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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import json
import sys
import fieldtrial_to_struct
def _hex(ch):
hv = hex(ord(ch)).replace('0x', '')
return hv.upper()
# URL escapes the delimiter characters from the output. urllib.quote is not
# used because it cannot escape '.'.
def _escape(str):
result = str
# Must perform replace on '%' first before the others.
for c in '%:/.,':
result = result.replace(c, '%' + _hex(c))
return result
def _FindDuplicates(entries):
seen = set()
duplicates = set()
for entry in entries:
if entry in seen:
return duplicates
def _CheckForDuplicateFeatures(enable_features, disable_features):
enable_features = [f.split('<')[0] for f in enable_features]
enable_features_set = set(enable_features)
if len(enable_features_set) != len(enable_features):
raise Exception('Duplicate feature(s) in enable_features: ' +
', '.join(_FindDuplicates(enable_features)))
disable_features = [f.split('<')[0] for f in disable_features]
disable_features_set = set(disable_features)
if len(disable_features_set) != len(disable_features):
raise Exception('Duplicate feature(s) in disable_features: ' +
', '.join(_FindDuplicates(disable_features)))
features_in_both = enable_features_set.intersection(disable_features_set)
if len(features_in_both) > 0:
raise Exception('Conflicting features set as both enabled and disabled: ' +
', '.join(features_in_both))
# Generate a list of command-line switches to enable field trials for the
# provided config_path and platforms.
def GenerateArgs(config_path, platforms):
with open(config_path, 'r') as config_file:
config = json.load(config_file)
except (IOError, ValueError):
return []
platform_studies = fieldtrial_to_struct.ConfigToStudies(config, platforms)
studies = []
params = []
enable_features = []
disable_features = []
for study in platform_studies:
study_name = study['name']
experiments = study['experiments']
# For now, only take the first experiment.
experiment = experiments[0]
selected_study = [study_name, experiment['name']]
param_list = []
if 'params' in experiment:
for param in experiment['params']:
if len(param_list):
# Escape the variables for the command-line.
selected_study = [_escape(x) for x in selected_study]
param_list = [_escape(x) for x in param_list]
param = '%s:%s' % ('.'.join(selected_study), '/'.join(param_list))
for feature in experiment.get('enable_features', []):
enable_features.append(feature + '<' + study_name)
for feature in experiment.get('disable_features', []):
disable_features.append(feature + '<' + study_name)
if not len(studies):
return []
_CheckForDuplicateFeatures(enable_features, disable_features)
args = ['--force-fieldtrials=%s' % '/'.join(studies)]
if len(params):
args.append('--force-fieldtrial-params=%s' % ','.join(params))
if len(enable_features):
args.append('--enable-features=%s' % ','.join(enable_features))
if len(disable_features):
args.append('--disable-features=%s' % ','.join(disable_features))
return args
def main():
if len(sys.argv) < 3:
print 'Usage: [config_path] [platform]'
print 'Optionally pass \'shell_cmd\' as an extra argument to print'
print 'quoted command line arguments.'
print_shell_cmd = len(sys.argv) >= 4 and sys.argv[3] == 'shell_cmd'
supported_platforms = ['android', 'android_webview', 'chromeos', 'ios',
'linux', 'mac', 'windows']
if sys.argv[2] not in supported_platforms:
print ('\'%s\' is an unknown platform. Supported platforms: %s' %
(sys.argv[2], supported_platforms))
generated_args = GenerateArgs(sys.argv[1], [sys.argv[2]])
if print_shell_cmd:
print " ".join(map((lambda arg: '"{0}"'.format(arg)), generated_args))
print generated_args
if __name__ == '__main__':