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#import "NSPasteboard+Utils.h"
#import "NSURL+Utils.h"
#import "NSString+Utils.h"
NSString* const kCorePasteboardFlavorType_url = @"CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x75726C20"; // 'url ' url
NSString* const kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln = @"CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x75726C6E"; // 'urln' title
NSString* const kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urld = @"CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x75726C64"; // 'urld' URL description
NSString* const kCaminoBookmarkListPBoardType = @"MozBookmarkType"; // list of Camino bookmark UIDs
NSString* const kWebURLsWithTitlesPboardType = @"WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType"; // Safari-compatible URL + title arrays
@interface NSPasteboard(ChimeraPasteboardURLUtilsPrivate)
- (NSString*)cleanedStringWithPasteboardString:(NSString*)aString;
@implementation NSPasteboard(ChimeraPasteboardURLUtilsPrivate)
// Utility method to ensure strings we're using in |containsURLData|
// and |getURLs:andTitles| are free of internal control characters
// and leading/trailing whitespace
- (NSString*)cleanedStringWithPasteboardString:(NSString*)aString
NSString* cleanString = [aString stringByRemovingCharactersInSet:[NSCharacterSet controlCharacterSet]];
return [cleanString stringByTrimmingWhitespace];
@implementation NSPasteboard(ChimeraPasteboardURLUtils)
- (int)declareURLPasteboardWithAdditionalTypes:(NSArray*)additionalTypes owner:(id)newOwner
NSArray* allTypes = [additionalTypes arrayByAddingObjectsFromArray:
[NSArray arrayWithObjects:
return [self declareTypes:allTypes owner:newOwner];
// Copy a single URL (with an optional title) to the clipboard in all relevant
// formats. Convenience method for clients that can only ever deal with one
// URL and shouldn't have to build up the arrays for setURLs:withTitles:.
- (void)setDataForURL:(NSString*)url title:(NSString*)title
NSArray* urlList = [NSArray arrayWithObject:url];
NSArray* titleList = nil;
if (title)
titleList = [NSArray arrayWithObject:title];
[self setURLs:urlList withTitles:titleList];
// Copy a set of URLs, each of which may have a title, to the pasteboard
// using all the available formats.
// The title array should be nil, or must have the same length as the URL array.
- (void)setURLs:(NSArray*)inUrls withTitles:(NSArray*)inTitles
unsigned int urlCount = [inUrls count];
// Best format that we know about is Safari's URL + title arrays - build these up
if (!inTitles) {
NSMutableArray* tmpTitleArray = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:urlCount];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < urlCount; ++i)
[tmpTitleArray addObject:[inUrls objectAtIndex:i]];
inTitles = tmpTitleArray;
NSMutableArray* filePaths = [NSMutableArray array];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < urlCount; ++i) {
NSURL* url = [NSURL URLWithString:[inUrls objectAtIndex:i]];
if ([url isFileURL] && [[NSFileManager defaultManager] fileExistsAtPath:[url path]])
[filePaths addObject:[url path]];
if ([filePaths count] > 0) {
[self addTypes:[NSArray arrayWithObject:NSFilenamesPboardType] owner:nil];
[self setPropertyList:filePaths forType:NSFilenamesPboardType];
NSMutableArray* clipboardData = [NSMutableArray array];
[clipboardData addObject:[NSArray arrayWithArray:inUrls]];
[clipboardData addObject:inTitles];
[self setPropertyList:clipboardData forType:kWebURLsWithTitlesPboardType];
if (urlCount == 1) {
NSString* url = [inUrls objectAtIndex:0];
NSString* title = [inTitles objectAtIndex:0];
[[NSURL URLWithString:url] writeToPasteboard:self];
[self setString:url forType:NSStringPboardType];
const char* tempCString = [url UTF8String];
[self setData:[NSData dataWithBytes:tempCString length:strlen(tempCString)] forType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_url];
if (inTitles)
tempCString = [title UTF8String];
[self setData:[NSData dataWithBytes:tempCString length:strlen(tempCString)] forType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln];
else if (urlCount > 1)
// With multiple URLs there aren't many other formats we can use
// Just write a string of each URL (ignoring titles) on a separate line
[self setString:[inUrls componentsJoinedByString:@"\n"] forType:NSStringPboardType];
// but we have to put something in the carbon style flavors, otherwise apps will think
// there is data there, but get nothing
NSString* firstURL = [inUrls objectAtIndex:0];
NSString* firstTitle = [inTitles objectAtIndex:0];
const char* tempCString = [firstURL UTF8String];
[self setData:[NSData dataWithBytes:tempCString length:strlen(tempCString)] forType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_url];
tempCString = [firstTitle UTF8String]; // not i18n friendly
[self setData:[NSData dataWithBytes:tempCString length:strlen(tempCString)] forType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln];
// Get the set of URLs and their corresponding titles from the pasteboard.
// If there are no URLs in a format we understand on the pasteboard empty
// arrays will be returned. The two arrays will always be the same size.
// The arrays returned are on the auto release pool. If |convertFilenames|
// is YES, then the function will attempt to convert filenames in the drag
// to file URLs.
- (void) getURLs:(NSArray**)outUrls
NSArray* types = [self types];
NSURL* urlFromNSURL = nil; // Used below in getting an URL from the NSURLPboardType.
if ([types containsObject:kWebURLsWithTitlesPboardType]) {
NSArray* urlAndTitleContainer = [self propertyListForType:kWebURLsWithTitlesPboardType];
*outUrls = [urlAndTitleContainer objectAtIndex:0];
*outTitles = [urlAndTitleContainer objectAtIndex:1];
} else if ([types containsObject:NSFilenamesPboardType]) {
NSArray *files = [self propertyListForType:NSFilenamesPboardType];
*outUrls = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:[files count]];
*outTitles = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:[files count]];
for ( unsigned int i = 0; i < [files count]; ++i ) {
NSString *file = [files objectAtIndex:i];
NSString *ext = [[file pathExtension] lowercaseString];
NSString *urlString = nil;
NSString *title = @"";
OSType fileType = NSHFSTypeCodeFromFileType(NSHFSTypeOfFile(file));
// Check whether the file is a .webloc, a .ftploc, a .url, or some other kind of file.
if ([ext isEqualToString:@"webloc"] || [ext isEqualToString:@"ftploc"] || fileType == 'ilht' || fileType == 'ilft') {
NSURL* urlFromInetloc = [NSURL URLFromInetloc:file];
if (urlFromInetloc) {
urlString = [urlFromInetloc absoluteString];
title = [[file lastPathComponent] stringByDeletingPathExtension];
} else if ([ext isEqualToString:@"url"] || fileType == 'LINK') {
NSURL* urlFromIEURLFile = [NSURL URLFromIEURLFile:file];
if (urlFromIEURLFile) {
urlString = [urlFromIEURLFile absoluteString];
title = [[file lastPathComponent] stringByDeletingPathExtension];
if (!urlString) {
if (!convertFilenames) {
// Use the filename if not a .webloc or .url file, or if either of the
// functions returns nil.
urlString = [[NSURL fileURLWithPath:file] absoluteString];
title = [file lastPathComponent];
[(NSMutableArray*) *outUrls addObject:urlString];
[(NSMutableArray*) *outTitles addObject:title];
} else if ([types containsObject:NSURLPboardType] && (urlFromNSURL = [NSURL URLFromPasteboard:self])) {
*outUrls = [NSArray arrayWithObject:[urlFromNSURL absoluteString]];
NSString* title = nil;
if ([types containsObject:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urld])
title = [self stringForType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urld];
if (!title && [types containsObject:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln])
title = [self stringForType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln];
if (!title && [types containsObject:NSStringPboardType])
title = [self stringForType:NSStringPboardType];
*outTitles = [NSArray arrayWithObject:(title ? title : @"")];
} else if ([types containsObject:NSStringPboardType]) {
NSString* potentialURLString = [self cleanedStringWithPasteboardString:[self stringForType:NSStringPboardType]];
if ([potentialURLString isValidURI]) {
*outUrls = [NSArray arrayWithObject:potentialURLString];
NSString* title = nil;
if ([types containsObject:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urld])
title = [self stringForType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urld];
if (!title && [types containsObject:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln])
title = [self stringForType:kCorePasteboardFlavorType_urln];
*outTitles = [NSArray arrayWithObject:(title ? title : @"")];
} else {
// The string doesn't look like a URL - return empty arrays
*outUrls = [NSArray array];
*outTitles = [NSArray array];
} else {
// We don't recognise any of these formats - return empty arrays
*outUrls = [NSArray array];
*outTitles = [NSArray array];
// Indicates if this pasteboard contains URL data that we understand
// Deals with all our URL formats. Only strings that are valid URLs count.
// If this returns YES it is safe to use getURLs:andTitles: to retrieve the data.
// NB: Does not consider our internal bookmark list format, because callers
// usually need to deal with this separately because it can include folders etc.
- (BOOL) containsURLData
NSArray* types = [self types];
if ( [types containsObject:kWebURLsWithTitlesPboardType]
|| [types containsObject:NSURLPboardType]
|| [types containsObject:NSFilenamesPboardType] )
return YES;
if ([types containsObject:NSStringPboardType]) {
// Trim whitespace off the ends and newlines out of the middle so we don't reject otherwise-valid URLs;
// we'll do another cleaning when we set the URLs and titles later, so this is safe.
NSString* potentialURLString = [self cleanedStringWithPasteboardString:[self stringForType:NSStringPboardType]];
return [potentialURLString isValidURI];
return NO;
@implementation NSPasteboard(ChromiumHTMLUtils)
// Convert the RTF to HTML via an NSAttributedString.
- (NSString*)htmlFromRtf {
if (![[self types] containsObject:NSRTFPboardType])
return @"";
NSAttributedString* attributed =
[[[NSAttributedString alloc]
initWithRTF:[self dataForType:NSRTFPboardType]
documentAttributes:nil] autorelease];
NSDictionary* attributeDict =
[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:NSHTMLTextDocumentType
NSData* htmlData =
[attributed dataFromRange:NSMakeRange(0, [attributed length])
// According to the docs, NSHTMLTextDocumentType is UTF8.
return [[[NSString alloc]
initWithData:htmlData encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] autorelease];