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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Settings-specific strings (included from generated_resources.grd). -->
<if expr="chromeos">
<!-- People (OS settings) -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_PROFILE_LABEL" desc="Label underneath the profile's real name, listing the email address and optionally the number of additional accounts">
{COUNT, plural,
=0 {<ph name="EMAIL">$1<ex></ex></ph>}
=1 {<ph name="EMAIL">$1<ex></ex></ph>, +1 more account}
other {<ph name="EMAIL">$1<ex></ex></ph>, +<ph name="EXTRA_ACCOUNTS">$2<ex>2</ex></ph> more accounts}}
<!-- Languages and Inputs (OS settings) -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_LANGUAGES_AND_INPUT_PAGE_TITLE" desc="Name of the OS settings page which displays language method preferences.">
Languages and input
<!-- Personalization Page (OS settings) -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_PERSONALIZATION" desc="Name of the OS settings page which displays personalization preferences.">
<!-- Personalization Page (OS settings) and Appearance Page (Browser settings) -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_SET_WALLPAPER" desc="Name of the control which allows the user to set the wallpaper.">
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_OPEN_WALLPAPER_APP" desc="Sub-label about opening the wallpaper app.">
Open the wallpaper app
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_CHANGE_PICTURE_TITLE" desc="Label for row in settings page that shows the user image picker.">
Change account image
<!-- Search and Assistant section. -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_SEARCH_ENGINE_LABEL" desc="Label in OS settings describing search engine behavior.">
Preferred search engine
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_SEARCH_ENGINE_TOOLTIP" desc="Tooltip in OS settings explaining that search engine is used in both the Chrome browser and the Chrome OS app launcher.">
Used by Chrome browser and <ph name="DEVICE_TYPE">$1<ex>Chromebook</ex></ph> launcher
<!-- Files Page (OS settings) -->
<message name="IDS_OS_SETTINGS_FILES" desc="Name of the settings page which displays file preferences.">