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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/browser/flag_descriptions.h"
// Keep in identical order as the header file, see the comment at the top
// for formatting rules.
namespace flag_descriptions {
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasName[] = "Accelerated 2D canvas";
const char kAccelerated2dCanvasDescription[] =
"Enables the use of the GPU to perform 2d canvas rendering instead of "
"using software rendering.";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeName[] = "Hardware-accelerated video decode";
const char kAcceleratedVideoDecodeDescription[] =
"Hardware-accelerated video decode where available.";
const char kAffiliationBasedMatchingName[] =
"Affiliation based matching in password manager";
const char kAffiliationBasedMatchingDescription[] =
"Allow credentials stored for Android applications to be filled into "
"corresponding websites.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostName[] =
"Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.";
const char kAllowInsecureLocalhostDescription[] =
"Allows requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate "
"is presented.";
const char kAllowNaclSocketApiName[] = "NaCl Socket API.";
const char kAllowNaclSocketApiDescription[] =
"Allows applications to use NaCl Socket API. Use only to test NaCl "
const char kAllowSignedHTTPExchangeCertsWithoutExtensionName[] =
"Allow Signed HTTP Exchange certificates without extension";
const char kAllowSignedHTTPExchangeCertsWithoutExtensionDescription[] =
"Accepts Origin-Signed HTTP Exchanges to be signed with certificates "
"that do not have CanSignHttpExchangesDraft extension. Requires "
"#enable-signed-http-exchange. Warning: Enabling this may pose a security "
const char kAllowStartingServiceManagerOnlyName[] =
"Allow starting service manager only";
const char kAllowStartingServiceManagerOnlyDescription[] =
"Allows running a lightweight service-manager-only mode, in which services "
"can run without the browser process.";
const char kAndroidMessagesIntegrationName[] = "Android Messages integration";
const char kAndroidMessagesIntegrationDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome OS integration with Android messages.";
const char kUseMessagesGoogleComDomainName[] = "Use domain";
const char kUseMessagesGoogleComDomainDescription[] =
"Use the domain as part of the \"Messages\" "
"feature under \"Connected Devices\" settings.";
const char kAndroidSiteSettingsUIRefreshName[] =
"Android Site Settings UI changes.";
const char kAndroidSiteSettingsUIRefreshDescription[] =
"Enable the new UI "
"changes in Site Settings in Android.";
const char kAppBannersName[] = "App Banners";
const char kAppBannersDescription[] =
"Enable the display of Progressive Web App banners, which prompt a user to "
"add a web app to their shelf, or other platform-specific equivalent.";
const char kAutomaticPasswordGenerationName[] = "Automatic password generation";
const char kAutomaticPasswordGenerationDescription[] =
"Allow Chrome to offer to generate passwords when it detects account "
"creation pages.";
const char kEnableBlinkHeapUnifiedGarbageCollectionName[] =
"Blink Heap Unified Garbage Collection";
const char kEnableBlinkHeapUnifiedGarbageCollectionDescription[] =
"Enable unified garbage collection in Blink";
const char kEnableBloatedRendererDetectionName[] = "Bloated renderer detection";
const char kEnableBloatedRendererDetectionDescription[] =
"Enable bloated renderer detection";
const char kAsyncImageDecodingName[] = "AsyncImageDecoding";
const char kAsyncImageDecodingDescription[] =
"Enables asynchronous decoding of images from raster for web content";
extern const char kAutofillAlwaysShowServerCardsInSyncTransportName[] =
extern const char kAutofillAlwaysShowServerCardsInSyncTransportDescription[] =
"Always show server cards when in sync transport mode for wallet data";
const char kAutofillCacheQueryResponsesName[] =
"Cache Autofill Query Responses";
const char kAutofillCacheQueryResponsesDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will cache the responses it receives from the "
"crowd-sourced field type prediction server.";
const char kAutofillEnableCompanyNameName[] =
"Enable Autofill Company Name field";
const char kAutofillEnableCompanyNameDescription[] =
"When enabled, Company Name fields will be auto filled";
const char kAutofillDynamicFormsName[] = "Autofill Dynamic Forms";
const char kAutofillDynamicFormsDescription[] =
"Allows autofill to fill dynamically changing forms";
const char kAutofillNoLocalSaveOnUploadSuccessName[] =
"Disable locally saving card when credit card upload succeeds";
const char kAutofillNoLocalSaveOnUploadSuccessDescription[] =
"When enabled, no local copy of server card will be saved when credit card "
"upload succeeds.";
const char kAutofillPrefilledFieldsName[] = "Autofill Prefilled Fields";
const char kAutofillPrefilledFieldsDescription[] =
"Allows autofill to fill fields previously filled by the website";
const char kAutofillPreviewStyleExperimentName[] =
"Autofill Preview Style Experiment";
const char kAutofillPreviewStyleExperimentDescription[] =
"Allows experimentation with the Autofill field preview's style.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForHeuristicsName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Heuristics";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForHeuristicsDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fields before allowing heuristic field-type prediction to occur.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForQueryName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Query";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForQueryDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fields before querying the autofill server for field-type predictions.";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForUploadName[] =
"Autofill Enforce Min Required Fields For Upload";
const char kAutofillEnforceMinRequiredFieldsForUploadDescription[] =
"When enabled, autofill will generally require a form to have at least 3 "
"fillable fields before uploading field-type votes for that form.";
const char kAutofillRestrictUnownedFieldsToFormlessCheckoutName[] =
"Restrict formless form extraction";
const char kAutofillRestrictUnownedFieldsToFormlessCheckoutDescription[] =
"Restrict extraction of formless forms to checkout flows";
const char kAutofillRichMetadataQueriesName[] =
"Autofill - Rich metadata queries (Canary/Dev only)";
const char kAutofillRichMetadataQueriesDescription[] =
"Transmit rich form/field metadata when querying the autofill server. "
"This feature only works on the Canary and Dev channels.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyName[] = "Autoplay policy";
const char kAutoplayPolicyDescription[] =
"Policy used when deciding if audio or video is allowed to autoplay.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyUserGestureRequiredForCrossOrigin[] =
"User gesture is required for cross-origin iframes.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyNoUserGestureRequired[] =
"No user gesture is required.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyUserGestureRequired[] = "User gesture is required.";
const char kAutoplayPolicyDocumentUserActivation[] =
"Document user activation is required.";
const char kAwaitOptimizationName[] = "Await optimization";
const char kAwaitOptimizationDescription[] =
"Enables await taking 1 tick on the microtask queue.";
const char kBleAdvertisingInExtensionsName[] = "BLE Advertising in Chrome Apps";
const char kBleAdvertisingInExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enables BLE Advertising in Chrome Apps. BLE Advertising might interfere "
"with regular use of Bluetooth Low Energy features.";
const char kBlockTabUndersName[] = "Block tab-unders";
const char kBlockTabUndersDescription[] =
"Blocks tab-unders in Chrome with some native UI to allow the user to "
const char kBrowserTaskSchedulerName[] = "Task Scheduler";
const char kBrowserTaskSchedulerDescription[] =
"Enables redirection of some task posting APIs to the task scheduler.";
const char kBundledConnectionHelpName[] = "Bundled Connection Help";
const char kBundledConnectionHelpDescription[] =
"Enables or disables redirection to local help content for users who get "
"an interstitial after clicking the 'Learn More' link on a previous "
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksName[] =
"Bypass user engagement checks";
const char kBypassAppBannerEngagementChecksDescription[] =
"Bypasses user engagement checks for displaying app banners, such as "
"requiring that users have visited the site before and that the banner "
"hasn't been shown recently. This allows developers to test that other "
"eligibility requirements for showing app banners, such as having a "
"manifest, are met.";
const char kCanvas2DImageChromiumName[] = "Canvas 2D Image Chromium";
const char kCanvas2DImageChromiumDescription[] =
"Allows for using CHROMIUM_image GLES2 extension for HTML Canvas Contexts";
const char kCastStreamingHwEncodingName[] =
"Cast Streaming hardware video encoding";
const char kCastStreamingHwEncodingDescription[] =
"This option enables support in Cast Streaming for encoding video streams "
"using platform hardware.";
const char kClickToOpenPDFName[] = "Click to open embedded PDFs";
const char kClickToOpenPDFDescription[] =
"When the PDF plugin is unavailable, show a click-to-open placeholder for "
"embedded PDFs.";
const char kClipboardContentSettingName[] = "Clipboard content setting";
const char kClipboardContentSettingDescription[] =
"Enables a site-wide permission in the UI which controls access to the "
"asynchronous clipboard web API";
const char kCloudImportName[] = "Cloud Import";
const char kCloudImportDescription[] = "Allows the cloud-import feature.";
const char kCloudPrinterHandlerName[] = "Enable Cloud Printer Handler";
const char kCloudPrinterHandlerDescription[] =
"Use the new cloud printer handler for communicating with the cloud "
"print server, instead of the cloud print interface in the Print "
"Preview WebUI.";
const char kFCMInvalidationsName[] =
"Enable invalidations delivery via new FCM based protocol";
const char kFCMInvalidationsDescription[] =
"Use the new FCM-based protocol for deliveling invalidations";
const char kForceColorProfileSRGB[] = "sRGB";
const char kForceColorProfileP3[] = "Display P3 D65";
const char kForceColorProfileColorSpin[] = "Color spin with gamma 2.4";
const char kForceColorProfileHdr[] = "scRGB linear (HDR where available)";
const char kForceColorProfileName[] = "Force color profile";
const char kForceColorProfileDescription[] =
"Forces Chrome to use a specific color profile instead of the color "
"of the window's current monitor, as specified by the operating system.";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersName[] = "Composited render layer borders";
const char kCompositedLayerBordersDescription[] =
"Renders a border around composited Render Layers to help debug and study "
"layer compositing.";
const char kContextualSuggestionsButtonName[] = "Contextual Suggestions Button";
const char kContextualSuggestionsButtonDescription[] =
"If enabled, shows a button to trigger contextual suggestions.";
const char kContextualSuggestionsIPHReverseScrollName[] =
"Contextual Suggestions IPH Reverse Scroll";
const char kContextualSuggestionsIPHReverseScrollDescription[] =
"Require a reverse scroll before showing in-product help for contextual "
const char kContextualSuggestionsOptOutName[] =
"Contextual Suggestions Opt-out";
const char kContextualSuggestionsOptOutDescription[] =
"If enabled, allows the user to opt out of contextual suggestions.";
const char kCreditCardAssistName[] = "Credit Card Assisted Filling";
const char kCreditCardAssistDescription[] =
"Enable assisted credit card filling on certain sites.";
const char kDataSaverServerPreviewsName[] = "Data Saver Server Previews";
const char kDataSaverServerPreviewsDescription[] =
"Allow the Data Reduction Proxy to serve previews.";
const char kDebugPackedAppName[] = "Debugging for packed apps";
const char kDebugPackedAppDescription[] =
"Enables debugging context menu options such as Inspect Element for packed "
const char kDebugShortcutsName[] = "Debugging keyboard shortcuts";
const char kDebugShortcutsDescription[] =
"Enables additional keyboard shortcuts that are useful for debugging Ash.";
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsName[] =
"Device Discovery Notifications";
const char kDeviceDiscoveryNotificationsDescription[] =
"Device discovery notifications on local network.";
const char kDevtoolsExperimentsName[] = "Developer Tools experiments";
const char kDevtoolsExperimentsDescription[] =
"Enables Developer Tools experiments. Use Settings panel in Developer "
"Tools to toggle individual experiments.";
const char kDisableAudioForDesktopShareName[] =
"Disable Audio For Desktop Share";
const char kDisableAudioForDesktopShareDescription[] =
"With this flag on, desktop share picker window will not let the user "
"choose whether to share audio.";
const char kDisableIpcFloodingProtectionName[] =
"Disable IPC flooding protection";
const char kDisableIpcFloodingProtectionDescription[] =
"Some javascript code can flood the inter process communication system. "
"This protection limits the rate (calls/seconds) at which theses function "
"can be used. This flag disables the protection. This flag is deprecated "
"and will be removed in Chrome 76. Use the switch "
"--disable-ipc-flooding-protection instead.";
const char kDisablePushStateThrottleName[] = "Disable pushState throttling";
const char kDisablePushStateThrottleDescription[] =
"Disables throttling of history.pushState and history.replaceState method "
"calls. This flag is deprecated and will be removed in Chrome 76. Use the "
"switch --disable-ipc-flooding-protection instead.";
const char kDisableTabForDesktopShareName[] =
"Disable Desktop Share with tab source";
const char kDisableTabForDesktopShareDescription[] =
"This flag controls whether users can choose a tab for desktop share.";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiName[] =
"Block scripts loaded via document.write";
const char kDisallowDocWrittenScriptsUiDescription[] =
"Disallows fetches for third-party parser-blocking scripts inserted into "
"the main frame via document.write.";
const char kDisallowUnsafeHttpDownloadsName[] =
"Block unsafe downloads over insecure connections";
const char kDisallowUnsafeHttpDownloadsNameDescription[] =
"Disallows downloads of unsafe files (files that can potentially execute "
"code), where the final download origin or any origin in the redirect "
"chain is insecure.";
const char kDriveSearchInChromeLauncherName[] =
"Drive Search in Chrome App Launcher";
const char kDriveSearchInChromeLauncherDescription[] =
"Files from Drive will show up when searching the Chrome App Launcher.";
const char kEmbeddedExtensionOptionsName[] = "Embedded extension options";
const char kEmbeddedExtensionOptionsDescription[] =
"Display extension options as an embedded element in chrome://extensions "
"rather than opening a new tab.";
const char kEnableAccessibilityObjectModelName[] = "Accessibility Object Model";
const char kEnableAccessibilityObjectModelDescription[] =
"Enables experimental support for Accessibility Object Model APIs "
"that are in development.";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnforcementName[] = "Audio Focus Enforcement";
const char kEnableAudioFocusEnforcementDescription[] =
"Enables enforcement of a single media session having audio focus at "
"any one time. Requires #enable-media-session-service to be enabled too.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsSingleAppUiSkipName[] =
"Enable Web Payments single app UI skip";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsSingleAppUiSkipDescription[] =
"Enable Web Payments to skip showing its UI if the developer specifies a "
"single app.";
const char kEnableAutofillAccountWalletStorageName[] =
"Enable the account data storage for autofill";
const char kEnableAutofillAccountWalletStorageDescription[] =
"Enable the ephemeral storage for account data for autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAblationExperimentDisplayName[] =
"Credit card autofill ablation experiment.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardAblationExperimentDescription[] =
"If enabled, credit card autofill suggestions will not display.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLastUsedDateDisplayName[] =
"Display the last used date of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLastUsedDateDisplayDescription[] =
"If enabled, display the last used date of a credit card in autofill.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLocalCardMigrationName[] =
"Enable migrating local cards to Google Pay";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardLocalCardMigrationDescription[] =
"If enabled, prompt migration of locally-saved credit cards to Google Pay.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadEditableCardholderNameName[] =
"Make cardholder name editable in dialog during credit card upload";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadEditableCardholderNameDescription[] =
"If enabled, in certain situations when offering credit card upload to "
"Google Payments, the cardholder name can be edited within the "
"offer-to-save dialog, which is prefilled with the name from the signed-in "
"Google Account.";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadEditableExpirationDateName[] =
"Make expiration date editable in dialog during credit card upload";
const char kEnableAutofillCreditCardUploadEditableExpirationDateDescription[] =
"If enabled, if a credit card's expiration date was not detected when "
"offering card upload to Google Payments, the offer-to-save dialog "
"displays an expiration date selector.";
const char kEnableAutofillLocalCardMigrationShowFeedbackName[] =
"Show the upload results dialog after local card migration";
const char kEnableAutofillLocalCardMigrationShowFeedbackDescription[] =
"If enabled, the local card migration offer dialog will remain pending "
"after the user clicks the save button. Once migration is finished, "
"the dialog will be updated with the results of each card.";
const char kEnableAutofillNativeDropdownViewsName[] =
"Display Autofill Dropdown Using Views";
const char kEnableAutofillNativeDropdownViewsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the Autofill Dropdown will be built natively using Views, "
"rather than painted directly to a canvas.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardDialogUnlabeledExpirationDateName[] =
"Show unlabeled expiration dates on the save card dialog";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardDialogUnlabeledExpirationDateDescription[] =
"If enabled, expiration dates on the save card dialog (both local and "
"upstream) are shown without an 'Exp:' label.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardImprovedUserConsentName[] =
"Use updated UI for credit card save bubbles";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardImprovedUserConsentDescription[] =
"If enabled, adds a [No thanks] button to credit card save bubbles and "
"updates their title headers.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardSignInAfterLocalSaveName[] =
"Show Sign-In/Sync promo after saving a card locally";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCardSignInAfterLocalSaveDescription[] =
"If enabled, shows a sign in prompt to the user after the user "
"saves a card locally. This also introduces a Manage Cards bubble "
"which you can access from the card icon after saving a card.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCreditCardUsesStrikeSystemName[] =
"Enable limit on offering to save the same credit card repeatedly";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCreditCardUsesStrikeSystemDescription[] =
"If enabled, prevents popping up the credit card offer-to-save prompt if "
"it has repeatedly been ignored, declined, or failed.";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCreditCardUsesStrikeSystemV2Name[] =
"Enable limit on offering to save the same credit card repeatedly using the"
"updated strike system implementation";
const char kEnableAutofillSaveCreditCardUsesStrikeSystemV2Description[] =
"If enabled, uses the updated strike system implementation to prevent"
"popping up the credit card offer-to-save prompt if it has repeatedly been"
"ignored, declined, or failed.";
const char kEnableAutofillSendExperimentIdsInPaymentsRPCsName[] =
"Send experiment flag IDs in calls to Google Payments";
const char kEnableAutofillSendExperimentIdsInPaymentsRPCsDescription[] =
"If enabled, adds the status of certain experiment variations when making "
"calls to Google Payments.";
const char kEnableAutoplayIgnoreWebAudioName[] =
"Autoplay ignores WebAudio playbacks";
const char kEnableAutoplayIgnoreWebAudioDescription[] =
"If enabled, autoplay restrictions will be ignored for WebAudio.";
const char kEnableAutoplayUnifiedSoundSettingsName[] =
"Autoplay unified sound settings UI";
const char kEnableAutoplayUnifiedSoundSettingsDescription[] =
"If enabled, shows the new unified autoplay sound settings UI.";
const char kEnableBrotliName[] = "Brotli Content-Encoding.";
const char kEnableBrotliDescription[] =
"Enable Brotli Content-Encoding support.";
const char kEnableCaptivePortalRandomUrl[] = "Captive Portal url Randomization";
const char kEnableCaptivePortalRandomUrlDescription[] =
"Enable Captive Portal URL randomization.";
const char kEnableChromevoxDeveloperOptionName[] =
"Enable Chromevox developer option";
const char kEnableChromevoxDeveloperOptionDescription[] =
"This option provides tools for developing in chromevox.";
const char kEnableClientLoFiName[] = "Client-side Lo-Fi previews";
const char kEnableClientLoFiDescription[] =
"Enable showing low fidelity images on some pages on slow networks.";
const char kEnableCSSFragmentIdentifiersName[] =
"Enable CSS Fragment Identifiers";
const char kEnableCSSFragmentIdentifiersDescription[] =
"Enable support for specifying a target element using a css selector in "
"the fragment identifier.";
const char kEnableCursorMotionBlurName[] = "Enable Cursor Motion Blur";
const char kEnableCursorMotionBlurDescription[] =
"Enable motion blur effect for the cursor.";
const char kEnableNoScriptPreviewsName[] = "NoScript previews";
const char kEnableNoScriptPreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable disabling JavaScript on some pages on slow networks.";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative1[] = "Use alt. server config 1";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative2[] = "Use alt. server config 2";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative3[] = "Use alt. server config 3";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative4[] = "Use alt. server config 4";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative5[] = "Use alt. server config 5";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative6[] = "Use alt. server config 6";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative7[] = "Use alt. server config 7";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative8[] = "Use alt. server config 8";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative9[] = "Use alt. server config 9";
const char kDataReductionProxyServerAlternative10[] =
"Use alt. server config 10";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyNetworkServiceName[] =
"Data reduction proxy with network service";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyNetworkServiceDescription[] =
"Enable data reduction proxy when network service is enabled";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentName[] =
"Use an alternative Data Saver back end configuration.";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxyServerExperimentDescription[] =
"Enable a different approach to saving data by configuring the back end "
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySavingsPromoName[] =
"Data Saver 1 MB Savings Promo";
const char kEnableDataReductionProxySavingsPromoDescription[] =
"Enable a Data Saver promo for 1 MB of savings. If Data Saver has already "
"saved 1 MB of data, then the promo will not be shown. Data Saver must be "
"enabled for the promo to be shown.";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAsName[] = "Desktop PWAs";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAsDescription[] =
"Experimental windowing and install banner treatment for Progressive Web "
"Apps on desktop platforms. Implies #enable-experimental-app-banners.";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAsLinkCapturingName[] =
"Desktop PWAs Link Capturing";
const char kEnableDesktopPWAsLinkCapturingDescription[] =
"Experimentally enable link capturing for Desktop PWAs. Navigations to "
"URLs that are in-scope of Desktop PWAs will open in a window. Requires "
const char kDesktopPWAsCustomTabUIName[] = "Desktop PWAs Custom Tab UI";
const char kDesktopPWAsCustomTabUIDescription[] =
"Browsing out-of-scope links in a desktop PWA will use the custom tab UI "
"for displaying the page title and origin instead of the location bar.";
const char kDesktopPWAsStayInWindowName[] =
"Desktop PWAs out-of-scope links open in the app window";
const char kDesktopPWAsStayInWindowDescription[] =
"Links to sites in a different scope will open inside the PWA window as "
"opposed to in the browser.";
const char kEnableSystemWebAppsName[] = "System Web Apps";
const char kEnableSystemWebAppsDescription[] =
"Experimental system for using the Desktop PWA framework for running System"
"Apps (e.g Settings, Discover).";
const char kEnableDockedMagnifierName[] = "Docked Magnifier";
const char kEnableDockedMagnifierDescription[] =
"Enables the Docked Magnifier (a.k.a. picture-in-picture magnifier).";
const char kEnforceTLS13DowngradeName[] = "TLS 1.3 downgrade hardening";
const char kEnforceTLS13DowngradeDescription[] =
"This option enables the TLS 1.3 downgrade hardening mechanism. This "
"hardens TLS 1.3 connections while remaining compatible with TLS 1.0 "
"through 1.2 connections. Firewalls and proxies that do not function when "
"this is enabled do not implement TLS 1.0 through 1.2 correctly or "
"securely. They must be fixed by vendors.";
const char kEnableEnumeratingAudioDevicesName[] =
"Experimentally enable enumerating audio devices.";
const char kEnableEnumeratingAudioDevicesDescription[] =
"Experimentally enable the use of enumerating audio devices.";
const char kEnableGenericSensorName[] = "Generic Sensor";
const char kEnableGenericSensorDescription[] =
"Enables motion sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, i.e. "
"Accelerometer, LinearAccelerationSensor, Gyroscope, "
"AbsoluteOrientationSensor and RelativeOrientationSensor interfaces.";
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesName[] =
"Generic Sensor Extra Classes";
const char kEnableGenericSensorExtraClassesDescription[] =
"Enables an extra set of sensor classes based on Generic Sensor API, which "
"expose previously unavailable platform features, i.e. AmbientLightSensor "
"and Magnetometer interfaces.";
const char kEnableHDRName[] = "HDR mode";
const char kEnableHDRDescription[] =
"Enables HDR support on compatible displays.";
const char kEnableHeavyPageCappingName[] = "Heavy Page Capping";
const char kEnableHeavyPageCappingDescription[] =
"Enable showing an InfoBar on data heavy pages that allows the user to "
"pause sub-resource request loading on the page. Using the 'Low' option "
"will reduce the triggering threshold to 1MB. Data saver must be enabled "
"in order to see the InfoBar.";
const char kEnableImplicitRootScrollerName[] = "Implicit Root Scroller";
const char kEnableImplicitRootScrollerDescription[] =
"Enables implicitly choosing which scroller on a page is the 'root "
"scroller'. i.e. The one that gets special features like URL bar movement, "
"overscroll glow, rotation anchoring, etc.";
const char kEnablePreviewsAndroidOmniboxUIName[] =
"Previews Android Omnibox UI";
const char kEnablePreviewsAndroidOmniboxUIDescription[] =
"Enable showing the Previews UI in the Omnibox on Android instead of an "
"InfoBar. This has no effect on other platforms.";
const char kEnableLitePageServerPreviewsName[] = "Lite Page Server Previews";
const char kEnableLitePageServerPreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable showing Lite Page Previews served from a Previews Server."
"This feature will cause Chrome to redirect eligible navigations "
"to a Google-owned domain that serves a pre-rendered version of the "
"original page. Also known as Lite Page Redirect Previews.";
const char kLayeredAPIName[] = "Experimental layered APIs";
const char kLayeredAPIDescription[] =
"Enable layered API infrastructure, as well as several experimental "
"layered APIs. The syntax and the APIs exposed are experimental and will "
"change over time.";
const char kEnableBlinkGenPropertyTreesName[] = "Enable BlinkGenPropertyTrees";
const char kEnableBlinkGenPropertyTreesDescription[] =
"Enable a new compositing mode where Blink generates the compositor "
"property trees.";
const char kEnableLayoutNGName[] = "Enable LayoutNG";
const char kEnableLayoutNGDescription[] =
"Enable Blink's next generation layout engine.";
const char kEnableLazyFrameLoadingName[] = "Enable lazy frame loading";
const char kEnableLazyFrameLoadingDescription[] =
"Defers the loading of certain cross-origin frames until the page is "
"scrolled down near them.";
const char kEnableLazyImageLoadingName[] = "Enable lazy image loading";
const char kEnableLazyImageLoadingDescription[] =
"Defers the loading of images until the page is scrolled down near them.";
const char kEnableMacMaterialDesignDownloadShelfName[] =
"Enable Material Design download shelf";
const char kEnableMacMaterialDesignDownloadShelfDescription[] =
"If enabled, the download shelf uses Material Design.";
const char kEnableMediaSessionServiceName[] = "Media Session Service";
const char kEnableMediaSessionServiceDescription[] =
"Enables the media session mojo service and internal media session "
const char kEnablePolicyToolName[] = "Enable policy management page";
const char kEnablePolicyToolDescription[] =
"If enabled, the chrome://policy-tool URL loads a page for managing "
const char kDisableMultiMirroringName[] =
"Display mirroring across multiple displays.";
const char kDisableMultiMirroringDescription[] =
"Disable Display mirroring across multiple displays.";
const char kEnableNavigationTracingName[] = "Enable navigation tracing";
const char kEnableNavigationTracingDescription[] =
"This is to be used in conjunction with the trace-upload-url flag. "
"WARNING: When enabled, Chrome will record performance data for every "
"navigation and upload it to the URL specified by the trace-upload-url "
"flag. The trace may include personally identifiable information (PII) "
"such as the titles and URLs of websites you visit.";
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileName[] = "Enable network logging to file";
const char kEnableNetworkLoggingToFileDescription[] =
"Enables network logging to a file named netlog.json in the user data "
"directory. The file can be imported into chrome://net-internals.";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceName[] = "Enable network service";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceDescription[] =
"Enables the network service, which makes network requests through a "
"separate process.";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceInProcessName[] =
"Runs network service in-process";
const char kEnableNetworkServiceInProcessDescription[] =
"Runs the network service in the browser process.";
const char kEnableNightLightName[] = "Enable Night Light";
const char kEnableNightLightDescription[] =
"Enable the Night Light feature which controls the color temperature of "
"the screen.";
const char kEnableNotificationScrollBarName[] =
"Enable notification list scroll bar";
const char kEnableNotificationScrollBarDescription[] =
"Enable the scroll bar of the notification list in Unified System Tray.";
const char kEnableNotificationExpansionAnimationName[] =
"Enable notification expansion animations";
const char kEnableNotificationExpansionAnimationDescription[] =
"Enable notification animations whenever the expansion state is toggled.";
const char kEnableNupPrintingName[] = "Enable N-up printing";
const char kEnableNupPrintingDescription[] =
"Enable N-up printing in the print preview panel.";
const char kEnableOptimizationHintsName[] = "Optimization Hints";
const char kEnableOptimizationHintsDescription[] =
"Enable the Optimization Hints feature which incorporates server hints "
"into decisions for what optimizations to perform on some pages on slow "
const char kEnableOutOfBlinkCorsName[] = "Out of blink CORS";
const char kEnableOutOfBlinkCorsDescription[] =
"CORS handling logic is moved out of blink.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental accessibility features";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable additional accessibility features in the Settings page.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityAutoclickName[] =
"Experimental automatic click features";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityAutoclickDescription[] =
"Enable additional features for automatic clicks.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLabelsName[] =
"Experimental accessibility image label features";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilityLabelsDescription[] =
"Enable additional features for image labels for accessibility.";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilitySwitchAccessName[] =
"Experimental feature Switch Access";
const char kExperimentalAccessibilitySwitchAccessDescription[] =
"Add a setting to enable the prototype of Switch Access";
const char kVizDisplayCompositorName[] = "Viz Display Compositor (OOP-D)";
const char kVizDisplayCompositorDescription[] =
"If enabled, the display compositor runs as part of the viz service in the"
"GPU process.";
const char kVizHitTestDrawQuadName[] = "Viz Hit-test Draw-quad version";
const char kVizHitTestDrawQuadDescription[] =
"If enabled, event targeting uses the new viz-assisted hit-testing logic, "
"with hit-test data computed from the CompositorFrame.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingName[] =
"Out of process heap profiling start mode.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingDescription[] =
"Creates a profiling service that records stacktraces for all live, "
"malloced objects. Heap dumps can be obtained at chrome://tracing "
"[category:memory-infra] and chrome://memory-internals. This setting "
"controls which processes are profiled. As long as this setting is not "
"disabled, users can start profiling any given process in "
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeMinimal[] = "Browser and GPU";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeAll[] = "All processes";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeAllRenderers[] = "All renderers";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeBrowser[] = "Only browser";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeGpu[] = "Only GPU.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeManual[] =
"None by default. Visit chrome://memory-internals to choose which "
"processes to profile.";
const char kEnableOutOfProcessHeapProfilingModeRendererSampling[] =
"Profile a random sampling of renderer processes, ensuring only one is "
"ever profiled at a time.";
const char kOutOfProcessHeapProfilingKeepSmallAllocations[] =
"Emit small allocations in memlog heap dumps.";
const char kOutOfProcessHeapProfilingKeepSmallAllocationsDescription[] =
"By default, small allocations are pruned from the heap dump. This reduces "
"the size of the compressed trace by 100x. If pruning is disabled, the "
"chrome://tracing UI may be unable to take or load the trace. Save the "
"trace directly using chrome://memory-internals, and use other mechanisms "
"[e.g.] to examine the trace. Note that "
"automatically uploaded traces will always be pruned. This only affects "
"manually taken memory-infra traces.";
const char kOutOfProcessHeapProfilingSampling[] = "Sample memlog allocations";
const char kOutOfProcessHeapProfilingSamplingDescription[] =
"Use a poisson process to sample allocations. Defaults to a sample rate of "
"10000. This results in low noise for large and/or frequent allocations ["
"[size * frequency >> 10000]. This means that aggregate numbers [e.g. "
"total size of malloc-ed objects] and large and/or frequent allocations "
"can be trusted with high fidelity.";
const char kOOPHPStackModeName[] =
"The type of stack to record for memlog heap dumps";
const char kOOPHPStackModeDescription[] =
"By default, memlog heap dumps record native stacks, which requires a "
"post-processing step to symbolize. Requires a custom build with frame "
"pointers to work on Android. Native with thread names will add the thread "
"name as the first frame of each native stack. It's also possible to "
"record a pseudo stack using trace events as identifiers. It's also "
"possible to do a mix of both.";
const char kOOPHPStackModeMixed[] = "Mixed";
const char kOOPHPStackModeNative[] = "Native";
const char kOOPHPStackModeNativeWithThreadNames[] = "Native with thread names";
const char kOOPHPStackModePseudo[] = "Trace events";
const char kEnablePictureInPictureName[] = "Enable Picture-in-Picture.";
const char kEnablePictureInPictureDescription[] =
"Show Picture-in-Picture in browser context menu and video native "
"controls. The #enable-surfaces-for-videos flag must be enabled as well "
"to use it.";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingName[] = "Enable pixel canvas recording";
const char kEnablePixelCanvasRecordingDescription[] =
"Pixel canvas recording allows the compositor to raster contents aligned "
"with the pixel and improves text rendering. This should be enabled when a "
"device is using fractional scale factor.";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling input events";
const char kEnableResamplingInputEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts mouse and touch inputs position at rAF time based on previous "
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsName[] =
"Enable resampling scroll events";
const char kEnableResamplingScrollEventsDescription[] =
"Predicts the scroll amount at vsync time based on previous input";
const char kEnableResourceLoadingHintsName[] = "Enable resource loading hints";
const char kEnableResourceLoadingHintsDescription[] =
"Enable using server-provided resource loading hints to provide a preview "
"over slow network connections.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSAppListName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for APP_LIST sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSAppListDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype APP_LIST.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSAppsName[] = "Enable pseudo-USS for APPS sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSAppsDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype APPS.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSDictionaryName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for DICTIONARY sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSDictionaryDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype DICTIONARY.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSExtensionSettingsName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for EXTENSION_SETTINGS and APP_SETTINGS sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSExtensionSettingsDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatypes EXTENSION_SETTINGS and "
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSExtensionsName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for EXTENSIONS sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype EXTENSIONS.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSFaviconsName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for favicon sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSFaviconsDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatypes FAVICON_IMAGES and "
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSHistoryDeleteDirectivesName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for HISTORY_DELETE_DIRECTIVES sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSHistoryDeleteDirectivesDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype "
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPasswordsName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for PASSWORDS sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPasswordsDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype PASSWORDS (pseudo-USS).";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPreferencesName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for PREFERENCES sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPreferencesDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype PREFERENCES.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPriorityPreferencesName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for PRIORITY_PREFERENCES sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSPriorityPreferencesDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype PRIORITY_PREFERENCES.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSSearchEnginesName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for SEARCH_ENGINES sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSSearchEnginesDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype SEARCH_ENGINES.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSSupervisedUsersName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for supervised users sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSSupervisedUsersDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatypes SUPERVISED_USER_SETTINGS "
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSThemesName[] =
"Enable pseudo-USS for THEMES sync.";
const char kEnableSyncPseudoUSSThemesDescription[] =
"Enable new USS-based codepath for sync datatype THEMES.";
const char kEnableSyncUSSBookmarksName[] = "Enable USS for bookmarks sync";
const char kEnableSyncUSSBookmarksDescription[] =
"Enables the new, experimental implementation of bookmark sync";
const char kEnableSyncUSSSessionsName[] = "Enable USS for sessions sync";
const char kEnableSyncUSSSessionsDescription[] =
"Enables the new, experimental implementation of session sync (aka tab "
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfName[] =
"Use Blink's zoom for device scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfDescription[] =
"If enabled, Blink uses its zooming mechanism to scale content for device "
"scale factor.";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceEnabled[] = "Enabled";
const char kEnableUseZoomForDsfChoiceDisabled[] = "Disabled";
const char kEnableScrollAnchorSerializationName[] =
"Scroll Anchor Serialization";
const char kEnableScrollAnchorSerializationDescription[] =
"Save the scroll anchor and use it to restore the scroll position when "
const char kEnableSharedArrayBufferName[] =
"Experimental enabled SharedArrayBuffer support in JavaScript.";
const char kEnableSharedArrayBufferDescription[] =
"Enable SharedArrayBuffer support in JavaScript.";
const char kEnableWasmName[] = "WebAssembly structured cloning support.";
const char kEnableWasmDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use WebAssembly structured cloning.";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationAPIName[] = "Web Authentication API";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationAPIDescription[] =
"Enable Web Authentication API support.";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableSupportName[] =
"Web Authentication caBLE support";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCableSupportDescription[] =
"Enable the cloud-assisted pairingless BLE protocol for use with "
"the Web Authentication API.";
const char kEnableImageCaptureAPIName[] = "Image Capture API";
const char kEnableImageCaptureAPIDescription[] =
"Enables the Web Platform Image Capture API: takePhoto(), "
"getPhotoCapabilities(), etc.";
const char kEnableIncognitoWindowCounterName[] = "Incognito Window Counter";
const char kEnableIncognitoWindowCounterDescription[] =
"Shows the count of Incognito windows next to the Incognito icon on the "
const char kEnableZeroSuggestRedirectToChromeName[] =
"Experimental contextual omnibox suggestion";
const char kEnableZeroSuggestRedirectToChromeDescription[] =
"Change omnibox contextual suggestions to an experimental source. Note "
"that this is not an on/off switch for contextual omnibox and it only "
"applies to suggestions provided before the user starts typing a URL or a "
"search query (i.e. zero suggest).";
const char kEnableWasmBaselineName[] = "WebAssembly baseline compiler";
const char kEnableWasmBaselineDescription[] =
"Enables WebAssembly baseline compilation and tier up.";
const char kEnableWasmThreadsName[] = "WebAssembly threads support.";
const char kEnableWasmThreadsDescription[] =
"Enables support for the WebAssembly Threads proposal. Implies "
"#shared-array-buffer and #enable-webassembly.";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingName[] =
"Throttle expensive background timers";
const char kExpensiveBackgroundTimerThrottlingDescription[] =
"Enables intervention to limit CPU usage of background timers to 1%.";
const char kExperimentalAppBannersName[] = "Experimental app banners";
const char kExperimentalAppBannersDescription[] =
"Enables a new experimental app banner flow and UI. Implies "
const char kExperimentalCanvasFeaturesName[] = "Experimental canvas features";
const char kExperimentalCanvasFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables the use of experimental canvas features which are still in "
const char kExperimentalCrostiniUIName[] = "Experimental Crostini";
const char kExperimentalCrostiniUIDescription[] =
"Enables in-development Crostini features.";
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisName[] = "Experimental Extension APIs";
const char kExperimentalExtensionApisDescription[] =
"Enables experimental extension APIs. Note that the extension gallery "
"doesn't allow you to upload extensions that use experimental APIs.";
const char kExperimentalProductivityFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Productivity Features";
const char kExperimentalProductivityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enable support for experimental developer productivity features, such as "
"Layered APIs and policies for avoiding slow rendering.";
const char kExperimentalSecurityFeaturesName[] =
"Potentially annoying security features";
const char kExperimentalSecurityFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables several security features that will likely break one or more "
"pages that you visit on a daily basis. Strict mixed content checking, for "
"example. And locking powerful features to secure contexts. This flag will "
"probably annoy you.";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesName[] =
"Experimental Web Platform features";
const char kExperimentalWebPlatformFeaturesDescription[] =
"Enables experimental Web Platform features that are in development.";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationName[] =
"Extension Content Verification";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationDescription[] =
"This flag can be used to turn on verification that the contents of the "
"files on disk for extensions from the webstore match what they're "
"expected to be. This can be used to turn on this feature if it would not "
"otherwise have been turned on, but cannot be used to turn it off (because "
"this setting can be tampered with by malware).";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationBootstrap[] =
"Bootstrap (get expected hashes, but do not enforce them)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforce[] =
"Enforce (try to get hashes, and enforce them if successful)";
const char kExtensionContentVerificationEnforceStrict[] =
"Enforce strict (hard fail if we can't get hashes)";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsName[] = "Extensions on chrome:// URLs";
const char kExtensionsOnChromeUrlsDescription[] =
"Enables running extensions on chrome:// URLs, where extensions explicitly "
"request this permission.";
const char kFastUnloadName[] = "Fast tab/window close";
const char kFastUnloadDescription[] =
"Enables fast tab/window closing - runs a tab's onunload js handler "
"independently of the GUI.";
const char kFeaturePolicyName[] = "Feature Policy";
const char kFeaturePolicyDescription[] =
"Enables granting and removing access to features through the "
"Feature-Policy HTTP header.";
const char kFontCacheScalingName[] = "FontCache scaling";
const char kFontCacheScalingDescription[] =
"Reuse a cached font in the renderer to serve different sizes of font for "
"faster layout.";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeName[] =
"Override effective connection type";
const char kForceEffectiveConnectionTypeDescription[] =
"Overrides the effective connection type of the current connection "
"returned by the network quality estimator. Slow 2G on Cellular returns "
"Slow 2G when connected to a cellular network, and the actual estimate "
"effective connection type when not on a cellular network. Previews are "
"usually served on 2G networks.";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeUnknownDescription[] = "Unknown";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeOfflineDescription[] = "Offline";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeSlow2GDescription[] = "Slow 2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionTypeSlow2GOnCellularDescription[] =
"Slow 2G On Cellular";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType2GDescription[] = "2G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType3GDescription[] = "3G";
const char kEffectiveConnectionType4GDescription[] = "4G";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectName[] = "Fill passwords on account selection";
const char kFillOnAccountSelectDescription[] =
"Filling of passwords when an account is explicitly selected by the user "
"rather than autofilling credentials on page load.";
const char kForceTextDirectionName[] = "Force text direction";
const char kForceTextDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the per-character directionality of UI text to "
"left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) mode, overriding the default "
"direction of the character language.";
const char kForceDirectionLtr[] = "Left-to-right";
const char kForceDirectionRtl[] = "Right-to-left";
const char kForceUiDirectionName[] = "Force UI direction";
const char kForceUiDirectionDescription[] =
"Explicitly force the UI to left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) "
"mode, overriding the default direction of the UI language.";
const char kFramebustingName[] =
"Framebusting requires same-origin or a user gesture";
const char kFramebustingDescription[] =
"Don't permit an iframe to navigate the top level browsing context unless "
"they are same-origin or the iframe is processing a user gesture.";
const char kGamepadExtensionsName[] = "Gamepad Extensions";
const char kGamepadExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enables experimental extensions to the Gamepad APIs.";
const char kGamepadVibrationName[] = "Gamepad Vibration";
const char kGamepadVibrationDescription[] =
"Enables haptic vibration effects on supported gamepads.";
const char kGpuRasterizationName[] = "GPU rasterization";
const char kGpuRasterizationDescription[] =
"Use GPU to rasterize web content. Requires impl-side painting.";
const char kForceGpuRasterization[] = "Force-enabled for all layers";
const char kGooglePasswordManagerName[] = "Google Password Manager UI";
const char kGooglePasswordManagerDescription[] =
"Enables access to the Google Password Manager UI from Chrome.";
const char kGoogleProfileInfoName[] = "Google profile name and icon";
const char kGoogleProfileInfoDescription[] =
"Enables using Google information to populate the profile name and icon in "
"the avatar menu.";
const char kViewsCastDialogName[] = "Views Cast dialog";
const char kViewsCastDialogDescription[] =
"Replace the WebUI Cast dialog with a Views toolkit dialog. This requires "
"#views-browser-windows on Mac. This feature is activated if either this "
"flag or #upcoming-ui-features is enabled";
const char kHideActiveAppsFromShelfName[] =
"Hide running apps (that are not pinned) from the shelf";
const char kHideActiveAppsFromShelfDescription[] =
"Save space in the shelf by hiding running apps (that are not pinned).";
const char kHistoryRequiresUserGestureName[] =
"New history entries require a user gesture.";
const char kHistoryRequiresUserGestureDescription[] =
"Require a user gesture to add a history entry.";
const char kHyperlinkAuditingName[] = "Hyperlink auditing";
const char kHyperlinkAuditingDescription[] = "Sends hyperlink auditing pings.";
const char kHorizontalTabSwitcherAndroidName[] =
"Enable horizontal tab switcher";
const char kHorizontalTabSwitcherAndroidDescription[] =
"Changes the layout of the Android tab switcher so tabs scroll "
"horizontally instead of vertically.";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnName[] = "Enable tab switcher on return";
const char kTabSwitcherOnReturnDescription[] =
"Enable tab switcher on return after specified time has elapsed";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationName[] =
"Quit notification for hosted apps";
const char kHostedAppQuitNotificationDescription[] =
"Display a notification when quitting Chrome if hosted apps are currently "
const char kHostedAppShimCreationName[] =
"Creation of app shims for hosted apps on Mac";
const char kHostedAppShimCreationDescription[] =
"Create app shims on Mac when creating a hosted app.";
const char kHtmlBasedUsernameDetectorName[] = "HTML-based username detector";
const char kHtmlBasedUsernameDetectorDescription[] =
"Use HTML-based username detector for the password manager.";
const char kIconNtpName[] = "Large icons on the New Tab page";
const char kIconNtpDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental New Tab page using large icons.";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlacklistName[] = "Override software rendering list";
const char kIgnoreGpuBlacklistDescription[] =
"Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables "
"GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations.";
const char kIgnorePreviewsBlacklistName[] = "Ignore Previews Blocklist";
const char kIgnorePreviewsBlacklistDescription[] =
"Ignore decisions made by the PreviewsBlockList";
const char kImprovedGeoLanguageDataName[] = "Improved Geo-language Data";
const char kImprovedGeoLanguageDataDescription[] =
"Makes the GeoLanguageModel use higher quality, more refined ULP "
"geo-language data.";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceName[] = "In-Product Help Demo Mode";
const char kInProductHelpDemoModeChoiceDescription[] =
"Selects the In-Product Help demo mode.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyName[] = "Experimental JavaScript";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyDescription[] =
"Enable web pages to use experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingName[] =
"Latest stable JavaScript features";
const char kJavascriptHarmonyShippingDescription[] =
"Some web pages use legacy or non-standard JavaScript extensions that may "
"conflict with the latest JavaScript features. This flag allows disabling "
"support of those features for compatibility with such pages.";
const char kJustInTimeServiceWorkerPaymentAppName[] =
"Just-in-time service worker payment app";
const char kJustInTimeServiceWorkerPaymentAppDescription[] =
"Allow crawling just-in-time service worker payment app when there is no "
"installed service worker payment app for a payment request.";
const char kKeepAliveRendererForKeepaliveRequestsName[] =
"Keep a renderer alive for keepalive fetch requests";
const char kKeepAliveRendererForKeepaliveRequestsDescription[] =
"Keep a render process alive when the process has a pending fetch request "
"with `keepalive' specified.";
const char kKeyboardLockApiName[] = "Experimental keyboard lock API.";
const char kKeyboardLockApiDescription[] =
"Enables websites to use the new keyboard{Lock|Unlock} API to intercept "
"specific key events and have them routed directly to the webpage when in "
"fullscreen mode. Implies #experimental-keyboard-lock-ui.";
const char kLcdTextName[] = "LCD text antialiasing";
const char kLcdTextDescription[] =
"If disabled, text is rendered with grayscale antialiasing instead of LCD "
"(subpixel) when doing accelerated compositing.";
const char kLeftToRightUrlsName[] =
"Render bidirectional URLs from left to right";
const char kLeftToRightUrlsDescription[] =
"An experimental Bidi URL rendering algorithm where the URL components are "
"always shown in order from left to right, regardless of any RTL "
"characters. (The contents of each component are still rendered with the "
"normal Bidi algorithm.)";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionName[] =
"Load Media Router Component Extension";
const char kLoadMediaRouterComponentExtensionDescription[] =
"Loads the Media Router component extension at startup.";
const char kLookalikeUrlNavigationSuggestionsName[] =
"Navigation suggestions for lookalike URLs";
const char kLookalikeUrlNavigationSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable navigation suggestions for URLs that are visually similar to "
"popular domains or to domains with a site engagement score.";
const char kMarkHttpAsName[] = "Mark non-secure origins as non-secure";
const char kMarkHttpAsDescription[] = "Change the UI treatment for HTTP pages";
const char kMaterialDesignIncognitoNTPName[] = "Material Design Incognito NTP.";
const char kMaterialDesignIncognitoNTPDescription[] =
"If enabled, the Incognito New Tab page uses the new material design with "
"a better readable text.";
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsName[] =
"Connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses";
const char kMediaRouterCastAllowAllIPsDescription[] =
"Have the Media Router connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses, not "
"just RFC1918/RFC4193 private addresses.";
const char kMemoryCoordinatorName[] = "Memory coordinator";
const char kMemoryCoordinatorDescription[] =
"Enable memory coordinator instead of memory pressure listeners.";
const char kMessageCenterNewStyleNotificationName[] = "New style notification";
const char kMessageCenterNewStyleNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables the experiment style of material-design notification";
const char kMhtmlGeneratorOptionName[] = "MHTML Generation Option";
const char kMhtmlGeneratorOptionDescription[] =
"Provides experimental options for MHTML file generator.";
const char kMhtmlSkipNostoreMain[] = "Skips no-store main frame.";
const char kMhtmlSkipNostoreAll[] = "Skips all no-store resources.";
const char kNewAudioRenderingMixingStrategyName[] =
"New audio rendering mixing strategy";
const char kNewAudioRenderingMixingStrategyDescription[] =
"Use the new audio rendering mixing strategy.";
const char kNewBookmarkAppsName[] = "The new bookmark app system";
const char kNewBookmarkAppsDescription[] =
"Enables the new system for creating bookmark apps.";
const char kNewPasswordFormParsingName[] =
"New password form parsing for filling passwords";
const char kNewPasswordFormParsingDescription[] =
"Replaces existing form parsing for filling in password manager with a new "
"version, currently under development. WARNING: when enabled, Password "
"Manager might stop working";
const char kNewPasswordFormParsingForSavingName[] =
"New password form parsing for saving passwords";
const char kNewPasswordFormParsingForSavingDescription[] =
"Replaces existing form parsing for saving in password manager with a new "
"version, currently under development. WARNING: when enabled, Password "
"Manager might stop working";
const char kNewRemotePlaybackPipelineName[] =
"Enable the new remote playback pipeline.";
const char kNewRemotePlaybackPipelineDescription[] =
"Enable the new pipeline for playing media element remotely via "
"RemotePlayback API or native controls.";
const char kUseSurfaceLayerForVideoName[] =
"Enable the use of SurfaceLayer objects for videos.";
const char kUseSurfaceLayerForVideoDescription[] =
"Enable compositing onto a Surface instead of a VideoLayer "
"for videos.";
const char kNewUsbBackendName[] = "Enable new USB backend";
const char kNewUsbBackendDescription[] =
"Enables the new experimental USB backend for Windows.";
const char kNewblueName[] = "Newblue";
const char kNewblueDescription[] =
"Enables the use of newblue Bluetooth daemon.";
const char kNewTabLoadingAnimation[] = "New tab-loading animation";
const char kNewTabLoadingAnimationDescription[] =
"Enables a new look for the tab-loading animation.";
const char kNewTabButtonPosition[] = "New tab button position";
const char kNewTabButtonPositionDescription[] =
"Controls placement of the new tab button within the tabstrip.";
const char kNewTabButtonPositionOppositeCaption[] = "Opposite caption buttons";
const char kNewTabButtonPositionLeading[] = "Leading";
const char kNewTabButtonPositionAfterTabs[] = "After tabs";
const char kNewTabButtonPositionTrailing[] = "Trailing";
const char kNostatePrefetchName[] = "NoState Prefetch";
const char kNostatePrefetchDescription[] =
R"*(If enabled, pre-downloads resources to improve page load speed.)*";
const char kNotificationIndicatorName[] = "Notification Indicators";
const char kNotificationIndicatorDescription[] =
"Enable notification indicators, which appear on app icons when a "
"notification is active. This will also enable notifications in context "
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagName[] = "Enable native notifications.";
const char kNotificationsNativeFlagDescription[] =
"Enable support for using the native notification toasts and notification "
"center on platforms where these are available.";
const char kUseMultiloginEndpointName[] = "Use Multilogin endpoint.";
const char kUseMultiloginEndpointDescription[] =
"Use Gaia OAuth multilogin for identity consistency.";
#if defined(OS_POSIX)
const char kNtlmV2EnabledName[] = "Enable NTLMv2 Authentication";
const char kNtlmV2EnabledDescription[] =
"Enable NTLMv2 HTTP Authentication. This disables NTLMv1 support.";
const char kNumRasterThreadsName[] = "Number of raster threads";
const char kNumRasterThreadsDescription[] =
"Specify the number of raster threads.";
const char kNumRasterThreadsOne[] = "1";
const char kNumRasterThreadsTwo[] = "2";
const char kNumRasterThreadsThree[] = "3";
const char kNumRasterThreadsFour[] = "4";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsName[] =
"Google Payments card saving checkbox";
const char kOfferStoreUnmaskedWalletCardsDescription[] =
"Show the checkbox to offer local saving of a credit card downloaded from "
"the server.";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadName[] = "Offline Auto-Reload Mode";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadDescription[] =
"Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will be "
"auto-reloaded when the browser is online again.";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadVisibleOnlyName[] =
"Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs";
const char kOfflineAutoReloadVisibleOnlyDescription[] =
"Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will only be "
"auto-reloaded if their tab is visible.";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlName[] =
"Include title for the current URL in the omnibox";
const char kOmniboxDisplayTitleForCurrentUrlDescription[] =
"In the event that the omnibox provides suggestions on-focus, the URL of "
"the current page is provided as the first suggestion without a title. "
"Enabling this flag causes the title to be displayed.";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererName[] =
"Start spare renderer on omnibox focus";
const char kOmniboxSpareRendererDescription[] =
"When the omnibox is focused, start an empty spare renderer. This can "
"speed up the load of the navigation from the omnibox.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlSchemeName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Scheme";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlSchemeDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide the scheme from steady state displayed URLs. It is "
"restored during editing.";
const char kOmniboxUIOneClickUnelideName[] = "Omnibox UI One Click Unelide";
const char kOmniboxUIOneClickUnelideDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, undo all unelisions with a single click or focus action.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlTrivialSubdomainsName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Trivial Subdomains";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlTrivialSubdomainsDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide trivial subdomains from steady state displayed URLs. "
"Hidden portions are restored during editing.";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefName[] =
"Omnibox UI Hide Steady-State URL Path, Query, and Ref";
const char kOmniboxUIHideSteadyStateUrlPathQueryAndRefDescription[] =
"In the omnibox, hide the path, query and ref from steady state displayed "
"URLs. Hidden portions are restored during editing.";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesName[] =
"Omnibox UI Max Autocomplete Matches";
const char kOmniboxUIMaxAutocompleteMatchesDescription[] =
"Changes the maximum number of autocomplete matches displayed in the "
"Omnibox UI.";
const char kOmniboxUISwapTitleAndUrlName[] = "Omnibox UI Swap Title and URL";
const char kOmniboxUISwapTitleAndUrlDescription[] =
"In the omnibox dropdown, shows titles before URLs when both are "
const char kOmniboxVoiceSearchAlwaysVisibleName[] =
"Omnibox Voice Search Always Visible";
const char kOmniboxVoiceSearchAlwaysVisibleDescription[] =
"Always displays voice search icon in focused omnibox as long as voice "
"search is possible";
const char kOnlyNewPasswordFormParsingName[] =
"Use only new password form parsing";
const char kOnlyNewPasswordFormParsingDescription[] =
"The old password form parsing is disabled";
const char kOnTheFlyMhtmlHashComputationName[] =
"On-The-Fly MHTML Hash Computation";
const char kOnTheFlyMhtmlHashComputationDescription[] =
"Save MHTML files to the target location and calculate their content "
"digests in one step.";
const char kOopRasterizationName[] = "Out of process rasterization";
const char kOopRasterizationDescription[] =
"Perform Ganesh raster in the GPU Process instead of the renderer. "
"Must also enable GPU rasterization";
const char kOriginTrialsName[] = "Origin Trials";
const char kOriginTrialsDescription[] =
"Enables origin trials for controlling access to feature/API experiments.";
const char kOverflowIconsForMediaControlsName[] =
"Icons on Media Controls Overflow Menu";
const char kOverflowIconsForMediaControlsDescription[] =
"Displays icons on the overflow menu of the native media controls";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsName[] = "Overlay Scrollbars";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsDescription[] =
"Enable the experimental overlay scrollbars implementation. You must also "
"enable threaded compositing to have the scrollbars animate.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdateName[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars After Any Scroll Update";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashAfterAnyScrollUpdateDescription[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars After any scroll update happends in page. You"
" must also enable Overlay Scrollbars.";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashWhenMouseEnterName[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars When Mouse Enter";
const char kOverlayScrollbarsFlashWhenMouseEnterDescription[] =
"Flash Overlay Scrollbars When Mouse Enter a scrollable area. You must also"
" enable Overlay Scrollbars.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesName[] = "Select HW overlay strategies";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDescription[] =
"Select strategies used to promote quads to HW overlays.";
const char kOverlayStrategiesDefault[] = "Default";
const char kOverlayStrategiesNone[] = "None";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccludedFullscreen[] =
"Unoccluded fullscreen buffers (single-fullscreen)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesUnoccluded[] =
"Unoccluded buffers (single-fullscreen,single-on-top)";
const char kOverlayStrategiesOccludedAndUnoccluded[] =
"Occluded and unoccluded buffers "
const char kUseNewAcceptLanguageHeaderName[] = "Use new Accept-Language header";
const char kUseNewAcceptLanguageHeaderDescription[] =
"Adds the base language code after other corresponding language+region "
"codes. This ensures that users receive content in their preferred "
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] = "Overscroll history navigation";
const char kOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"History navigation in response to horizontal overscroll.";
const char kOverscrollStartThresholdName[] = "Overscroll start threshold";
const char kOverscrollStartThresholdDescription[] =
"Changes overscroll start threshold relative to the default value.";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold133Percent[] = "133%";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold166Percent[] = "166%";
const char kOverscrollStartThreshold200Percent[] = "200%";
const char kTouchpadOverscrollHistoryNavigationName[] =
"Overscroll history navigation on Touchpad";
const char kTouchpadOverscrollHistoryNavigationDescription[] =
"Allows swipe left/right from touchpad change browser navigation.";
const char kParallelDownloadingName[] = "Parallel downloading";
const char kParallelDownloadingDescription[] =
"Enable parallel downloading to accelerate download speed.";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultName[] =
"Passive Event Listener Override";
const char kPassiveEventListenerDefaultDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, touchmove, mousewheel and wheel event listeners (which "
"haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive. This will break "
"touch/wheel behavior on some websites but is useful for demonstrating the "
"potential performance benefits of adopting passive event listeners.";
const char kPassiveEventListenerTrue[] = "True (when unspecified)";
const char kPassiveEventListenerForceAllTrue[] = "Force All True";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingName[] =
"Touch Event Listeners Passive Default During Fling";
const char kPassiveEventListenersDueToFlingDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and first touchmove per scroll event listeners during "
"fling to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersName[] =
"Document Level Event Listeners Passive Default";
const char kPassiveDocumentEventListenersDescription[] =
"Forces touchstart, and touchmove event listeners on document level "
"targets (which haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive.";
const char kPassiveDocumentWheelEventListenersName[] =
"Document Level Wheel Event Listeners Passive Default";
const char kPassiveDocumentWheelEventListenersDescription[] =
"Forces wheel, and mousewheel event listeners on document level targets "
"(which haven't requested otherwise) to be treated as passive.";
const char kPasswordImportName[] = "Password import";
const char kPasswordImportDescription[] =
"Import functionality in password settings.";
const char kPasswordsKeyboardAccessoryName[] =
"Add password-related functions to keyboard accessory";
const char kPasswordsKeyboardAccessoryDescription[] =
"Adds password generation button and toggle for the passwords bottom sheet "
"to the keyboard accessory. Replaces password generation popups.";
const char kPasswordsMigrateLinuxToLoginDBName[] =
"Migrate passwords to \"Login Data\"";
const char kPasswordsMigrateLinuxToLoginDBDescription[] =
"Performs a one-off irreversible migration of passwords from the "
"gnome-keyring or kwallet into the profile directory.";
const char kPerMethodCanMakePaymentQuotaName[] =
"Per-method canMakePayment() quota.";
const char kPerMethodCanMakePaymentQuotaDescription[] =
"Allow calling canMakePayment() for different payment methods, as long as "
"method-specific parameters remain unchanged.";
const char kPinchScaleName[] = "Pinch scale";
const char kPinchScaleDescription[] =
"Enables experimental support for scale using pinch.";
const char kPreviewsAllowedName[] = "Previews Allowed";
const char kPreviewsAllowedDescription[] =
"Allows previews to be shown subject to specific preview types being "
"enabled and the client experiencing specific triggering conditions. "
"May be used as a kill-switch to turn off all potential preview types.";
const char kPrintPdfAsImageName[] = "Print Pdf as Image";
const char kPrintPdfAsImageDescription[] =
"If enabled, an option to print PDF files as images will be available in "
"print preview.";
const char kPrintPreviewRegisterPromosName[] =
"Print Preview Registration Promos";
const char kPrintPreviewRegisterPromosDescription[] =
"Enable registering unregistered cloud printers from print preview.";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialName[] = "Autofill sync credential";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialDescription[] =
"How the password manager handles autofill for the sync credential.";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialOnReauthName[] =
"Autofill sync credential only for transactional reauth pages";
const char kProtectSyncCredentialOnReauthDescription[] =
"How the password manager handles autofill for the sync credential only "
"for transactional reauth pages.";
const char kPullToRefreshName[] = "Pull-to-refresh gesture";
const char kPullToRefreshDescription[] =
"Pull-to-refresh gesture in response to vertical overscroll.";
const char kPullToRefreshEnabledTouchscreen[] = "Enabled for touchscreen only";
const char kQueryInOmniboxName[] = "Query in Omnibox";
const char kQueryInOmniboxDescription[] =
"Only display query terms in the omnibox when viewing a search results "
const char kQuicName[] = "Experimental QUIC protocol";
const char kQuicDescription[] = "Enable experimental QUIC protocol support.";
const char kRecurrentInterstitialName[] =
"Show a message when the same SSL error recurs";
const char kRecurrentInterstitialDescription[] =
"Enable a special message on the SSL certificate error page when the same "
"SSL error occurs repeatedly.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityName[] =
"Reduce default 'referer' header granularity.";
const char kReducedReferrerGranularityDescription[] =
"If a page hasn't set an explicit referrer policy, setting this flag will "
"reduce the amount of information in the 'referer' header for cross-origin "
const char kRegionalLocalesAsDisplayUIName[] =
"Allow regional locales as display UI";
const char kRegionalLocalesAsDisplayUIDescription[] =
"This flag allows regional locales to be selected as display UI by the "
"user in Language Settings. The actual locale of the system is derived "
"from the user selection based on some simple fallback logic.";
const char kRewriteLevelDBOnDeletionName[] =
"Rewrite LevelDB instances after full deletions";
const char kRewriteLevelDBOnDeletionDescription[] =
"Rewrite LevelDB instances to remove traces of deleted data from disk.";
const char kRendererSideResourceSchedulerName[] =
"Renderer side ResourceScheduler";
const char kRendererSideResourceSchedulerDescription[] =
"Migrate some ResourceScheduler functionalities to renderer";
const char kRequestTabletSiteName[] =
"Request tablet site option in the settings menu";
const char kRequestTabletSiteDescription[] =
"Allows the user to request tablet site. Web content is often optimized "
"for tablet devices. When this option is selected the user agent string is "
"changed to indicate a tablet device. Web content optimized for tablets is "
"received there after for the current tab.";
const char kResetAppListInstallStateName[] =
"Reset the App Launcher install state on every restart.";
const char kResetAppListInstallStateDescription[] =
"Reset the App Launcher install state on every restart. While this flag is "
"set, Chrome will forget the launcher has been installed each time it "
"starts. This is used for testing the App Launcher install flow.";
const char kResourceLoadSchedulerName[] = "Enable resource load throttling";
const char kResourceLoadSchedulerDescription[] =
"Uses the resource load scheduler in blink to throttle resource load "
const char kSafeSearchUrlReportingName[] = "SafeSearch URLs reporting.";
const char kSafeSearchUrlReportingDescription[] =
"If enabled, inappropriate URLs can be reported back to SafeSearch.";
const char kSamplingHeapProfilerName[] = "Native memory sampling profiler.";
const char kSamplingHeapProfilerDescription[] =
"Enables native memory sampling profiler with specified rate in KiB. "
"If sampling rate is not provided the default value of 128 KiB is used.";
const char kSaveasMenuLabelExperimentName[] =
"Switch 'Save as' menu labels to 'Download'";
const char kSaveasMenuLabelExperimentDescription[] =
"Enables an experiment to switch menu labels that use 'Save as...' to "
const char kSavePageAsMhtmlName[] = "Save Page as MHTML";
const char kSavePageAsMhtmlDescription[] =
"Enables saving pages as MHTML: a single text file containing HTML and all "
const char kSendTabToSelfName[] = "Send tab to self";
const char kSendTabToSelfDescription[] =
"Allows users to push tabs from Android devices to other synced "
"devices, in order to easily transition those tabs to the new device ";
const char kServiceWorkerPaymentAppsName[] = "Service Worker payment apps";
const char kServiceWorkerPaymentAppsDescription[] =
"Enable Service Worker applications to integrate as payment apps";
const char kServiceWorkerImportedScriptUpdateCheckName[] =
"Enable update check for service worker importScripts() resources";
const char kServiceWorkerImportedScriptUpdateCheckDescription[] =
"Extend byte-for-byte update check for scripts that are imported by the "
"service worker script via importScripts().";
const char kServiceWorkerServicificationName[] = "Servicified service workers";
const char kServiceWorkerServicificationDescription[] =
"Enable the servicified service workers. A servicified service worker can "
"have direct connection from its clients, so that fetch events can be "
"dispatched through the connection without hopping to the browser process.";
const char kServiceWorkerLongRunningMessageName[] =
"Service worker long running message dispatch.";
const char kServiceWorkerLongRunningMessageDescription[] =
"Enables long running message dispatch method for service workers. "
"Messages sent with this method do not timeout, allowing the service "
"worker to run indefinitely.";
const char kSettingsWindowName[] = "Show settings in a window";
const char kSettingsWindowDescription[] =
"Settings will be shown in a dedicated window instead of as a browser tab.";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsName[] =
"Show previews of running apps when hovering over the shelf.";
const char kShelfHoverPreviewsDescription[] =
"Shows previews of the open windows for a given running app when hovering "
"over the shelf.";
const char kShowAndroidFilesInFilesAppName[] =
"Show Android files in Files app";
const char kShowAndroidFilesInFilesAppDescription[] =
"Show Android files in Files app if Android is enabled on the device.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesName[] = "Show autofill signatures.";
const char kShowAutofillSignaturesDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill signatures as HTML attributes. Also "
"marks password fields suitable for password generation.";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsName[] = "Show Autofill predictions";
const char kShowAutofillTypePredictionsDescription[] =
"Annotates web forms with Autofill field type predictions as placeholder "
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackName[] = "Show overdraw feedback";
const char kShowOverdrawFeedbackDescription[] =
"Visualize overdraw by color-coding elements based on if they have other "
"elements drawn underneath.";
const char kHistoryManipulationIntervention[] =
"History Manipulation Intervention";
const char kHistoryManipulationInterventionDescription[] =
"If a page does a client side redirect or adds to the history without a "
"user gesture, then skip it on back/forward UI.";
const char kSupervisedUserCommittedInterstitialsName[] =
"Enable Supervised User Committed Interstitials";
const char kSupervisedUserCommittedInterstitialsDescription[] =
"Use committed error pages instead of transient navigation entries for "
"supervised user interstitials";
const char kEnableDrawOcclusionName[] = "Enable draw occlusion";
const char kEnableDrawOcclusionDescription[] =
"Enable the system to use draw occlusion to skip draw quads when they are "
"not shown on the screen.";
const char kShowSavedCopyName[] = "Show Saved Copy Button";
const char kShowSavedCopyDescription[] =
"When a page fails to load, if a stale copy of the page exists in the "
"browser cache, a button will be presented to allow the user to load that "
"stale copy. The primary enabling choice puts the button in the most "
"salient position on the error page; the secondary enabling choice puts it "
"secondary to the reload button.";
const char kEnableShowSavedCopyPrimary[] = "Enable: Primary";
const char kEnableShowSavedCopySecondary[] = "Enable: Secondary";
const char kDisableShowSavedCopy[] = "Disable";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiName[] = "Silent Debugging";
const char kSilentDebuggerExtensionApiDescription[] =
"Do not show the infobar when an extension attaches to a page via "
"chrome.debugger API. This is required to debug extension background "
const char kSignedHTTPExchangeName[] = "Signed HTTP Exchange";
const char kSignedHTTPExchangeDescription[] =
"Enables Origin-Signed HTTP Exchanges support which is still in "
"development. Warning: Enabling this may pose a security risk.";
const char kSimplifyHttpsIndicatorName[] = "Simplify HTTPS indicator UI";
const char kSimplifyHttpsIndicatorDescription[] =
"Change the UI treatment for HTTPS pages.";
const char kSingleTabMode[] = "Single-tab mode";
const char kSingleTabModeDescription[] =
"Windows with a single tab receive a special, minimal visual treatment.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutName[] = "Disable site isolation";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutDescription[] =
"Disables site isolation "
"(SitePerProcess, IsolateOrigins, etc). Intended for diagnosing bugs that "
"may be due to out-of-process iframes. Opt-out has no effect if site "
"isolation is force-enabled using a command line switch or using an "
"enterprise policy. "
"Caution: this disables important mitigations for the Spectre CPU "
"vulnerability affecting most computers.";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceDefault[] = "Default";
const char kSiteIsolationOptOutChoiceOptOut[] = "Disabled (not recommended)";
const char kSiteSettings[] = "Site settings";
const char kSiteSettingsDescription[] =
"Add the All Sites list to Site Settings.";
const char kSmoothScrollingName[] = "Smooth Scrolling";
const char kSmoothScrollingDescription[] =
"Animate smoothly when scrolling page content.";
const char kSoftwareRasterizerName[] = "3D software rasterizer";
const char kSoftwareRasterizerDescription[] =
"Fall back to a 3D software rasterizer when the GPU cannot be used.";
const char kSoleIntegrationName[] = "Sole integration";
const char kSoleIntegrationDescription[] =
"Enable Sole integration for browser customization. You must restart "
"the browser twice for changes to take effect.";
const char kSoundContentSettingName[] = "Sound content setting";
const char kSoundContentSettingDescription[] =
"Enable site-wide muting in content settings and tab strip context menu.";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputName[] =
"Enable speculative start of a service worker when a search is predicted.";
const char kSpeculativeServiceWorkerStartOnQueryInputDescription[] =
"If enabled, when the user enters text in the omnibox that looks like a "
"a query, any service worker associated with the search engine the query "
"will be sent to is started early.";
const char kSpellingFeedbackFieldTrialName[] = "Spelling Feedback Field Trial";
const char kSpellingFeedbackFieldTrialDescription[] =
"Enable the field trial for sending user feedback to spelling service.";
const char kSSLCommittedInterstitialsName[] = "Committed Interstitials";
const char kSSLCommittedInterstitialsDescription[] =
"Use committed error pages instead of transient navigation entries "
"for SSL interstitial error pages (i.e. certificate errors).";
const char kStopInBackgroundName[] = "Stop in background";
const char kStopInBackgroundDescription[] =
"Stop scheduler task queues, in the background, "
" after a grace period.";
const char kStopNonTimersInBackgroundName[] =
"Stop non-timer task queues background";
const char kStopNonTimersInBackgroundDescription[] =
"Stop non-timer task queues, in the background, "
"after a grace period.";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchName[] =
"Substring matching for Autofill suggestions";
const char kSuggestionsWithSubStringMatchDescription[] =
"Match Autofill suggestions based on substrings (token prefixes) rather "
"than just prefixes.";
const char kSyncStandaloneTransportName[] = "Allow Sync standalone transport";
const char kSyncStandaloneTransportDescription[] =
"If enabled, allows Chrome Sync to start in standalone transport mode. In "
"this mode, the Sync machinery can start without user opt-in, but only a "
"subset of data types are supported.";
const char kSyncSupportSecondaryAccountName[] =
"Support secondary accounts for Sync standalone transport";
const char kSyncSupportSecondaryAccountDescription[] =
"If enabled, allows Chrome Sync to start in standalone transport mode for "
"a signed-in account that has not been chosen as Chrome's primary account. "
"This only has an effect if sync-standalone-transport is also enabled.";
const char kSyncUSSAutofillProfileName[] = "Enable USS for autofill profile";
const char kSyncUSSAutofillProfileDescription[] =
"Enables the new implementation of autofill profile sync";
const char kSyncUSSAutofillWalletDataName[] =
"Enable USS for autofill wallet data";
const char kSyncUSSAutofillWalletDataDescription[] =
"Enables the new implementation of autofill walet data sync";
const char kSyncSandboxName[] = "Use Chrome Sync sandbox";
const char kSyncSandboxDescription[] =
"Connects to the testing server for Chrome Sync.";
const char kSystemKeyboardLockName[] = "Experimental system keyboard lock";
const char kSystemKeyboardLockDescription[] =
"Enables websites to use the keyboard.lock() API to intercept system "
"keyboard shortcuts and have the events routed directly to the website "
"when in fullscreen mode.";
const char kTabGroupsName[] = "Tab Groups";
const char kTabGroupsDescription[] =
"Allows users to organize tabs into visually distinct groups, e.g. to "
"separate tabs associated with different tasks.";
const char kTabHoverCardsName[] = "Tab Hover Cards";
const char kTabHoverCardsDescription[] =
"Enables a popup containing tab information to be visible when hovering "
"over a tab. This will replace tooltips for tabs.";
const char kTabsInCbdName[] = "Enable tabs for the Clear Browsing Data dialog.";
const char kTabsInCbdDescription[] =
"Enables a basic and an advanced tab for the Clear Browsing Data dialog.";
const char kTintGlCompositedContentName[] = "Tint GL-composited content";
const char kTintGlCompositedContentDescription[] =
"Tint contents composited using GL with a shade of red to help debug and "
"study overlay support.";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiName[] = "Touch UI Layout";
const char kTopChromeTouchUiDescription[] =
"Enables touch UI layout in the browser's top chrome.";
const char kThreadedScrollingName[] = "Threaded scrolling";
const char kThreadedScrollingDescription[] =
"Threaded handling of scroll-related input events. Disabling this will "
"force all such scroll events to be handled on the main thread. Note that "
"this can dramatically hurt scrolling performance of most websites and is "
"intended for testing purposes only.";
const char kTopSitesFromSiteEngagementName[] = "Top Sites from Site Engagement";
const char kTopSitesFromSiteEngagementDescription[] =
"Enable Top Sites on the New Tab Page to be sourced and sorted using site "
const char kTouchAdjustmentName[] = "Touch adjustment";
const char kTouchAdjustmentDescription[] =
"Refine the position of a touch gesture in order to compensate for touches "
"having poor resolution compared to a mouse.";
const char kTouchDragDropName[] = "Touch initiated drag and drop";
const char kTouchDragDropDescription[] =
"Touch drag and drop can be initiated through long press on a draggable "
const char kTouchEventsName[] = "Touch Events API";
const char kTouchEventsDescription[] =
"Force Touch Events API feature detection to always be enabled or "
"disabled, or to be enabled when a touchscreen is detected on startup "
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyName[] = "Touch text selection strategy";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDescription[] =
"Controls how text selection granularity changes when touch text selection "
"handles are dragged. Non-default behavior is experimental.";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyCharacter[] = "Character";
const char kTouchSelectionStrategyDirection[] = "Direction";
const char kTraceUploadUrlName[] = "Trace label for navigation tracing";
const char kTraceUploadUrlDescription[] =
"This is to be used in conjunction with the enable-navigation-tracing "
"flag. Please select the label that best describes the recorded traces. "
"This will choose the destination the traces are uploaded to. If you are "
"not sure, select other. If left empty, no traces will be uploaded.";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceOther[] = "Other";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceEmloading[] = "emloading";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceQa[] = "QA";
const char kTraceUploadUrlChoiceTesting[] = "Testing";
const char kTranslateExplicitLanguageAskName[] =
"Explicitly ask for language preferences";
const char kTranslateExplicitLanguageAskDescription[] =
"Explicitly ask the user which languages they can read on Chrome startup, "
"on the first run that doesn't already have a promo.";
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishName[] =
"Select which language model to use to trigger translate on English "
const char kTranslateForceTriggerOnEnglishDescription[] =
"Force the Translate Triggering on English pages experiment to be enabled "
"with the selected language model active.";
const char kTranslateRankerEnforcementName[] =
"Enforce TranslateRanker decisions";
const char kTranslateRankerEnforcementDescription[] =
"Improved Translate UI triggering logic. TranslateRanker decides whether "
"or not Translate UI should be triggered in a given context.";
const char kTranslateUIName[] = "Enable Translate";
const char kTranslateUIDescription[] =
"Enable the Translate popup when visiting webpages in other languages.";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureName[] =
"Insecure origins treated as secure";
const char kTreatInsecureOriginAsSecureDescription[] =
"Treat given (insecure) origins as secure origins. Multiple origins can be "
"supplied as a comma-separated list. For the definition of secure "
"contexts, "
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsName[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available.";
const char kTrySupportedChannelLayoutsDescription[] =
"Causes audio output streams to check if channel layouts other than the "
"default hardware layout are available. Turning this on will allow the OS "
"to do stereo to surround expansion if supported. May expose third party "
"driver bugs, use with caution.";
const char kUnifiedConsentName[] = "Unified Consent";
const char kUnifiedConsentDescription[] =
"Enables a unified management of user consent for privacy-related "
"features. This includes new confirmation screens and improved settings "
const char kUiPartialSwapName[] = "Partial swap";
const char kUiPartialSwapDescription[] = "Sets partial swap behavior.";
const char kUseDdljsonApiName[] = "Use new ddljson API for Doodles";
const char kUseDdljsonApiDescription[] =
"Enables the new ddljson API to fetch Doodles for the NTP.";
const char kUseModernMediaControlsName[] = "New Media Controls";
const char kUseModernMediaControlsDescription[] =
"Enables the new style native media controls.";
const char kUsePdfCompositorServiceName[] =
"Use PDF compositor service for printing";
const char kUsePdfCompositorServiceDescription[] =
"When enabled, use PDF compositor service to composite and generate PDF "
"files for printing. When site isolation is enabled, disabling this will "
"not stop using PDF compositor service since the service is required for "
"printing out-of-process iframes correctly.";
const char kUserActivationV2Name[] = "User Activation v2";
const char kUserActivationV2Description[] =
"Enable simple user activation for APIs that are otherwise controlled by "
"user gesture tokens.";
const char kUserConsentForExtensionScriptsName[] =
"User consent for extension scripts";
const char kUserConsentForExtensionScriptsDescription[] =
"Require user consent for an extension running a script on the page, if "
"the extension requested permission to run on all urls.";
const char kUseSuggestionsEvenIfFewFeatureName[] =
"Disable minimum for server-side tile suggestions on NTP.";
const char kUseSuggestionsEvenIfFewFeatureDescription[] =
"Request server-side suggestions even if there are only very few of them "
"and use them for tiles on the New Tab Page.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsName[] = "V8 caching mode.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsDescription[] =
"Caching mode for the V8 JavaScript engine.";
const char kV8CacheOptionsCode[] = "Cache V8 compiler data.";
const char kV8VmFutureName[] = "Future V8 VM features";
const char kV8VmFutureDescription[] =
"This enables upcoming and experimental V8 VM features. "
"This flag does not enable experimental JavaScript features.";
const char kV8OrinocoName[] = "V8 Orinoco garbage collection features";
const char kV8OrinocoDescription[] =
"This enables the V8 Orinoco garbage collection features.";
const char kVideoFullscreenOrientationLockName[] =
"Lock screen orientation when playing a video fullscreen.";
const char kVideoFullscreenOrientationLockDescription[] =
"Lock the screen orientation of the device to match video orientation when "
"a video goes fullscreen. Only on phones.";
const char kVideoRotateToFullscreenName[] =
"Rotate-to-fullscreen gesture for videos.";
const char kVideoRotateToFullscreenDescription[] =
"Enter/exit fullscreen when device is rotated to/from the orientation of "
"the video. Only on phones.";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxName[] =
"Use Google Payments sandbox servers";
const char kWalletServiceUseSandboxDescription[] =
"For developers: use the sandbox service for Google Payments API calls.";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsName[] = "WebGL Draft Extensions";
const char kWebglDraftExtensionsDescription[] =
"Enabling this option allows web applications to access the WebGL "
"Extensions that are still in draft status.";
const char kWebMidiName[] = "Web MIDI API";
const char kWebMidiDescription[] = "Enable Web MIDI API experimental support.";
const char kWebPaymentsName[] = "Web Payments";
const char kWebPaymentsDescription[] =
"Enable Web Payments API integration, a JavaScript API for merchants.";
const char kWebPaymentsModifiersName[] = "Enable web payment modifiers";
const char kWebPaymentsModifiersDescription[] =
"If the website provides modifiers in the payment request, show the custom "
"total for each payment instrument, update the shopping cart when "
"instruments are switched, and send modified payment method specific data "
"to the payment app.";
const char kWebrtcEchoCanceller3Name[] = "WebRTC Echo Canceller 3.";
const char kWebrtcEchoCanceller3Description[] =
"Experimental WebRTC echo canceller (AEC3).";
const char kWebrtcH264WithOpenh264FfmpegName[] =
"WebRTC H.264 software video encoder/decoder";
const char kWebrtcH264WithOpenh264FfmpegDescription[] =
"When enabled, an H.264 software video encoder/decoder pair is included. "
"If a hardware encoder/decoder is also available it may be used instead of "
"this encoder/decoder.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsName[] =
"Anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC.";
const char kWebrtcHideLocalIpsWithMdnsDecription[] =
"Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcName[] = "WebRTC hybrid Agc2/Agc1.";
const char kWebrtcHybridAgcDescription[] =
"WebRTC Agc2 digital adaptation with Agc1 analog adaptation.";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video decoding";
const char kWebrtcHwDecodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for decoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwEncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcHwH264EncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware h264 video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwH264EncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding h264 video streams using platform "
const char kWebrtcHwVP8EncodingName[] = "WebRTC hardware vp8 video encoding";
const char kWebrtcHwVP8EncodingDescription[] =
"Support in WebRTC for encoding vp8 video streams using platform hardware.";
const char kWebrtcNewEncodeCpuLoadEstimatorName[] =
"WebRTC new encode cpu load estimator";
const char kWebrtcNewEncodeCpuLoadEstimatorDescription[] =
"Enable new estimator for the encoder cpu load, for evaluation and "
"testing. Intended to improve accuracy when screen casting.";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogName[] = "WebRTC remote-bound event logging";
const char kWebRtcRemoteEventLogDescription[] =
"Allow collecting WebRTC event logs and uploading them to Crash. "
"Please note that, even if enabled, this will still require "
"a policy to be set, for it to have an effect.";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmName[] =
"Negotiation with GCM cipher suites for SRTP in WebRTC";
const char kWebrtcSrtpAesGcmDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will try to negotiate GCM cipher suites for SRTP.";
const char kWebrtcSrtpEncryptedHeadersName[] =
"Negotiation with encrypted header extensions for SRTP in WebRTC";
const char kWebrtcSrtpEncryptedHeadersDescription[] =
"When enabled, WebRTC will try to negotiate encrypted header extensions "
"for SRTP.";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginName[] = "WebRTC Stun origin header";
const char kWebrtcStunOriginDescription[] =
"When enabled, Stun messages generated by WebRTC will contain the Origin "
const char kWebrtcUnifiedPlanByDefaultName[] =
"WebRTC: Use Unified Plan SDP Semantics by default";
const char kWebrtcUnifiedPlanByDefaultDescription[] =
"RTCPeerConnections generate and expect the standards compliant SDP format "
"called \"Unified Plan\", unless \"Plan B\" is explicitly specified by "
"passing {sdpSemantics:'plan-b'} to the RTCPeerConnection constructor. "
"RTCRtpTransceiver support is also enabled in Unified Plan.";
const char kWebSocketHandshakeReuseConnectionName[] =
"Enable WebSocket connection reuse for authentication";
const char kWebSocketHandshakeReuseConnectionDescription[] =
"Permits the WebSocket handshake to keep the connection open after an "
"authentication failure. The connection may be used for further requests "
"to send credentials. This is sometimes needed for Windows authentication.";
const char kWebvrName[] = "WebVR";
const char kWebvrDescription[] =
"Enables access to experimental Virtual Reality functionality via the "
"WebVR 1.1 API. This feature will eventually be replaced by the WebXR "
"Device API. Warning: Enabling this will also allow WebVR content on "
"insecure origins to access these powerful APIs, and may pose a security "
"risk. Controllers are exposed as Gamepads.";
const char kWebXrName[] = "WebXR Device API";
const char kWebXrDescription[] =
"Enables access to experimental APIs to interact with Virtual Reality (VR) "
"and Augmented Reality (AR) devices.";
const char kWebXrGamepadSupportName[] = "WebXR Gamepad Support";
const char kWebXrGamepadSupportDescription[] =
"Expose VR controllers as Gamepads for use with the WebXR Device API. Each "
"XRInputSource will have a corresponding Gamepad instance. Requires that "
"WebXR Device API is also enabled.";
const char kWebXrHitTestName[] = "WebXR Hit Test";
const char kWebXrHitTestDescription[] =
"Enables access to raycasting against estimated XR scene geometry.";
const char kWebXrOrientationSensorDeviceName[] =
"WebXR orientation sensor device";
const char kWebXrOrientationSensorDeviceDescription[] =
"When no VR platform device is available, expose a non-presenting device "
"based on the device's orientation sensors, if available.";
const char kZeroCopyName[] = "Zero-copy rasterizer";
const char kZeroCopyDescription[] =
"Raster threads write directly to GPU memory associated with tiles.";
// Android ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAiaFetchingName[] = "Intermediate Certificate Fetching";
const char kAiaFetchingDescription[] =
"Enable intermediate certificate fetching when a server does not provide "
"sufficient certificates to build a chain to a trusted root.";
const char kAccessibilityTabSwitcherName[] = "Accessibility Tab Switcher";
const char kAccessibilityTabSwitcherDescription[] =
"Enable the accessibility tab switcher for Android.";
const char kAllowRemoteContextForNotificationsName[] =
"Allow using remote app context for notifications";
const char kAllowRemoteContextForNotificationsDescription[] =
"Allow using Context#createPackageContext to work around issues with status"
"bar icons on certain Android M devices.";
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityName[] = "Autofill Accessibility";
const char kAndroidAutofillAccessibilityDescription[] =
"Enable accessibility for autofill popup.";
const char kAndroidSurfaceControl[] = "Use Android SurfaceControl";
const char kAndroidSurfaceControlDescription[] =
"Use the SurfaceControl API for supporting overlays on Android";
const char kAppNotificationStatusMessagingName[] =
"App notification status messaging";
const char kAppNotificationStatusMessagingDescription[] =
"Enables messaging in site permissions UI informing user when "
"notifications are disabled for the entire app.";
const char kAndroidPaymentAppsName[] = "Android payment apps";
const char kAndroidPaymentAppsDescription[] =
"Enable third party Android apps to integrate as payment apps";
const char kAsyncDnsName[] = "Async DNS resolver";
const char kAsyncDnsDescription[] = "Enables the built-in DNS resolver.";
const char kAutoFetchOnNetErrorPageName[] = "AutoFetchOnNetErrorPage";
const char kAutoFetchOnNetErrorPageDescription[] =
"When enabled, and navigation fails with an offline error, schedule a "
"fetch of the page when online again.";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewName[] =
"Autofill suggestions as keyboard accessory view";
const char kAutofillAccessoryViewDescription[] =
"Shows Autofill suggestions on top of the keyboard rather than in a "
const char kBackgroundLoaderForDownloadsName[] =
"Enables background downloading of pages.";
const char kBackgroundLoaderForDownloadsDescription[] =
"Enables downloading pages in the background in case page is not yet "
"loaded in current tab.";
const char kBackgroundTaskComponentUpdateName[] =
"Background Task Component Updates";
const char kBackgroundTaskComponentUpdateDescription[] =
"Schedule component updates with BackgroundTaskScheduler";
const char kCCTModuleName[] = "Chrome Custom Tabs Module";
const char kCCTModuleDescription[] =
"Enables a dynamically loaded module in Chrome Custom Tabs, on Android.";
const char kCCTModuleCacheName[] = "Chrome Custom Tabs Module Cache";
const char kCCTModuleCacheDescription[] =
"Enables a cache for dynamically loaded modules in Chrome Custom Tabs. "
"Under mild memory pressure the cache may be retained for some time";
const char kCCTModuleCustomHeaderName[] =
"Chrome Custom Tabs Module Custom Header";
const char kCCTModuleCustomHeaderDescription[] =
"Enables header customization by dynamically loaded modules in "
"Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kCCTModulePostMessageName[] =
"Chrome Custom Tabs Module postMessage API";
const char kCCTModulePostMessageDescription[] =
"Enables the postMessage API exposed to dynamically loaded modules in "
"Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kChromeDuetName[] = "Chrome Duet";
const char kChromeDuetDescription[] =
"Enables Chrome Duet, split toolbar Chrome Home, on Android.";
const char kClearOldBrowsingDataName[] = "Clear older browsing data";
const char kClearOldBrowsingDataDescription[] =
"Enables clearing of browsing data which is older than a given time "
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryOrderName[] =
"Default content suggestions category order (e.g. on NTP)";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryOrderDescription[] =
"Set default order of content suggestion categories (e.g. on the NTP).";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryRankerName[] =
"Content suggestions category ranker (e.g. on NTP)";
const char kContentSuggestionsCategoryRankerDescription[] =
"Set category ranker to order categories of content suggestions (e.g. on "
"the NTP).";
const char kContentSuggestionsDebugLogName[] = "Content suggestions debug log";
const char kContentSuggestionsDebugLogDescription[] =
"Enable content suggestions debug log accessible through "
const char kContextualSearchMlTapSuppressionName[] =
"Contextual Search ML tap suppression";
const char kContextualSearchMlTapSuppressionDescription[] =
"Enables tap gestures to be suppressed to improve CTR by applying machine "
"learning. The \"Contextual Search Ranker prediction\" flag must also be "
const char kContextualSearchName[] = "Contextual Search";
const char kContextualSearchDescription[] =
"Whether or not Contextual Search is enabled.";
const char kContextualSearchRankerQueryName[] =
"Contextual Search Ranker prediction";
const char kContextualSearchRankerQueryDescription[] =
"Enables prediction of tap gestures using Assist-Ranker machine learning.";
const char kContextualSearchSecondTapName[] =
"Contextual Search second tap triggering";
const char kContextualSearchSecondTapDescription[] =
"Enables triggering on a second tap gesture even when Ranker would "
"normally suppress that tap.";
const char kContextualSearchUnityIntegrationName[] =
"Contextual Search integration with Unified Consent";
const char kContextualSearchUnityIntegrationDescription[] =
"Enables integration of Tap to Search with Unified Consent.";
const char kDisplayCutoutAPIName[] =
"Enable support for the Display Cutout API";
const char kDisplayCutoutAPIDescription[] =
"Enables developers to support devices that have a display cutout.";
const char kDontPrefetchLibrariesName[] = "Don't Prefetch Libraries";
const char kDontPrefetchLibrariesDescription[] =
"Don't prefetch libraries after loading.";
const char kDownloadsLocationChangeName[] = "Enable downloads location change";
const char kDownloadsLocationChangeDescription[] =
"Enable changing default downloads storage location on Android.";
const char kDownloadProgressInfoBarName[] = "Enable download progress infobar";
const char kDownloadProgressInfoBarDescription[] =
"Enables an infobar notifying users about status of current downloads.";
const char kDownloadHomeV2Name[] = "Enable download home v2";
const char kDownloadHomeV2Description[] =
"Enables the new UI for download home";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV1Name[] = "Enable Android Pay v1";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV1Description[] =
"Enable integration with Android Pay using the first version of the API";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV2Name[] = "Enable Android Pay v2";
const char kEnableAndroidPayIntegrationV2Description[] =
"Enable integration with Android Pay using the second version of the API";
const char kAutofillManualFallbackAndroidName[] =
"Enable Autofill manual fallback for Addresses and Payments (Android)";
const char kAutofillManualFallbackAndroidDescription[] =
"If enabled, adds toggle for addresses and payments bottom sheet to the "
"keyboard accessory.";
const char kEnableAutofillRefreshStyleName[] =
"Enable Autofill refresh style (Android)";
const char kEnableAutofillRefreshStyleDescription[] =
"Enable modernized style for Autofill on Android";
const char kEnableAndroidSpellcheckerName[] = "Enable spell checking";
const char kEnableAndroidSpellcheckerDescription[] =
"Enables use of the Android spellchecker.";
const char kEnableCommandLineOnNonRootedName[] =
"Enable command line on non-rooted devices";
const char kEnableCommandLineOnNoRootedDescription[] =
"Enable reading command line file on non-rooted devices (DANGEROUS).";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsNewFaviconServerName[] =
"Get favicons for content suggestions from a new server.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsNewFaviconServerDescription[] =
"If enabled, the content suggestions (on the NTP) will get favicons from a "
"new favicon server.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsThumbnailDominantColorName[] =
"Use content suggestions thumbnail dominant color.";
const char kEnableContentSuggestionsThumbnailDominantColorDescription[] =
"Use content suggestions thumbnail dominant color as a placeholder before "
"the real thumbnail is fetched (requires Chrome Home).";
const char kEnableCustomContextMenuName[] = "Enable custom context menu";
const char kEnableCustomContextMenuDescription[] =
"Enables a new context menu when a link, image, or video is pressed within "
const char kEnableMediaControlsExpandGestureName[] =
"Enable Media Controls Expand Gesture";
const char kEnableMediaControlsExpandGestureDescription[] =
"Enables a gesture to be used on the media controls to extend the video "
"into the Display Cutout area.";
const char kEnableOmniboxClipboardProviderName[] =
"Omnibox clipboard URL suggestions";
const char kEnableOmniboxClipboardProviderDescription[] =
"Provide a suggestion of the URL stored in the clipboard (if any) upon "
"focus in the omnibox.";
const char kEnableNtpAssetDownloadSuggestionsName[] =
"Show asset downloads on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpAssetDownloadSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain assets (e.g. books, pictures, audio) that the user downloaded for "
"later use.";
const char kEnableNtpBookmarkSuggestionsName[] =
"Show recently visited bookmarks on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpBookmarkSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain recently visited bookmarks.";
const char kEnableNtpOfflinePageDownloadSuggestionsName[] =
"Show offline page downloads on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpOfflinePageDownloadSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain pages that the user downloaded for later use.";
const char kEnableNtpRemoteSuggestionsName[] =
"Show server-side suggestions on the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpRemoteSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, the list of content suggestions on the New Tab page will "
"contain server-side suggestions (e.g., Articles for you). Furthermore, it "
"allows to override the source used to retrieve these server-side "
const char kEnableNtpSnippetsVisibilityName[] =
"Make New Tab Page Snippets more visible.";
const char kEnableNtpSnippetsVisibilityDescription[] =
"If enabled, the NTP snippets will become more discoverable with a larger "
"portion of the first card above the fold.";
const char kEnableNtpSuggestionsNotificationsName[] =
"Notify about new content suggestions available at the New Tab page";
const char kEnableNtpSuggestionsNotificationsDescription[] =
"If enabled, notifications will inform about new content suggestions on "
"the New Tab page.";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsName[] = "Offline Page Previews";
const char kEnableOfflinePreviewsDescription[] =
"Enable showing offline page previews on slow networks.";
const char kEnableOskOverscrollName[] = "Enable OSK Overscroll";
const char kEnableOskOverscrollDescription[] =
"Enable OSK overscroll support. With this flag on, the OSK will only "
"resize the visual viewport.";
const char kEnableWebNfcName[] = "WebNFC";
const char kEnableWebNfcDescription[] = "Enable WebNFC support.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsMethodSectionOrderV2Name[] =
"Enable Web Payments method section order V2.";
const char kEnableWebPaymentsMethodSectionOrderV2Description[] =
"Enable this option to display payment method section above address "
"section instead of below it.";
const char kEphemeralTabName[] = "An Ephemeral Tab in an Overlay Panel";
const char kEphemeralTabDescription[] =
"Enable a 'sneak peek' at a linked page in an overlay.";
const char kExploreSitesName[] = "Explore websites";
const char kExploreSitesDescription[] =
"Enables portal from new tab page to explore websites.";
const char kGestureNavigationName[] = "History navigation with gesture";
const char kGestureNavigationDescription[] =
"Enable history navigation with horizontal gesture.";
const char kGrantNotificationsToDSEName[] =
"Grant notifications to the Default Search Engine";
const char kGrantNotificationsToDSENameDescription[] =
"Automatically grant the notifications permission to the Default Search "
const char kHomePageButtonName[] = "Force Enable Home Page Button";
const char kHomePageButtonDescription[] = "Displays a home button if enabled.";
const char kHomepageTileName[] =
"Enable Homepage tile shown in Suggested Tiles";
const char kHomepageTileDescription[] =
"When NTPButton is enabled, the first tile of the Suggested Tiles will be "
"used for homepage. It will not have an effect when NTPButton is disabled.";
const char kIncognitoStringsName[] = "Alternate incognito strings";
const char kIncognitoStringsDescription[] =
"Show alternate incognito strings if enabled.";
const char kInterestFeedContentSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Use the interest feed to render content suggestions. Currently "
"content "
"suggestions are shown on the New Tab Page.";
const char kInterestFeedContentSuggestionsName[] =
"Interest Feed Content Suggestions";
const char kKeepPrefetchedContentSuggestionsName[] =
"Keep prefetched content suggestions";
const char kKeepPrefetchedContentSuggestionsDescription[] =
"If enabled, some of prefetched content suggestions are not replaced by "
"the new fetched suggestions.";
const char kLanguagesPreferenceName[] = "Language Settings";
const char kLanguagesPreferenceDescription[] =
"Enable this option for Language Settings feature on Android.";
const char kLsdPermissionPromptName[] =
"Location Settings Dialog Permission Prompt";
const char kLsdPermissionPromptDescription[] =
"Whether to use the Google Play Services Location Settings Dialog "
"permission dialog.";
const char kModalPermissionDialogViewName[] = "Modal Permission Dialog";
const char kModalPermissionDialogViewDescription[] =
"Enable this option to use ModalDialogManager for permission Dialogs.";
const char kMediaScreenCaptureName[] = "Experimental ScreenCapture.";
const char kMediaScreenCaptureDescription[] =
"Enable this option for experimental ScreenCapture feature on Android.";
const char kModalPermissionPromptsName[] = "Modal Permission Prompts";
const char kModalPermissionPromptsDescription[] =
"Whether to use permission dialogs in place of permission infobars.";
const char kNewContactsPickerName[] = "Enable new contacts picker";
const char kNewContactsPickerDescription[] =
"Activates the new picker for selecting contacts.";
const char kNewNetErrorPageUIName[] = "Enable new UI for net-error page";
const char kNewNetErrorPageUIDescription[] =
"Selects which new UI experience to show on the net-error (Dino) page";
const char kNewPhotoPickerName[] = "Enable new Photopicker";
const char kNewPhotoPickerDescription[] =
"Activates the new picker for selecting photos.";
const char kNoCreditCardAbort[] = "No Credit Card Abort";
const char kNoCreditCardAbortDescription[] =
"Whether or not the No Credit Card Abort is enabled.";
const char kNtpButtonName[] = "Enable NTP Button";
const char kNtpButtonDescription[] =
"Displays a New Tab Page button in the toolbar if enabled.";
const char kOfflineBookmarksName[] = "Enable offline bookmarks";
const char kOfflineBookmarksDescription[] =
"Enable saving bookmarked pages for offline viewing.";
const char kOfflineIndicatorAlwaysHttpProbeName[] = "Always http probe";
const char kOfflineIndicatorAlwaysHttpProbeDescription[] =
"Always do http probe to detect network connectivity for offline indicator "
"as opposed to just taking the connection state from the system."
"Used for testing.";
const char kOfflineIndicatorChoiceName[] = "Offline indicator choices";
const char kOfflineIndicatorChoiceDescription[] =
"Show an offline indicator while offline.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtName[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtDescription[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Name[] = "Enable Offline Pages CT V2 features.";
const char kOfflinePagesCtV2Description[] =
"V2 features include attributing pages to the app that initiated the "
"custom tabs, and being able to query for pages by page attribution.";
const char kOfflinePagesCTSuppressNotificationsName[] =
"Disable download complete notification for whitelisted CCT apps.";
const char kOfflinePagesCTSuppressNotificationsDescription[] =
"Disable download complete notification for page downloads originating "
"from a CCT app whitelisted to show their own download complete "
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptiveFailStatusName[] =
"Enables descriptive failed download status text.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptiveFailStatusDescription[] =
"Enables failed download status text in notifications and Downloads Home "
"to state the reason the request failed if the failure is actionable.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptivePendingStatusName[] =
"Enables descriptive pending download status text.";
const char kOfflinePagesDescriptivePendingStatusDescription[] =
"Enables pending download status text in notifications and Downloads Home "
"to state the reason the request is pending.";
const char kOfflinePagesInDownloadHomeOpenInCctName[] =
"Enables offline pages in the downloads home to be opened in CCT.";
const char kOfflinePagesInDownloadHomeOpenInCctDescription[] =
"When enabled offline pages launched from the Downloads Home will be "
"opened in Chrome Custom Tabs (CCT) instead of regular tabs.";
const char kOfflinePagesLimitlessPrefetchingName[] =
"Removes resource usage limits for the prefetching of offline pages.";
const char kOfflinePagesLimitlessPrefetchingDescription[] =
"Allows the prefetching of suggested offline pages to ignore resource "
"usage limits. This allows it to completely ignore data usage limitations "
"and allows downloads to happen with any kind of connection.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingName[] =
"Enables collecting load timing data for offline page snapshots.";
const char kOfflinePagesLoadSignalCollectingDescription[] =
"Enables loading completeness data collection while writing an offline "
"page. This data is collected in the snapshotted offline page to allow "
"data analysis to improve deciding when to make the offline snapshot.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingName[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched.";
const char kOfflinePagesPrefetchingDescription[] =
"Enables suggested offline pages to be prefetched, so useful content is "
"available while offline.";
const char kOfflinePagesResourceBasedSnapshotName[] =
"Enables offline page snapshots to be based on percentage of page loaded.";
const char kOfflinePagesResourceBasedSnapshotDescription[] =
"Enables offline page snapshots to use a resource percentage based "
"approach for determining when the page is loaded as opposed to a time "
"based approach";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsName[] = "Enables offline page renovations.";
const char kOfflinePagesRenovationsDescription[] =
"Enables offline page renovations which correct issues with dynamic "
"content that occur when offlining pages that use JavaScript.";
const char kOfflinePagesSharingName[] = "Enables offline pages to be shared.";
const char kOfflinePagesSharingDescription[] =
"Enables the saved offline pages to be shared via other applications.";
const char kOfflinePagesLivePageSharingName[] =
"Enables live page sharing of offline pages";
const char kOfflinePagesLivePageSharingDescription[] =
"Enables to share current loaded page as offline page by saving as MHTML "
const char kOfflinePagesShowAlternateDinoPageName[] =
"Enable alternate dino page with more user capabilities.";
const char kOfflinePagesShowAlternateDinoPageDescription[] =
"Enables the dino page to show more buttons and offer existing offline "
const char kOfflinePagesSvelteConcurrentLoadingName[] =
"Enables concurrent background loading on svelte.";
const char kOfflinePagesSvelteConcurrentLoadingDescription[] =
"Enables concurrent background loading (or downloading) of pages on "
"Android svelte (512MB RAM) devices. Otherwise, background loading will "
"happen when the svelte device is idle.";
const char kOffliningRecentPagesName[] =
"Enable offlining of recently visited pages";
const char kOffliningRecentPagesDescription[] =
"Enable storing recently visited pages locally for offline use. Requires "
"Offline Pages to be enabled.";
const char kPayWithGoogleV1Name[] = "Pay with Google v1";
const char kPayWithGoogleV1Description[] =
"Enable Pay with Google integration into Web Payments with API version "
const char kProgressBarThrottleName[] = "Android progress update throttling.";
const char kProgressBarThrottleDescription[] =
"Limit the maximum progress update to make progress appear smoother.";
const char kPullToRefreshEffectName[] = "The pull-to-refresh effect";
const char kPullToRefreshEffectDescription[] =
"Page reloads triggered by vertically overscrolling content.";
const char kPwaImprovedSplashScreenName[] =
"Improved Splash Screen for standalone PWAs";
const char kPwaImprovedSplashScreenDescription[] =
"Enables the Improved Splash Screen UX for standalone PWAs based on new "
"Web App Manifest attributes";
const char kPwaPersistentNotificationName[] =
"Persistent notification in standalone PWA";
const char kPwaPersistentNotificationDescription[] =
"Enables a persistent Android notification for standalone PWAs";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsName[] = "Reader Mode triggering";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsDescription[] =
"Determines what pages the Reader Mode infobar is shown on.";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsMarkup[] = "With article structured markup";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAdaboost[] = "Non-mobile-friendly articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAllArticles[] = "All articles";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOff[] = "Never";
const char kReaderModeHeuristicsAlwaysOn[] = "Always";
const char kReaderModeInCCTName[] = "Reader Mode in CCT";
const char kReaderModeInCCTDescription[] =
"Open Reader Mode in Chrome Custom Tabs.";
const char kSafeBrowsingUseLocalBlacklistsV2Name[] =
"Use local Safe Browsing blacklists";
const char kSafeBrowsingUseLocalBlacklistsV2Description[] =
"If enabled, maintain a copy of Safe Browsing blacklists in the browser "
"process to check the Safe Browsing reputation of URLs without calling "
"into GmsCore for every URL.";
const char kSearchReadyOmniboxName[] = "Search Ready Omnibox";
const char kSearchReadyOmniboxDescription[] =
"Clears the omnibox and adds a suggestion item to share, copy, or edit the "
const char kSetMarketUrlForTestingName[] = "Set market URL for testing";
const char kSetMarketUrlForTestingDescription[] =
"When enabled, sets the market URL for use in testing the update menu "
const char kSpannableInlineAutocompleteName[] = "Spannable inline autocomplete";
const char kSpannableInlineAutocompleteDescription[] =
"A new type of inline autocomplete for the omnibox that works with "
"keyboards that compose text.";
const char kSiteExplorationUiName[] = "Site Exploration UI";
const char kSiteExplorationUiDescription[] =
"Show site suggestions in the Exploration UI";
const char kStrictSiteIsolationName[] = "Strict site isolation";
const char kStrictSiteIsolationDescription[] =
"Security mode that enables site isolation for all sites (SitePerProcess). "
"In this mode, each renderer process will contain pages from at most one "
"site, using out-of-process iframes when needed. "
"Check chrome://process-internals to see the current isolation mode. "
"Setting this flag to 'Enabled' turns on site isolation regardless of the "
"default. Here, 'Disabled' is a legacy value that actually means "
"'Default,' in which case site isolation may be already enabled based on "
"platform, enterprise policy, or field trial. See also "
"#site-isolation-trial-opt-out for how to disable site isolation for "
const char kTranslateAndroidManualTriggerName[] =
"Enable manual translate trigger";
const char kTranslateAndroidManualTriggerDescription[] =
"Show a menu item in the main menu that triggers page translation.";
const char kUpdateMenuBadgeName[] = "Force show update menu badge";
const char kUpdateMenuBadgeDescription[] =
"When enabled, a badge will be shown on the app menu button if the update "
"type is Update Available or Unsupported OS Version.";
const char kUpdateMenuItemCustomSummaryDescription[] =
"When this flag and the force show update menu item flag are enabled, a "
"custom summary string will be displayed below the update menu item.";
const char kUpdateMenuItemCustomSummaryName[] =
"Update menu item custom summary";
const char kUpdateMenuTypeName[] =
"Forces the update menu type to a specific type";
const char kUpdateMenuTypeDescription[] =
"When set, forces the update type to be a specific one, which impacts "
"the app menu badge and menu item for updates.";
const char kUpdateMenuTypeNone[] = "None";
const char kUpdateMenuTypeUpdateAvailable[] = "Update Available";
const char kUpdateMenuTypeUnsupportedOSVersion[] = "Unsupported OS Version";
const char kThirdPartyDoodlesName[] =
"Enable Doodles for third-party search engines";
const char kThirdPartyDoodlesDescription[] =
"Enables fetching and displaying Doodles on the NTP for third-party search "
const char kWebXrRenderPathName[] = "WebXR presentation render path";
const char kWebXrRenderPathDescription[] =
"Render path to use for WebXR presentation (including WebVR)";
const char kWebXrRenderPathChoiceClientWaitDescription[] =
"ClientWait (Baseline)";
const char kWebXrRenderPathChoiceGpuFenceDescription[] =
"GpuFence (Android N+)";
const char kWebXrRenderPathChoiceSharedBufferDescription[] =
"SharedBuffer (Android O+)";
// Non-Android -----------------------------------------------------------------
#else // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
const char kAccountConsistencyName[] =
"Identity consistency between browser and cookie jar";
const char kAccountConsistencyDescription[] =
"When enabled, the browser manages signing in and out of Google accounts.";
const char kAccountConsistencyChoiceMirror[] = "Mirror";
const char kAccountConsistencyChoiceDice[] = "Dice";
const char kAutofillDropdownLayoutName[] =
"Autofill Dropdown Layout Experiment";
const char kAutofillDropdownLayoutDescription[] =
"Alternate visual designs for the Autofill dropdown.";
const char kAutofillPrimaryInfoStyleExperimentName[] =
"Autofill experiment with primary info style";
const char kAutofillPrimaryInfoStyleExperimentDescription[] =
"Allow experimentation with different typefaces for primary info on the "
"Autofill dropdown (addresses and payment methods)";
const char kDoodlesOnLocalNtpName[] = "Enable doodles on the local NTP";
const char kDoodlesOnLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Show doodles on the local New Tab page if Google is the default search "
const char kSearchSuggestionsOnLocalNtpName[] =
"Enable search suggestions on the local NTP";
const char kSearchSuggestionsOnLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Show search suggestions on the local New Tab page if Google is the "
"default search engine.";
const char kPromosOnLocalNtpName[] = "Enable promos on the local NTP";
const char kPromosOnLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Show promos on the local New Tab page if Google is the "
"default search engine.";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationBleSupportName[] =
"Web Authentication API BLE support";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationBleSupportDescription[] =
"Enable support for using Web Authentication API via Bluetooth security "
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCtap2SupportName[] =
"Enable Web Authentication API support for CTAP2 security keys";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationCtap2SupportDescription[] =
"Enable CTAP2 security keys for the Web Authentication API.";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationTestingAPIName[] =
"Web Authentication Testing API";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationTestingAPIDescription[] =
"Enable Web Authentication Testing API support, which disconnects the API "
"implementation from the real world, and allows configuring virtual "
"authenticator devices for testing";
const char kHappinessTrackingSurveysForDesktopName[] =
"Happiness Tracking Surveys";
const char kHappinessTrackingSurveysForDesktopDescription[] =
"Enable showing Happiness Tracking Surveys to users on Desktop";
const char kInfiniteSessionRestoreName[] = "Infinite Session Restore";
const char kInfiniteSessionRestoreDescription[] =
"Reduces the number of tabs being loaded simultaneously during session "
"restore, to improve responsiveness of the foreground tab. This requires "
const char kOmniboxDriveSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions";
const char kOmniboxDriveSuggestionsDescriptions[] =
"Display suggestions for Google Drive documents in the omnibox when Google "
"is the default search engine.";
const char kOmniboxNewAnswerLayoutName[] = "Omnibox new answer layout";
const char kOmniboxNewAnswerLayoutDescription[] =
"Display answers using an enhanced layout with larger images. Has no "
"effect unless either the #upcoming-ui-features flag is Enabled or the "
"#top-chrome-md flag is set to Refresh or Touchable Refresh.";
const char kOmniboxPedalSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox Pedal suggestions";
const char kOmniboxPedalSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable omnibox Pedal suggestions using either a side button in suggestion "
"or a dedicated suggestion item beneath the triggering line item. Omnibox "
"Pedals accelerate actions within Chrome by detecting user intent and "
"offering direct access to the end goal.";
const char kOmniboxReverseAnswersName[] = "Omnibox reverse answers";
const char kOmniboxReverseAnswersDescription[] =
"Display answers with rows reversed (swapped); except definitions. Has no "
"effect unless either the #upcoming-ui-features flag is Enabled or the "
"#top-chrome-md flag is set to Refresh or Touchable Refresh.";
const char kOmniboxRichEntitySuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox rich entity suggestions";
const char kOmniboxRichEntitySuggestionsDescription[] =
"Display entity suggestions using images and an enhanced layout; showing "
"more context and descriptive text about the entity. Has no effect unless "
"either the #upcoming-ui-features flag is Enabled or the #top-chrome-md "
"flag is set to Refresh or Touchable Refresh.";
const char kOmniboxTabSwitchSuggestionsName[] =
"Omnibox tab switch suggestions";
const char kOmniboxTabSwitchSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable suggestions for switching to open tabs within the Omnibox. "
"Has no effect unless either the #upcoming-ui-features flag is Enabled or "
"the #top-chrome-md flag is set to Refresh or Touchable Refresh.";
const char kOmniboxTailSuggestionsName[] = "Omnibox tail suggestions";
const char kOmniboxTailSuggestionsDescription[] =
"Enable receiving tail suggestions, a type of search suggestion based on "
"the last few words in the query, for the Omnibox.";
const char kPageAlmostIdleName[] = "Page Almost Idle";
const char kPageAlmostIdleDescription[] =
"Make session restore use a definition of loading that waits for CPU and "
"network quiescence.";
const char kProactiveTabFreezeAndDiscardName[] =
"Proactive Tab Freeze and Discard";
const char kProactiveTabFreezeAndDiscardDescription[] =
"Enables proactive tab freezing and discarding. This requires "
const char kShowManagedUiName[] = "Show managed UI for managed users";
const char kShowManagedUiDescription[] =
"Enabled/disable showing enterprise users a 'Managed by your organization' "
"message in the app menu and on some chrome:// pages.";
const char kSiteCharacteristicsDatabaseName[] = "Site Characteristics database";
const char kSiteCharacteristicsDatabaseDescription[] =
"Records usage of some features in a database while a tab is in background "
"(title/favicon update, audio playback or usage of non-persistent "
const char kUseGoogleLocalNtpName[] = "Enable using the Google local NTP";
const char kUseGoogleLocalNtpDescription[] =
"Use the local New Tab page if Google is the default search engine.";
const char kGoogleBrandedContextMenuName[] =
"Google branding in the context menu";
const char kGoogleBrandedContextMenuDescription[] =
"Shows a Google icon next to context menu items powered by Google "
#endif // !defined(GOOGLE_CHROME_BUILD)
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// Windows ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_WIN)
const char kCalculateNativeWinOcclusionName[] =
"Calculate window occlusion on Windows";
const char kCalculateNativeWinOcclusionDescription[] =
"Calculate window occlusion on Windows will be used in the future "
"to throttle and potentially unload foreground tabs in occluded windows";
const char kCloudPrintXpsName[] = "XPS in Google Cloud Print";
const char kCloudPrintXpsDescription[] =
"XPS enables advanced options for classic printers connected to the Cloud "
"Print with Chrome. Printers must be re-connected after changing this "
const char kDisablePostscriptPrinting[] = "Disable PostScript Printing";
const char kDisablePostscriptPrintingDescription[] =
"Disables PostScript generation when printing to PostScript capable "
"printers, and uses EMF generation in its place.";
const char kEnableAppcontainerName[] = "Enable AppContainer Lockdown.";
const char kEnableAppcontainerDescription[] =
"Enables the use of an AppContainer on sandboxed processes to improve "
const char kEnableGpuAppcontainerName[] = "Enable GPU AppContainer Lockdown.";
const char kEnableGpuAppcontainerDescription[] =
"Enables the use of an AppContainer for the GPU sandboxed processes to "
"improve security.";
const char kGdiTextPrinting[] = "GDI Text Printing";
const char kGdiTextPrintingDescription[] =
"Use GDI to print text as simply text";
const char kTraceExportEventsToEtwName[] =
"Enable exporting of tracing events to ETW.";
const char kTraceExportEventsToEtwDesription[] =
"If enabled, trace events will be exported to the Event Tracing for "
"Windows (ETW) and can then be captured by tools such as UIForETW or "
const char kUseAngleName[] = "Choose ANGLE graphics backend";
const char kUseAngleDescription[] =
"Choose the graphics backend for ANGLE. D3D11 is used on most Windows "
"computers by default. Using the OpenGL driver as the graphics backend may "
"result in higher performance in some graphics-heavy applications, "
"particularly on NVIDIA GPUs. It can increase battery and memory usage of "
"video playback.";
const char kUseAngleDefault[] = "Default";
const char kUseAngleGL[] = "OpenGL";
const char kUseAngleD3D11[] = "D3D11";
const char kUseAngleD3D9[] = "D3D9";
const char kUseWinrtMidiApiName[] = "Use Windows Runtime MIDI API";
const char kUseWinrtMidiApiDescription[] =
"Use Windows Runtime MIDI API for WebMIDI (effective only on Windows 10 or "
const char kWindows10CustomTitlebarName[] = "Custom-drawn Windows 10 Titlebar";
const char kWindows10CustomTitlebarDescription[] =
"If enabled, Chrome will draw the titlebar and caption buttons instead of "
"deferring to Windows.";
#endif // defined(OS_WIN)
// Mac -------------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_MACOSX)
const char kContentFullscreenName[] = "Improved Content Fullscreen";
const char kContentFullscreenDescription[] =
"Fullscreen content window detaches from main browser window and goes to "
"a new space without moving or changing the original browser window.";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationTouchIdName[] =
"Web Authentication API Touch ID support";
const char kEnableWebAuthenticationTouchIdDescription[] =
"Enables a built-in Touch ID authenticator for the Web Authentication API.";
const char kHostedAppsInWindowsName[] =
"Allow hosted apps to be opened in windows";
const char kHostedAppsInWindowsDescription[] =
"Allows hosted apps to be opened in windows instead of being limited to "
const char kCreateAppWindowsInAppShimProcessName[] =
"Create native windows in the app process";
const char kCreateAppWindowsInAppShimProcessDescription[] =
"Create native windows the app shim process, instead of of the browser "
const char kEnableCustomMacPaperSizesName[] = "Enable custom paper sizes";
const char kEnableCustomMacPaperSizesDescription[] =
"Allow use of custom paper sizes in Print Preview.";
const char kMacTouchBarName[] = "Hardware Touch Bar";
const char kMacTouchBarDescription[] = "Control the use of the Touch Bar.";
const char kMacV2GPUSandboxName[] = "Mac V2 GPU Sandbox";
const char kMacV2GPUSandboxDescription[] =
"Controls whether the GPU process on macOS uses the V1 or V2 sandbox.";
const char kMacViewsNativeAppWindowsName[] = "Toolkit-Views App Windows.";
const char kMacViewsNativeAppWindowsDescription[] =
"Controls whether to use Toolkit-Views based Chrome App windows.";
const char kMacViewsTaskManagerName[] = "Toolkit-Views Task Manager.";
const char kMacViewsTaskManagerDescription[] =
"Controls whether to use the Toolkit-Views based Task Manager.";
const char kTextSuggestionsTouchBarName[] = "Text Suggestions Touch Bar";
const char kTextSuggestionsTouchBarDescription[] =
"Enable text suggestions touch bar for textfields.";
// Chrome OS -------------------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
const char kAcceleratedMjpegDecodeName[] =
"Hardware-accelerated mjpeg decode for captured frame";
const char kAcceleratedMjpegDecodeDescription[] =
"Enable hardware-accelerated mjpeg decode for captured frame where "
const char kAllowTouchpadThreeFingerClickName[] = "Touchpad three-finger-click";
const char kAllowTouchpadThreeFingerClickDescription[] =
"Enables touchpad three-finger-click as middle button.";
const char kArcAvailableForChildName[] = "Allow ARC for child accounts";
const char kArcAvailableForChildDescription[] =
"Allow child accounts to start Android apps.";
const char kArcBootCompleted[] = "Load Android apps automatically";
const char kArcBootCompletedDescription[] =
"Allow Android apps to start automatically after signing in.";
const char kArcCupsApiName[] = "ARC CUPS API";
const char kArcCupsApiDescription[] =
"Enables support of libcups APIs from ARC";
const char kArcFilePickerExperimentName[] =
"Enable file picker experiment for ARC";