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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_ANDROID_SETTINGS" desc="Label for the open Android settings button on the ARC app permissions page.">
Open Android settings
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_APP_LIST_PREVIEW" desc="A label that summarizes a list of apps by naming up to 3 apps, finishing with 'X more apps' for the rest.">
{COUNT, plural,
=0 {None}
=1 {<ph name="APP_1">$1<ex>Gmail</ex></ph>}
=2 {<ph name="APP_1">$1<ex>Gmail</ex></ph> and <ph name="APP_2">$2<ex>Youtube</ex></ph>}
=3 {<ph name="APP_1">$1<ex>Gmail</ex></ph>, <ph name="APP_2">$2<ex>Youtube</ex></ph>, and <ph name="APP_3">$3<ex>Calendar</ex></ph>}
=4 {<ph name="APP_1">$1<ex>Gmail</ex></ph>, <ph name="APP_2">$2<ex>Youtube</ex></ph>, <ph name="APP_3">$3<ex>Calendar</ex></ph>, and 1 other app}
other {<ph name="APP_1">$1<ex>Gmail</ex></ph>, <ph name="APP_2">$2<ex>Youtube</ex></ph>, <ph name="APP_3">$3<ex>Calendar</ex></ph>, and <ph name="EXTRA_APPS">$4<ex>4</ex></ph> other apps}}
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_APP_LIST_TITLE" desc="Title of app list card on main app management page.">
Manage your apps
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_BACK" desc="Label for button for going back to the previous page.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_CAMERA" desc="Label for the camera permission toggle.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_EXTENSIONS_SETTINGS" desc="Label for the open Extensions settings button on the Chrome app permissions page.">
Open Extensions settings
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_LESS_APPS" desc="Label for showing less apps.">
Show less
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_LOCATION" desc="Label for the location permission toggle.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_MICROPHONE" desc="Label for the microphone permission toggle.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_MORE_APPS" desc="Label for more apps button at bottom of app list card.">
Show <ph name="NUMBER_OF_MORE_APPS">$1<ex>4</ex></ph> more apps
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_NO_RESULTS" desc="Text description of a search that has no results.">
No search results found
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_NOTIFICATIONS" desc="Label for notifications section in the app settings page.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_NOTIFICATIONS_SUBLABEL" desc="Sublabel for the Notifications item in the main App Management view">
<ph name="NUMBER_OF_MORE_APPS">$1<ex>4</ex></ph> apps
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_PERMISSIONS" desc="Label for permissions section in the app settings page.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_MORE_SETTINGS" desc="Label for a link to more settings and permissions for an app.">
More settings and permissions
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_THIS_APP_CAN" desc="Label for permissions that a Chrome app can use.">
This app can:
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_PIN_TO_SHELF" desc="Label for the pin to shelf button in the app settings page.">
Pin to shelf
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_SEARCH_PROMPT" desc="Prompt in search bar of main app management page.">
Search apps
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_SITE_SETTING" desc="Label for the open site settings for PWA app settings page.">
Open site settings
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_TITLE" desc="Title of the app management page.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_SIZE" desc="Label for the size of an app in the app settings page.">
Size: <ph name="APP_SIZE">$1<ex>8.0MB</ex></ph>
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_UNINSTALL" desc="Label for the uninstall button in the app settings page.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_VERSION" desc="Label for version of an app in the app settings page.">
Version: <ph name="VERSION">$1<ex>4.0</ex></ph>
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_PIN_ENFORCED_BY_POLICY" desc="Short text for the pin/unpin context menu to tell user the setting is enforced by policy of an app.">
Pinned by administrator
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_CONTACTS" desc="Label for the Android contacts (address book) permission toggle.">
<message name="IDS_APP_MANAGEMENT_STORAGE" desc="Label for the Android storage permission toggle.">