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This script maps runtime addresses to symbol names. It is robust over
Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) since it uses runtime addresses with
runtime mapping information (/proc/.../maps).
Like 'pprof --symbols' in gperftools <>.
Step 1: Prepare symbol information.
It is required to collect symbol information before mapping runtime addresses
to symbol names.
./ /path/to/maps [/another/path/to/symbol_info_dir]
The required 'maps' file is /proc/.../maps of the process at runtime.
Step 2: Find symbols.
./ /path/to/symbol_info_dir < addresses.txt
'symbol_info_dir' is the result of the Step 1.
The stdin should be a list of hex addresses to map, one per line.
The results will be printed to stdout like 'pprof --symbols'.