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# coding: utf-8
Exposes a class that represents a parsed (or compiled) template.
class ParsedTemplate(object):
Represents a parsed or compiled template.
An instance wraps a list of unicode strings and node objects. A node
object must have a `render(engine, stack)` method that accepts a
RenderEngine instance and a ContextStack instance and returns a unicode
def __init__(self):
self._parse_tree = []
def __repr__(self):
return repr(self._parse_tree)
def add(self, node):
node: a unicode string or node object instance. See the class
docstring for information.
def render(self, engine, context):
Returns: a string of type unicode.
# We avoid use of the ternary operator for Python 2.4 support.
def get_unicode(node):
if type(node) is unicode:
return node
return node.render(engine, context)
parts = map(get_unicode, self._parse_tree)
s = ''.join(parts)
return unicode(s)