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Name: tcmalloc
Short Name: google-perftools
Version: unknown
Revision: 109
Security Critical: yes
This contains Chromium's locally patched copy of tcmalloc.
The chromium patched sources, copied from the vendor/
subdirectory and containing our local modifications.
We only copy over the vendor/src/ subdirectory (the only piece
we need) but still leave it in a chromium/src/ subdirectory to
keep the directory structures in parallel.
Vanilla sources from upstream:
The current revision is:
Last Changed Rev: 111
Last Changed Date: 2011-07-16 05:07:10 +0400 (Sat, 16 Jul 2011)
Take a new version from upstream:
1) Grab the revision:
$ svn export [-r {tcmalloc-rev}] \ \
2) Check for added or deleted files:
$ diff -q -r -x .svn vendor vendor-{tcmalloc-rev}
3) Copy the new revision on top of the checked-in vendor branch:
$ cp -r vendor-{tcmalloc-rev}/* vendor
C:\> xcopy /e/y/i vendor-{tcmalloc-rev}\* vendor
4) "svn add" or "svn rm" added or removed files (based on your
"diff -q -r" output from above)
5) Create the CL, upload, check it in:
$ gcl change CL
$ gcl upload CL
$ gcl commit CL
Note the revision number since you're going to want to merge
that to the local chromium branch.
Merge a new upstream version with our local patched copy:
1) Merge the local revision to chromium/src
$ svn merge -c {chrome-rev} svn://chrome-svn/chrome/trunk/src/third_party/tcmalloc/vendor/src chromium/src
2) Resolve any conflicts
3) Create the CL, upload, check in:
$ gcl change CL
$ gcl upload CL
$ gcl commit CL