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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ui/views_bridge_mac/cocoa_window_move_loop.h"
#include "base/debug/stack_trace.h"
#include "base/run_loop.h"
#include "base/strings/stringprintf.h"
#include "components/crash/core/common/crash_key.h"
#include "ui/display/screen.h"
#import "ui/gfx/mac/coordinate_conversion.h"
#import "ui/views_bridge_mac/bridged_native_widget_impl.h"
// When event monitors process the events the full list of monitors is cached,
// and if we unregister the event monitor that's at the end of the list while
// processing the first monitor's handler -- the callback for the unregistered
// monitor will still be called even though it's unregistered. This will result
// in dereferencing an invalid pointer.
// WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop is retained by the event monitor and stores weak
// pointer for the CocoaWindowMoveLoop, so there will be no invalid memory
// access.
@interface WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop : NSObject {
base::WeakPtr<views::CocoaWindowMoveLoop> weak_;
@implementation WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop
- (instancetype)initWithWeakPtr:
(const base::WeakPtr<views::CocoaWindowMoveLoop>&)weak {
if ((self = [super init])) {
weak_ = weak;
return self;
- (base::WeakPtr<views::CocoaWindowMoveLoop>&)weak {
return weak_;
namespace views {
CocoaWindowMoveLoop::CocoaWindowMoveLoop(BridgedNativeWidgetImpl* owner,
const NSPoint& initial_mouse_in_screen)
: owner_(owner),
weak_factory_(this) {}
CocoaWindowMoveLoop::~CocoaWindowMoveLoop() {
// Record the address and stack to help catch
static crash_reporter::CrashKeyString<19> address_key("move_loop_address");
address_key.Set(base::StringPrintf("%p", this));
static crash_reporter::CrashKeyString<1024> stack_key("move_loop_stack");
// Handle the pathological case, where |this| is destroyed while running.
if (exit_reason_ref_) {
*exit_reason_ref_ = WINDOW_DESTROYED;
owner_ = nullptr;
bool CocoaWindowMoveLoop::Run() {
LoopExitReason exit_reason = ENDED_EXTERNALLY;
exit_reason_ref_ = &exit_reason;
NSWindow* window = owner_->ns_window();
const NSRect initial_frame = [window frame];
base::RunLoop run_loop;
quit_closure_ = run_loop.QuitClosure();
// Will be retained by the monitor handler block.
WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop* weak_cocoa_window_move_loop =
[[[WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop alloc]
initWithWeakPtr:weak_factory_.GetWeakPtr()] autorelease];
// Esc keypress is handled by EscapeTracker, which is installed by
// TabDragController.
NSEventMask mask = NSLeftMouseUpMask | NSLeftMouseDraggedMask;
auto handler = ^NSEvent*(NSEvent* event) {
// The docs say this always runs on the main thread, but if it didn't,
// it would explain, so let's make sure.
CHECK_EQ(CFRunLoopGetMain(), CFRunLoopGetCurrent());
CocoaWindowMoveLoop* strong = [weak_cocoa_window_move_loop weak].get();
if (!strong || !strong->exit_reason_ref_) {
// By this point CocoaWindowMoveLoop was deleted while processing this
// same event, and this event monitor was not unregistered in time. See
// the WeakCocoaWindowMoveLoop comment above.
// Continue processing the event.
return event;
if ([event type] == NSLeftMouseDragged) {
const NSPoint mouse_in_screen = [NSEvent mouseLocation];
const NSRect ns_frame = NSOffsetRect(
initial_frame, mouse_in_screen.x - initial_mouse_in_screen_.x,
mouse_in_screen.y - initial_mouse_in_screen_.y);
[window setFrame:ns_frame display:NO animate:NO];
return event;
DCHECK_EQ([event type], NSLeftMouseUp);
*strong->exit_reason_ref_ = MOUSE_UP;
return event; // Process the MouseUp.
id monitor =
[NSEvent addLocalMonitorForEventsMatchingMask:mask handler:handler];
[NSEvent removeMonitor:monitor];
if (exit_reason != WINDOW_DESTROYED && exit_reason != ENDED_EXTERNALLY) {
exit_reason_ref_ = nullptr; // Ensure End() doesn't replace the reason.
owner_->EndMoveLoop(); // Deletes |this|.
return exit_reason == MOUSE_UP;
void CocoaWindowMoveLoop::End() {
if (exit_reason_ref_) {
DCHECK_EQ(*exit_reason_ref_, ENDED_EXTERNALLY);
// Ensure the destructor doesn't replace the reason.
exit_reason_ref_ = nullptr;
} // namespace views