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Name: tlslite
Version: 0.4.8
Security Critical: No
License: Public domain and BSD
Description: Python TLS implementation for use with test server.
MD5: 36c13858ea63f262c4e4291c2f9ae38f
SHA-512: bdb42d005b7444667badc6febd38f5b74878c09218b418844c255920f0e6272f
Local Modifications:
- Drop docs/ directory.
- patches/tls_intolerant.patch: allow TLSLite to simulate a TLS-intolerant server.
- patches/channel_id.patch: add basic ChannelID support. (Signatures are not
- patches/signed_certificate_timestamps.patch: add support for sending Signed
Certificate Timestamps over a TLS extension.
- patches/fallback_scsv.patch: add support for TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV. See
- patches/status_request.patch: add support for sending stapled OCSP responses.
- patches/ssl3_padding.patch: SSL3 requires minimal padding in CBC mode.
- patches/fix_test_file.patch: Fix #! line in random test file to appease our
presubmit checks.
- patches/dhe_rsa.patch: Implement DHE_RSA-based cipher suites on the server.
- patches/req_cert_types.patch: Add a reqCertTypes parameter to populate the
certificate_types field of CertificateRequest. Also fixes type errors.
- patches/ignore_write_failure.patch: Don't invalidate sessions on write
- patches/intolerance_options.patch: Add an option to further control
simulated TLS version intolerance.
- patches/save_client_hello.patch: Save the parsed ClientHello on TLSConnection
so tests can query it.
- patches/certificate_request.patch: Fix client auth for TLS 1.2.
- patches/aes_gcm.patch: Implement AES-GCM and never select TLS 1.2 ciphers
unless >= TLS 1.2 is negotiated.
- patches/alert_after_handshake.patch: Add an option to send a fatal alert
immediately after the handshake completes.
- patches/ecdhe_rsa.patch: Implement ECDHE_RSA-based ciper suites on the server.
- patches/extended_master_secret.patch: Add server support for extended
master secret.
- patches/token_binding_negotiation.patch: Add server support for token
binding negotiation TLS extension (draft-ietf-tokbind-negotiation-02).
- patches/disable_channel_id.patch: Add flag to HandshakeSettings to allow
for disabling channel id.
- patches/exported_keying_material.patch: Add method to Session to get
exported keying material (RFC 5705) for use in e.g. Token Binding.
- patches/token_binding_resumption.patch: Fix token binding negotiation
extension to work on session resumption.
- patches/extension_number_update.patch: Update TLS extension numbers.
- patches/save_randoms.patch: Save client and server randoms when resuming
- patches/alpn.path: Implement Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation Extension.
- patches/token_binding_version.patch: Update the Token Binding version number.
- patches/renegotiation_indication.patch: Implement the renegotiation
indication extension (RFC 5746) without supporting renegotiation.
- patches/tls13_intolerance.patch: Extend the intolerance simulation to TLS 1.3.
- patches/simulate_tls13_downgrade.patch: Add an option to simulate the TLS 1.3
downgrade signal.