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# Makefile for LCOV
# Make targets:
# - install: install LCOV tools and man pages on the system
# - uninstall: remove tools and man pages from the system
# - dist: create files required for distribution, i.e. the lcov.tar.gz
# and the lcov.rpm file. Just make sure to adjust the VERSION
# and RELEASE variables below - both version and date strings
# will be updated in all necessary files.
# - clean: remove all generated files
VERSION := 1.9
CFG_DIR := $(PREFIX)/etc
BIN_DIR := $(PREFIX)/usr/bin
MAN_DIR := $(PREFIX)/usr/share/man
TMP_DIR := /tmp/lcov-tmp.$(shell echo $$$$)
FILES := $(wildcard bin/*) $(wildcard man/*) README CHANGES Makefile \
$(wildcard rpm/*) lcovrc
.PHONY: all info clean install uninstall rpms
all: info
@echo "Available make targets:"
@echo " install : install binaries and man pages in PREFIX (default /)"
@echo " uninstall : delete binaries and man pages from PREFIX (default /)"
@echo " dist : create packages (RPM, tarball) ready for distribution"
rm -f lcov-*.tar.gz
rm -f lcov-*.rpm
make -C example clean
bin/ bin/lcov $(BIN_DIR)/lcov -m 755
bin/ bin/genhtml $(BIN_DIR)/genhtml -m 755
bin/ bin/geninfo $(BIN_DIR)/geninfo -m 755
bin/ bin/genpng $(BIN_DIR)/genpng -m 755
bin/ bin/gendesc $(BIN_DIR)/gendesc -m 755
bin/ man/lcov.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/lcov.1 -m 644
bin/ man/genhtml.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/genhtml.1 -m 644
bin/ man/geninfo.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/geninfo.1 -m 644
bin/ man/genpng.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/genpng.1 -m 644
bin/ man/gendesc.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/gendesc.1 -m 644
bin/ man/lcovrc.5 $(MAN_DIR)/man5/lcovrc.5 -m 644
bin/ lcovrc $(CFG_DIR)/lcovrc -m 644
bin/ --uninstall bin/lcov $(BIN_DIR)/lcov
bin/ --uninstall bin/genhtml $(BIN_DIR)/genhtml
bin/ --uninstall bin/geninfo $(BIN_DIR)/geninfo
bin/ --uninstall bin/genpng $(BIN_DIR)/genpng
bin/ --uninstall bin/gendesc $(BIN_DIR)/gendesc
bin/ --uninstall man/lcov.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/lcov.1
bin/ --uninstall man/genhtml.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/genhtml.1
bin/ --uninstall man/geninfo.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/geninfo.1
bin/ --uninstall man/genpng.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/genpng.1
bin/ --uninstall man/gendesc.1 $(MAN_DIR)/man1/gendesc.1
bin/ --uninstall man/lcovrc.5 $(MAN_DIR)/man5/lcovrc.5
bin/ --uninstall lcovrc $(CFG_DIR)/lcovrc
dist: lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz lcov-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE).noarch.rpm \
lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz: $(FILES)
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION)
cp -r * $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION)
find $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION) -name CVS -type d | xargs rm -rf
make -C $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION) clean
cd $(TMP_DIR) ; \
tar cfz $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz lcov-$(VERSION)
mv $(TMP_DIR)/lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz .
rm -rf $(TMP_DIR)
lcov-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE).noarch.rpm: rpms
lcov-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE).src.rpm: rpms
rpms: lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)/BUILD
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)/RPMS
mkdir $(TMP_DIR)/SRPMS
cp lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz $(TMP_DIR)/SOURCES
cd $(TMP_DIR)/BUILD ; \
tar xfz $(TMP_DIR)/SOURCES/lcov-$(VERSION).tar.gz \
rpmbuild --define '_topdir $(TMP_DIR)' \
-ba $(TMP_DIR)/BUILD/lcov-$(VERSION)/rpm/lcov.spec
mv $(TMP_DIR)/RPMS/noarch/lcov-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE).noarch.rpm .
mv $(TMP_DIR)/SRPMS/lcov-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE).src.rpm .
rm -rf $(TMP_DIR)