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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "components/component_updater/component_installer.h"
namespace base {
class FilePath;
class Value;
} // namespace base
namespace net {
namespace ct {
class STHObserver;
} // namespace ct
} // namespace net
namespace component_updater {
class ComponentUpdateService;
// Component for receiving Signed Tree Heads updates for Certificate
// Transparency logs recognized in Chrome.
// The STHs are in JSON format.
// To identify the log each STH belongs to, the name of the file is
// hex-encoded Log ID of the log that produced this STH.
// Notifications of each of the new STHs are sent to the net::ct::STHObserver,
// so that it can take appropriate steps, including possible persistence.
class STHSetComponentInstallerPolicy : public ComponentInstallerPolicy {
// The |sth_distributor| will be notified each time a new STH is observed.
explicit STHSetComponentInstallerPolicy(net::ct::STHObserver* sth_observer);
~STHSetComponentInstallerPolicy() override;
friend class STHSetComponentInstallerTest;
// ComponentInstallerPolicy implementation.
bool SupportsGroupPolicyEnabledComponentUpdates() const override;
bool RequiresNetworkEncryption() const override;
update_client::CrxInstaller::Result OnCustomInstall(
const base::DictionaryValue& manifest,
const base::FilePath& install_dir) override;
void OnCustomUninstall() override;
bool VerifyInstallation(const base::DictionaryValue& manifest,
const base::FilePath& install_dir) const override;
void ComponentReady(const base::Version& version,
const base::FilePath& install_dir,
std::unique_ptr<base::DictionaryValue> manifest) override;
base::FilePath GetRelativeInstallDir() const override;
void GetHash(std::vector<uint8_t>* hash) const override;
std::string GetName() const override;
update_client::InstallerAttributes GetInstallerAttributes() const override;
std::vector<std::string> GetMimeTypes() const override;
// Reads and parses the on-disk json.
void LoadSTHsFromDisk(const base::FilePath& sths_file_path,
const base::Version& version);
// Handle successful parsing of JSON by distributing the new STH.
void OnJsonParseSuccess(const std::string& log_id,
std::unique_ptr<base::Value> parsed_json);
// STH parsing failed - do nothing.
void OnJsonParseError(const std::string& log_id, const std::string& error);
// The observer is not owned by this class, so the code creating an instance
// of this class is expected to ensure the STHObserver lives as long as
// this class does. Typically the observer provided will be a global.
net::ct::STHObserver* sth_observer_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<STHSetComponentInstallerPolicy> weak_ptr_factory_;
void RegisterSTHSetComponent(ComponentUpdateService* cus,
const base::FilePath& user_data_dir);
} // namespace component_updater