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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from code import Code
from model import PropertyType
from datetime import datetime
LICENSE = """// Copyright %s The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
INFO = """// This file was generated by:
// %s.
class JsUtil(object):
"""A helper class for generating JS Code.
def GetLicense(self):
"""Returns the license text for JS extern and interface files.
return (LICENSE %
def GetInfo(self, tool):
"""Returns text describing how the file was generated.
return (INFO % tool)
def AppendObjectDefinition(self, c, namespace_name, properties,
"""Given an OrderedDict of properties, returns a Code containing the
description of an object.
if not properties: return
c.Sblock('{', new_line=new_line)
first = True
for field, prop in properties.items():
# Avoid trailing comma.
# TODO(devlin): This will be unneeded, if/when
# is fixed.
if not first:
c.Append(',', new_line=False)
first = False
js_type = self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, prop.type_)
if prop.optional:
js_type = (Code().Append('(')
.Concat(js_type, new_line=False)
.Append('|undefined)', new_line=False))
c.Append('%s: ' % field, strip_right=False)
c.Concat(js_type, new_line=False)
def AppendFunctionJsDoc(self, c, namespace_name, function):
"""Appends the documentation for a function as a Code.
Returns an empty code object if the object has no documentation.
c.Sblock(line='/**', line_prefix=' * ')
if function.description:
c.Comment(function.description, comment_prefix='')
def append_field(c, tag, js_type, name, optional, description):
c.Append('@%s {' % tag)
c.Concat(js_type, new_line=False)
if optional:
c.Append('=', new_line=False)
c.Append('}', new_line=False)
c.Comment(' %s' % name, comment_prefix='', wrap_indent=4, new_line=False)
if description:
c.Comment(' %s' % description, comment_prefix='',
wrap_indent=4, new_line=False)
for param in function.params:
append_field(c, 'param',
self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, param.type_),, param.optional, param.description)
if function.callback:
append_field(c, 'param',
function.callback),, function.callback.optional,
if function.returns:
append_field(c, 'return',
self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, function.returns),
'', False, function.returns.description)
if function.deprecated:
c.Append('@deprecated %s' % function.deprecated)
self.AppendSeeLink(c, namespace_name, 'method',
c.Eblock(' */')
def AppendTypeJsDoc(self, c, namespace_name, js_type, optional):
"""Appends the documentation for a type as a Code.
c.Append('@type {')
if optional:
c.Append('(', new_line=False)
c.Concat(self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, js_type), new_line=False)
c.Append('|undefined)', new_line=False)
c.Concat(self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, js_type), new_line=False)
c.Append('}', new_line=False)
def _FunctionToJsFunction(self, namespace_name, function):
"""Converts a model.Function to a JS type (i.e., function([params])...)"""
c = Code()
for i, param in enumerate(function.params):
t = self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, param.type_)
if param.optional:
c.Append('(', new_line=False)
c.Concat(t, new_line=False)
c.Append('|undefined)', new_line=False)
c.Concat(t, new_line = False)
if i is not len(function.params) - 1:
c.Append(', ', new_line=False, strip_right=False)
c.Append('):', new_line=False)
if function.returns:
c.Concat(self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, function.returns),
c.Append('void', new_line=False)
return c
def _TypeToJsType(self, namespace_name, js_type):
"""Converts a model.Type to a JS type (number, Array, etc.)"""
if js_type.property_type in (PropertyType.INTEGER, PropertyType.DOUBLE):
return Code().Append('number')
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.OBJECT:
c = Code()
self.AppendObjectDefinition(c, namespace_name,
return c
return Code().Append('Object')
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.ARRAY:
return (Code().Append('!Array<').
Concat(self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, js_type.item_type),
Append('>', new_line=False))
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.REF:
ref_type = '!chrome.%s.%s' % (namespace_name, js_type.ref_type)
return Code().Append(ref_type)
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.CHOICES:
c = Code()
for i, choice in enumerate(js_type.choices):
c.Concat(self._TypeToJsType(namespace_name, choice), new_line=False)
if i is not len(js_type.choices) - 1:
c.Append('|', new_line=False)
c.Append(')', new_line=False)
return c
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.FUNCTION:
return self._FunctionToJsFunction(namespace_name, js_type.function)
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.BINARY:
return Code().Append('ArrayBuffer')
if js_type.property_type is PropertyType.ANY:
return Code().Append('*')
if js_type.property_type.is_fundamental:
return Code().Append(
return Code().Append('?') # TODO(tbreisacher): Make this more specific.
def AppendSeeLink(self, c, namespace_name, object_type, object_name):
"""Appends a @see link for a given API 'object' (type, method, or event).
# TODO(nigeltao): this should actually be gated on if there is
# documentation, rather than if it's a private API. Most private APIs
# aren't documented, but some are. For example:
# - exists
# - does not
if namespace_name.endswith('Private'):
# NOTE(devlin): This is kind of a hack. Some APIs will be hosted on
# instead of /extensions/, and some APIs have
# '.'s in them (like app.window), which should resolve to 'app_window'.
# Luckily, the doc server has excellent url resolution, and knows exactly
# what we mean. This saves us from needing any complicated logic here.
c.Append('@see' %
(namespace_name, object_type, object_name))