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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Generator that produces an externs file for the Closure Compiler.
Note: This is a work in progress, and generated externs may require tweaking.
from code import Code
from js_util import JsUtil
from model import *
from schema_util import *
import os
import sys
import re
NOTE = """// NOTE: The format of types has changed. 'FooType' is now
// 'chrome.%s.FooType'.
// Please run the closure compiler before committing changes.
// See
class JsExternsGenerator(object):
def Generate(self, namespace):
return _Generator(namespace).Generate()
class _Generator(object):
def __init__(self, namespace):
self._namespace = namespace
self._class_name = None
self._js_util = JsUtil()
def Generate(self):
"""Generates a Code object with the schema for the entire namespace.
c = Code()
# /abs/path/src/tools/json_schema_compiler/
script_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
# /abs/path/src/
src_root = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(script_dir, '..', '..'))
# tools/json_schema_compiler/
src_to_script = os.path.relpath(script_dir, src_root)
# tools/json_schema_compiler/
compiler_path = os.path.join(src_to_script, '')
for js_type in self._namespace.types.values():
self._AppendType(c, js_type)
for function in self._namespace.functions.values():
self._AppendFunction(c, function)
for event in
self._AppendEvent(c, event)
return c
def _GetHeader(self, tool, namespace):
"""Returns the file header text.
return (self._js_util.GetLicense() + '\n' +
self._js_util.GetInfo(tool) + (NOTE % namespace) + '\n' +
('/** @fileoverview Externs generated from namespace: %s */' %
def _AppendType(self, c, js_type):
"""Given a Type object, generates the Code for this type's definition.
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.ENUM:
self._AppendEnumJsDoc(c, js_type)
self._AppendTypeJsDoc(c, js_type)
def _AppendEnumJsDoc(self, c, js_type):
""" Given an Enum Type object, generates the Code for the enum's definition.
c.Sblock(line='/**', line_prefix=' * ')
c.Append('@enum {string}')
self._js_util.AppendSeeLink(c,, 'type',
c.Eblock(' */')
c.Append('%s.%s = {' % (self._GetNamespace(),
def get_property_name(e):
# Enum properties are normified to be in ALL_CAPS_STYLE.
# Assume enum '1ring-rulesThemAll'.
# Transform to '1ring-rules_Them_All'.
e = re.sub(r'([a-z])([A-Z])', r'\1_\2', e)
# Transform to '1ring_rules_Them_All'.
e = re.sub(r'\W', '_', e)
# Transform to '_1ring_rules_Them_All'.
e = re.sub(r'^(\d)', r'_\1', e)
# Transform to '_1RING_RULES_THEM_ALL'.
return e.upper()
[" %s: '%s'," % (get_property_name(,
for v in js_type.enum_values]))
def _IsTypeConstructor(self, js_type):
"""Returns true if the given type should be a @constructor. If this returns
false, the type is a typedef.
return any(prop.type_.property_type is PropertyType.FUNCTION
for prop in
def _AppendTypeJsDoc(self, c, js_type, optional=False):
"""Appends the documentation for a type as a Code.
c.Sblock(line='/**', line_prefix=' * ')
if js_type.description:
for line in js_type.description.splitlines():
if js_type.jsexterns:
for line in js_type.jsexterns.splitlines():
is_constructor = self._IsTypeConstructor(js_type)
if js_type.property_type is not PropertyType.OBJECT:
self._js_util.AppendTypeJsDoc(c,, js_type, optional)
elif is_constructor:
c.Comment('@constructor', comment_prefix = '', wrap_indent=4)
c.Comment('@private', comment_prefix = '', wrap_indent=4)
elif js_type.jsexterns is None:
self._js_util.AppendSeeLink(c,, 'type',
c.Eblock(' */')
var = '%s.%s' % (self._GetNamespace(), js_type.simple_name)
if is_constructor: var += ' = function() {}'
var += ';'
if is_constructor:
self._class_name =
for prop in
if prop.type_.property_type is PropertyType.FUNCTION:
self._AppendFunction(c, prop.type_.function)
self._AppendTypeJsDoc(c, prop.type_, prop.optional)
self._class_name = None
def _AppendTypedef(self, c, properties):
"""Given an OrderedDict of properties, Appends code containing a @typedef.
c.Append('@typedef {')
if properties:
c,, properties, new_line=False)
c.Append('Object', new_line=False)
c.Append('}', new_line=False)
def _AppendFunction(self, c, function):
"""Appends the code representing a function, including its documentation.
For example:
* @param {string} title The new title.
chrome.window.setTitle = function(title) {};
self._js_util.AppendFunctionJsDoc(c,, function)
params = self._GetFunctionParams(function)
c.Append('%s.%s = function(%s) {};' % (self._GetNamespace(),, params))
def _AppendEvent(self, c, event):
"""Appends the code representing an event.
For example:
/** @type {!ChromeEvent} */
c.Sblock(line='/**', line_prefix=' * ')
if (event.description):
c.Comment(event.description, comment_prefix='')
c.Append('@type {!ChromeEvent}')
self._js_util.AppendSeeLink(c,, 'event',
c.Eblock(' */')
c.Append('%s.%s;' % (self._GetNamespace(),
def _AppendNamespaceObject(self, c):
"""Appends the code creating namespace object.
For example:
* @const
chrome.bookmarks = {};
* @const
c.Append('chrome.%s = {};' %
def _GetFunctionParams(self, function):
"""Returns the function params string for function.
params = function.params[:]
if function.callback:
return ', '.join( for param in params)
def _GetNamespace(self):
"""Returns the namespace to be prepended to a top-level typedef.
For example, it might return "chrome.namespace".
Also optionally includes the class name if this is in the context
of outputting the members of a class.
For example, "chrome.namespace.ClassName.prototype"
if self._class_name:
return 'chrome.%s.%s.prototype' % (, self._class_name)
return 'chrome.%s' %