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Name: libxslt
Version: 1.1.26
This directory contains a partial snapshot of the libxslt library
with the following modification:
1) Modified win32/configure.js to be able to clobber a read-only Makefile
This consists of:
replace ---
fso.CopyFile(makefile, ".\\Makefile", true);
with ---
var new_makefile = ".\\Makefile";
var f = fso.FileExists(new_makefile);
if (f) {
var t = fso.GetFile(new_makefile);
t.Attributes =0;
fso.CopyFile(makefile, new_makefile, true);
done ---
2) Modified libxslt/security.c to use GetFileAttributesA instead of GetFileAttributes.
3) Modified configure to not generate Makefiles.
This consists of:
replace ---
ac_config_files="$ac_config_files Makefile....
with ---
ac_config_files="$ac_config_files libxslt/xsltconfig.h libxslt/xsltwin32config.h libexslt/exsltconfig.h xslt-config"
done ---
4) Modified xsltconfig.h options:
- Change LIBXSLT_VERSION_EXTRA define to ""
- Change the DEBUG_MEMORY define to #if 0
- Change the WITH_MODULES define to #if 0
- Change the "Locale support" section to #if 0
- For good measure, change the LIBXSLT_DEFAULT_PLUGINS_PATH() define to "NULL"
Current version: 1.1.26, plus the following patches:
- A fix to get more compact generated IDs (
To import a new snapshot of libxslt:
- Visit and download the latest source
- Copy the files into this directory, omitting files which have been omitted
- Run build/generate-win32-headers.bat to re-generate the configuration
- On Linux, 'cd linux && sh ../configure --with-libxml-src=../../libxml/linux/'
to re-generate configuration headers.
- On Mac, 'cd mac && sh ../configure --with-libxml-src=../../libxml/mac/'
to re-generate configuration headers.
- Perform the modification above.
- Update this README to reflect the new version number.
- When creating your CL, make sure to "svn add" any new source files, but
don't ever add in the files not needed for the Chromium build. (e.g.
Changelog, configure, etc) -- these are just bloat.