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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
""" Merges a 64-bit and a 32-bit APK into a single APK
This script is used to merge two APKs which have only 32-bit or 64-bit
binaries respectively into a APK that has both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries
for 64-bit Android platform.
You normally don't need this script because GN 64-bit build generates
such APK for you.
To use this script, you need to
1. Build 32-bit APK as usual.
2. Build 64-bit APK with GN variable build_apk_secondary_abi=false OR true.
3. Use this script to merge 2 APKs.
import argparse
import collections
import filecmp
import logging
import os
import pprint
import re
import shutil
import sys
import tempfile
import zipfile
SRC_DIR = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), '..', '..')
SRC_DIR = os.path.abspath(SRC_DIR)
BUILD_ANDROID_DIR = os.path.join(SRC_DIR, 'build', 'android')
import finalize_apk # pylint: disable=import-error,wrong-import-position
from util import build_utils # pylint: disable=import-error,wrong-import-position
from pylib import constants # pylint: disable=import-error,wrong-import-position
SRC_DIR, 'third_party', 'android_sdk', 'public', 'build-tools',
constants.ANDROID_SDK_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION, 'zipalign')
class ApkMergeFailure(Exception):
def UnpackApk(file_name, dst, ignore_paths=()):
zippy = zipfile.ZipFile(file_name)
files_to_extract = [f for f in zippy.namelist() if f not in ignore_paths]
zippy.extractall(dst, files_to_extract)
def GetNonDirFiles(top, base_dir):
""" Return a list containing all (non-directory) files in tree with top as
Each file is represented by the relative path from base_dir to that file.
If top is a file (not a directory) then a list containing only top is
if os.path.isdir(top):
ret = []
for dirpath, _, filenames in os.walk(top):
for filename in filenames:
os.path.relpath(os.path.join(dirpath, filename), base_dir))
return ret
return [os.path.relpath(top, base_dir)]
def GetDiffFiles(dcmp, base_dir):
""" Return the list of files contained only in the right directory of dcmp.
The files returned are represented by relative paths from base_dir.
copy_files = []
for file_name in dcmp.right_only:
GetNonDirFiles(os.path.join(dcmp.right, file_name), base_dir))
# we cannot merge APKs with files with similar names but different contents
if len(dcmp.diff_files) > 0:
raise ApkMergeFailure('found differing files: %s in %s and %s' %
(dcmp.diff_files, dcmp.left, dcmp.right))
if len(dcmp.funny_files) > 0:
ApkMergeFailure('found uncomparable files: %s in %s and %s' %
(dcmp.funny_files, dcmp.left, dcmp.right))
for sub_dcmp in dcmp.subdirs.itervalues():
copy_files.extend(GetDiffFiles(sub_dcmp, base_dir))
return copy_files
def CheckFilesExpected(actual_files, expected_files, component_build):
""" Check that the lists of actual and expected files are the same. """
actual_file_names = collections.defaultdict(int)
for f in actual_files:
actual_file_names[os.path.basename(f)] += 1
actual_file_set = set(actual_file_names.iterkeys())
expected_file_set = set(expected_files.iterkeys())
unexpected_file_set = actual_file_set.difference(expected_file_set)
if component_build:
unexpected_file_set = set(
f for f in unexpected_file_set if not f.endswith('.so'))
missing_file_set = expected_file_set.difference(actual_file_set)
duplicate_file_set = set(
f for f, n in actual_file_names.iteritems() if n > 1)
# TODO( Remove this once we're plumbing the lib correctly.
missing_file_set = set(
f for f in missing_file_set if not os.path.basename(f) ==
errors = []
if unexpected_file_set:
' unexpected files: %s' % pprint.pformat(unexpected_file_set))
if missing_file_set:
errors.append(' missing files: %s' % pprint.pformat(missing_file_set))
if duplicate_file_set:
errors.append(' duplicate files: %s' % pprint.pformat(duplicate_file_set))
if errors:
raise ApkMergeFailure(
"Files don't match expectations:\n%s" % '\n'.join(errors))
def AddDiffFiles(diff_files, tmp_dir_32, out_zip, expected_files,
component_build, uncompress_shared_libraries):
""" Insert files only present in 32-bit APK into 64-bit APK (tmp_apk). """
for diff_file in diff_files:
if component_build and diff_file.endswith('.so'):
compress = not uncompress_shared_libraries
compress = expected_files[os.path.basename(diff_file)]
os.path.join(tmp_dir_32, diff_file),
def GetTargetAbiPath(apk_path, shared_library):
with zipfile.ZipFile(apk_path) as z:
matches = [p for p in z.namelist() if p.endswith(shared_library)]
if len(matches) != 1:
raise ApkMergeFailure('Found multiple/no libs for %s: %s' % (
shared_library, matches))
return matches[0]
def GetSecondaryAbi(apk_zipfile, shared_library):
ret = ''
for name in apk_zipfile.namelist():
if os.path.basename(name) == shared_library:
abi ='(^lib/)(.+)(/' + shared_library + '$)', name).group(2)
# Intentionally not to add 64bit abi because they are not used.
if abi == 'armeabi-v7a' or abi == 'armeabi':
ret = 'arm64-v8a'
elif abi == 'mips':
ret = 'mips64'
elif abi == 'x86':
ret = 'x86_64'
raise ApkMergeFailure('Unsupported abi ' + abi)
if ret == '':
raise ApkMergeFailure('Failed to find secondary abi')
return ret
def MergeApk(args, tmp_apk, tmp_dir_32, tmp_dir_64):
# Expected files to copy from 32- to 64-bit APK together with whether to
# compress within the .apk.
expected_files = {'snapshot_blob_32.bin': False}
if args.shared_library:
expected_files[args.shared_library] = not args.uncompress_shared_libraries
if args.has_unwind_cfi:
expected_files['unwind_cfi_32'] = False
# TODO( we should pass this in via script arguments.
if not args.loadable_module_32:
for f in args.loadable_module_32:
expected_files[f] = not args.uncompress_shared_libraries
for f in args.loadable_module_64:
expected_files[f] = not args.uncompress_shared_libraries
# need to unpack APKs to compare their contents
assets_path = 'base/assets' if args.bundle else 'assets'
exclude_files_64 = ['%s/snapshot_blob_32.bin' % assets_path,
GetTargetAbiPath(args.apk_32bit, args.shared_library)]
if '' in expected_files:
GetTargetAbiPath(args.apk_32bit, ''))
if '' in expected_files:
GetTargetAbiPath(args.apk_32bit, ''))
if args.has_unwind_cfi:
exclude_files_64.append('%s/unwind_cfi_32' % assets_path)
UnpackApk(args.apk_64bit, tmp_dir_64, exclude_files_64)
UnpackApk(args.apk_32bit, tmp_dir_32)
ignores = ['META-INF', 'AndroidManifest.xml']
if args.ignore_classes_dex:
ignores += ['classes.dex', 'classes2.dex']
if args.debug:
# see
ignores += ['webview_licenses.notice']
if args.bundle:
# if merging a bundle we must ignore the bundle specific
# proto files as they will always be different.
ignores += ['BundleConfig.pb', 'native.pb', 'resources.pb']
dcmp = filecmp.dircmp(
diff_files = GetDiffFiles(dcmp, tmp_dir_32)
# Check that diff_files match exactly those files we want to insert into
# the 64-bit APK.
CheckFilesExpected(diff_files, expected_files, args.component_build)
with zipfile.ZipFile(tmp_apk, 'w') as out_zip:
exclude_patterns = ['META-INF/*'] + exclude_files_64
# If there are libraries for which we don't want the 32 bit versions, we
# should remove them here.
if args.loadable_module_32:
exclude_patterns.extend(['*' + f for f in args.loadable_module_32 if
f not in args.loadable_module_64])
path_transform = (
lambda p: None if build_utils.MatchesGlob(p, exclude_patterns) else p)
out_zip, [args.apk_64bit], path_transform=path_transform)
AddDiffFiles(diff_files, tmp_dir_32, out_zip, expected_files,
args.component_build, args.uncompress_shared_libraries)
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Merge a 32-bit APK into a 64-bit APK')
# Using type=os.path.abspath converts file paths to absolute paths so that
# we can change working directory without affecting these paths
parser.add_argument('--apk_32bit', required=True, type=os.path.abspath)
parser.add_argument('--apk_64bit', required=True, type=os.path.abspath)
parser.add_argument('--out_apk', required=True, type=os.path.abspath)
parser.add_argument('--zipalign_path', type=os.path.abspath)
parser.add_argument('--keystore_path', required=True, type=os.path.abspath)
parser.add_argument('--key_name', required=True)
parser.add_argument('--key_password', required=True)
group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=True)
group.add_argument('--component-build', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--page-align-shared-libraries', action='store_true',
help='Obsolete, but remains for backwards compatibility')
parser.add_argument('--uncompress-shared-libraries', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--bundle', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--debug', action='store_true')
# This option shall only used in debug build, see
parser.add_argument('--ignore-classes-dex', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--has-unwind-cfi', action='store_true',
help='Specifies if the 32-bit apk has unwind_cfi file')
parser.add_argument('--loadable_module_32', action='append', default=[],
help='Use for each 32-bit library added via '
parser.add_argument('--loadable_module_64', action='append', default=[],
help='Use for each 64-bit library added via '
args = parser.parse_args()
if (args.zipalign_path is not None and
not os.path.isfile(args.zipalign_path)):
# If given an invalid path, fall back to try the default.
logging.warning('zipalign path not found: %s', args.zipalign_path)
logging.warning('falling back to: %s', DEFAULT_ZIPALIGN_PATH)
args.zipalign_path = None
if args.zipalign_path is None:
# When no path given, try the default.
if not os.path.isfile(DEFAULT_ZIPALIGN_PATH):
return 'ERROR: zipalign path not found: %s' % DEFAULT_ZIPALIGN_PATH
args.zipalign_path = DEFAULT_ZIPALIGN_PATH
tmp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
tmp_dir_64 = os.path.join(tmp_dir, '64_bit')
tmp_dir_32 = os.path.join(tmp_dir, '32_bit')
tmp_apk = os.path.join(tmp_dir, 'tmp.apk')
new_apk = args.out_apk
MergeApk(args, tmp_apk, tmp_dir_32, tmp_dir_64)
apksigner_path = os.path.join(
os.path.dirname(args.zipalign_path), 'apksigner')
finalize_apk.FinalizeApk(apksigner_path, args.zipalign_path,
tmp_apk, new_apk, args.keystore_path,
args.key_password, args.key_name)
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':