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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import unittest
import os
import split_variations_cmd
_ENABLE_FEATURES_SWITCH_NAME = 'enable-features'
_DISABLE_FEATURES_SWITCH_NAME = 'disable-features'
_FORCE_FIELD_TRIALS_SWITCH_NAME = 'force-fieldtrials'
_FORCE_FIELD_TRIAL_PARAMS_SWITCH_NAME = 'force-fieldtrial-params'
class SplitVariationsCmdUnittest(unittest.TestCase):
def _CompareCommandLineSwitches(self, filename, cmd_list):
"""Compares two sets of command line switches.
filename: Name to a file that contains a set of commandline switches.
cmd_list: A list of strings in the form of '--switch_name=switch_value'.
Return True if they contain the same switches and each switch's values
are the same.
assert os.path.isfile(filename)
data = None
with open(filename, 'r') as f:
data ='\n', ' ')
switches = split_variations_cmd.ParseCommandLineSwitchesString(data)
if len(switches) != len(cmd_list):
return False
for switch_name, switch_value in switches.items():
switch_string = '--%s="%s"' % (switch_name, switch_value)
if switch_string not in cmd_list:
return False
return True
def _GetUnittestDataDir(self):
return os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'unittest_data')
def _VerifySplits(self, switch_name, splits, ref_switch_data):
"""Verifies splitting commandline switches works correctly.
Compare that when we combine switch data from all |splits| into one,
it's exactly the same as the |ref_switch_data|. Also check the splits are
almost evenly distributed, that is, their data size are almost the same.
switch_name: The name of the switch that is verified.
splits: A list of {switch_name: [items]} dictionaries.
Each list element represents one of the split switch sets.
|items| is a list of items representing switch value.
ref_switch_data: A {switch_name: [items]} dictionary.
This is the switch set before splitting.
|items| is a list of items representing switch value.
data_lists = [
split[switch_name] for split in splits if switch_name in split]
if len(data_lists) == 0:
max_size = max(len(data) for data in data_lists)
min_size = min(len(data) for data in data_lists)
self.assertTrue(max_size - min_size <= 1)
joined_switch_data = []
for data in data_lists:
self.assertEqual(ref_switch_data, joined_switch_data)
def testLoadFromFileAndSaveToStrings(self):
# Verifies we load data from the file and save it to a list of strings,
# the two data sets contain the same command line switches.
data_file = os.path.join(self._GetUnittestDataDir(), 'variations_cmd.txt')
assert os.path.isfile(data_file)
data = split_variations_cmd.ParseVariationsCmdFromFile(data_file)
cmd_list = split_variations_cmd.VariationsCmdToStrings(data)
self.assertTrue(self._CompareCommandLineSwitches(data_file, cmd_list))
def _testSplitVariationsCmdHelper(self, input_data):
# Verifies we correctly and (almost) evenly split one set of command line
# switches into two sets.
splits = split_variations_cmd.SplitVariationsCmd(input_data)
for switch in switches:
self._VerifySplits(switch, splits, input_data.get(switch, []))
# Verify both split variations are valid.
for variations_cmd in splits:
cmd_list = split_variations_cmd.VariationsCmdToStrings(variations_cmd)
split_variations_cmd.ParseVariationsCmdFromString(' '.join(cmd_list))
def testSplitVariationsCmd(self):
input_file = os.path.join(self._GetUnittestDataDir(), 'variations_cmd.txt')
assert os.path.isfile(input_file)
data = split_variations_cmd.ParseVariationsCmdFromFile(input_file)
def testSplitVariationsCmdWithMissingEnableDisableFeatures(self):
input_string = (
'--force-fieldtrials="Tria1/Disabled/*Trial2/Enabled/" '
'--force-fieldtrial-params="Trial2.Enabled:age/18/gender/male" '
data = split_variations_cmd.ParseVariationsCmdFromString(input_string)
def testSplitVariationsCmdWithMissingForceFieldTrialParams(self):
input_string = (
'--force-fieldtrials="*Trial2/Enabled/" '
'--enable-features="FeatureA<FeatureA,FeatureB<FeatureB" '
data = split_variations_cmd.ParseVariationsCmdFromString(input_string)
def testSplitVariationsCmdNoFurtherSplit(self):
input_string = (
'--force-fieldtrials="*Trial2/Enabled/" '
'--enable-features="FeatureA<FeatureA" '
splits = split_variations_cmd.SplitVariationsCmdFromString(input_string)
self.assertEqual(1, len(splits))
if __name__ == '__main__':