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Name: opus
Version: 3fe744ea04fdcc418fb85c2c133d13372ebb019b
License: BSD
License File: src/COPYING
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains a copy of Opus library
This library is used by Chrome Remote Desktop and WebRTC for audio stream
Local changes:
* copy .gitignore from;a=tree
* set 'x' flags: "chmod 750 win32/genversion.bat"
* Apply;a=commitdiff;h=46560534fcb5710a894a341c2f9526db58fd7087#patch1
* Apply
* Apply
* Make sure HB_gain is not NaN in an attempt to fix chromium:826914
* Saturate add to avoid int overflow to fix chromium:842528. This should be
reverted when updating to v1.3
* Apply