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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
typedef enum
} ETruncationType;
// a category to extend NSString
@interface NSString (ChimeraStringUtils)
+ (id)ellipsisString;
+ (NSString*)stringWithUUID;
- (BOOL)isEqualToStringIgnoringCase:(NSString*)inString;
- (BOOL)hasCaseInsensitivePrefix:(NSString*)inString;
// Some URIs can contain spaces and still work, even though they aren't strictly valid
// per RFC2396. This method allows us to account for those URIs.
- (BOOL)isLooselyValidatedURI;
// Utility method to identify URIs that can be run in the context of the current page.
// These URIs could be used as attack vectors via AppleScript, for example.
- (BOOL)isPotentiallyDangerousURI;
// Utility method to ensure validity of URI strings. NSURL is used to validate
// most of them, but the NSURL test may fail for |javascript:| and |data:| URIs
// because they often contain invalid (per RFC2396) characters such as spaces.
- (BOOL)isValidURI;
- (NSString *)stringByRemovingCharactersInSet:(NSCharacterSet*)characterSet;
- (NSString *)stringByReplacingCharactersInSet:(NSCharacterSet*)characterSet withString:(NSString*)string;
- (NSString *)stringByTruncatingTo:(unsigned int)maxCharacters at:(ETruncationType)truncationType;
- (NSString *)stringByTruncatingToWidth:(float)inWidth at:(ETruncationType)truncationType withAttributes:(NSDictionary *)attributes;
- (NSString *)stringByTrimmingWhitespace;
- (NSString *)stringByRemovingAmpEscapes;
- (NSString *)stringByAddingAmpEscapes;
@interface NSMutableString (ChimeraMutableStringUtils)
- (void)truncateTo:(unsigned)maxCharacters at:(ETruncationType)truncationType;
- (void)truncateToWidth:(float)maxWidth at:(ETruncationType)truncationType withAttributes:(NSDictionary *)attributes;
@interface NSString (ChimeraFilePathStringUtils)
- (NSString*)volumeNamePathComponent;
- (NSString*)displayNameOfLastPathComponent;
@interface NSString (CaminoURLStringUtils)
// Returns true if the string represents a "blank" URL ("" or "about:blank")
- (BOOL)isBlankURL;
// Returns a URI that looks good in a location field
- (NSString *)unescapedURI;