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Name: talloc
Version: 2.0.1
The talloc library is only being used by a portion of the Mesa
software renderer, in ../mesa/MesaLib, and is only linked in to the
OSMesa shared library.
This is version 2.0.1 of talloc, with the following modifications (see
- #include "replace.h" was commented out in talloc.c.
- "bool malloced" was changed to "int malloced" in talloc.c.
- #include string.h, and conditional #include of stdint.h, were added
to talloc.h.
- Uses of the "inline" keyword were made conditional and disabled on
- A "min_size" inline function was used in place of the MIN macro.
- An implementation of strnlen was provided for platforms not
supporting it (in particular, Mac OS X).
- A use of ssize_t was changed to size_t on Windows.
- a call to vsnprintf() querying the required buffer size was changed to use
ptr NULL size 0 in order to satisfy MSVC