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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import logging
import re
import os
import pexpect
from perf_tests_helper import PrintPerfResult
from test_result import BaseTestResult, TestResults
from valgrind_tools import CreateTool
# TODO(bulach): TestPackage, TestPackageExecutable and
# TestPackageApk are a work in progress related to making the native tests
# run as a NDK-app from an APK rather than a stand-alone executable.
class TestPackage(object):
"""A helper base class for both APK and stand-alone executables.
adb: ADB interface the tests are using.
device: Device to run the tests.
test_suite: A specific test suite to run, empty to run all.
timeout: Timeout for each test.
rebaseline: Whether or not to run tests in isolation and update the filter.
performance_test: Whether or not performance test(s).
cleanup_test_files: Whether or not to cleanup test files on device.
tool: Name of the Valgrind tool.
dump_debug_info: A debug_info object.
def __init__(self, adb, device, test_suite, timeout, rebaseline,
performance_test, cleanup_test_files, tool, dump_debug_info):
self.adb = adb
self.device = device
self.test_suite = os.path.splitext(test_suite)[0]
self.test_suite_basename = os.path.basename(self.test_suite)
self.test_suite_dirname = os.path.dirname(self.test_suite)
self.rebaseline = rebaseline
self.performance_test = performance_test
self.cleanup_test_files = cleanup_test_files
self.tool = CreateTool(tool, self.adb)
if timeout == 0:
if self.test_suite_basename == 'page_cycler_tests':
timeout = 900
timeout = 60
self.timeout = timeout * self.tool.GetTimeoutScale()
self.dump_debug_info = dump_debug_info
def _BeginGetIOStats(self):
"""Gets I/O statistics before running test.
Tuple of (I/O stats object, flag of ready to continue). When encountering
error, ready-to-continue flag is False, True otherwise. The I/O stats
object may be None if the test is not performance test.
initial_io_stats = None
# Try to get the disk I/O statistics for all performance tests.
if self.performance_test and not self.rebaseline:
initial_io_stats = self.adb.GetIoStats()
# Get rid of the noise introduced by launching Chrome for page cycler.
if self.test_suite_basename == 'page_cycler_tests':
chrome_launch_done_re = re.compile(
re.escape('Finish waiting for browser launch!'))
initial_io_stats = self.adb.GetIoStats()
except pexpect.TIMEOUT:
logging.error('Test terminated because Chrome launcher has no'
'response after 120 second.')
return (None, False)
if self.dump_debug_info:
return (initial_io_stats, True)
def _EndGetIOStats(self, initial_io_stats):
"""Gets I/O statistics after running test and calcuate the I/O delta.
initial_io_stats: I/O stats object got from _BeginGetIOStats.
String for formated diso I/O statistics.
disk_io = ''
if self.performance_test and initial_io_stats:
final_io_stats = self.adb.GetIoStats()
for stat in final_io_stats:
disk_io += '\n' + PrintPerfResult(stat, stat,
[final_io_stats[stat] -
stat.split('_')[1], True, False)
return disk_io
def GetDisabledPrefixes(self):
return ['DISABLED_', 'FLAKY_', 'FAILS_']
def _ParseGTestListTests(self, all_tests):
ret = []
current = ''
disabled_prefixes = self.GetDisabledPrefixes()
for test in all_tests:
if not test:
if test[0] != ' ':
current = test
if 'YOU HAVE' in test:
test_name = test[2:]
if not any([test_name.startswith(x) for x in disabled_prefixes]):
ret += [current + test_name]
return ret
def _WatchTestOutput(self, p):
"""Watches the test output.
p: the process generating output as created by pexpect.spawn.
ok_tests = []
failed_tests = []
re_run = re.compile('\[ RUN \] ?(.*)\r\n')
re_fail = re.compile('\[ FAILED \] ?(.*)\r\n')
re_ok = re.compile('\[ OK \] ?(.*)\r\n')
(io_stats_before, ready_to_continue) = self._BeginGetIOStats()
while ready_to_continue:
found = p.expect([re_run, pexpect.EOF], timeout=self.timeout)
if found == 1: # matched pexpect.EOF
if self.dump_debug_info:
full_test_name =
found = p.expect([re_ok, re_fail, pexpect.EOF, pexpect.TIMEOUT],
if found == 0: # re_ok
ok_tests += [BaseTestResult(full_test_name.replace('\r', ''),
failed_tests += [BaseTestResult(full_test_name.replace('\r', ''),
if found >= 2:
# The test crashed / bailed out (i.e., didn't print OK or FAIL).
if found == 3: # pexpect.TIMEOUT
logging.error('Test terminated after %d second timeout.',
if not self.rebaseline and ready_to_continue:
ok_tests += self._EndGetIOStats(io_stats_before)
ret_code = self._GetGTestReturnCode()
if ret_code:
failed_tests += [BaseTestResult('gtest exit code: %d' % ret_code,
'pexpect.before: %s'
'\npexpect.after: %s'
% (p.before,
return TestResults.FromOkAndFailed(ok_tests, failed_tests)