actually started. Clear the keep-alive so we don't wait forever.
void ShellExtensionLoader::FinishExtensionReload(
const ExtensionId old_extension_id,
scoped_refptr<const Extension> extension) {
if (extension) {
// If the extension is a platform app, adding it above caused
// ShellKeepAliveRequester to create a new keep-alive to wait for the app to
// open its first window.
// Launch the app now.
if (extension->is_platform_app())
apps::LaunchPlatformApp(browser_context_, extension.get(), SOURCE_RELOAD);
// Whether or not the reload succeeded, we should stop waiting for it.
void ShellExtensionLoader::PreAddExtension(const Extension* extension,
const Extension* old_extension) {
if (old_extension)
// The extension might be disabled if a previous reload attempt failed. In
// that case, we want to remove that disable reason.
ExtensionPrefs* extension_prefs = ExtensionPrefs::Get(browser_context_);
if (extension_prefs->IsExtensionDisabled(extension->id()) &&
disable_reason::DISABLE_RELOAD)) {
// Only re-enable the extension if there are no other disable reasons.
if (extension_prefs->GetDisableReasons(extension->id()) ==
disable_reason::DISABLE_NONE) {
void ShellExtensionLoader::PostActivateExtension(
scoped_refptr<const Extension> extension) {}
void ShellExtensionLoader::PostDeactivateExtension(
scoped_refptr<const Extension> extension) {}
void ShellExtensionLoader::LoadExtensionForReload(
const ExtensionId& extension_id,
const base::FilePath& path,
LoadErrorBehavior load_error_behavior) {
GetExtensionFileTaskRunner().get(), FROM_HERE,
base::BindOnce(&LoadUnpacked, path),
weak_factory_.GetWeakPtr(), extension_id));
did_schedule_reload_ = true;
bool ShellExtensionLoader::CanEnableExtension(const Extension* extension) {
return true;
bool ShellExtensionLoader::CanDisableExtension(const Extension* extension) {
// Extensions cannot be disabled by the user.
return false;
bool ShellExtensionLoader::ShouldBlockExtension(const Extension* extension) {
return false;
} // namespace extensions