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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include "ui/base/animation/animation_delegate.h"
#include "views/controls/button/button.h"
namespace ui {
class ThrobAnimation;
namespace views {
// A button with custom rendering. The common base class of ImageButton and
// TextButton.
// Note that this type of button is not focusable by default and will not be
// part of the focus chain. Call set_focusable(true) to make it part of the
// focus chain.
class VIEWS_EXPORT CustomButton : public Button,
public ui::AnimationDelegate {
// The menu button's class name.
static const char kViewClassName[];
virtual ~CustomButton();
// Possible states
enum ButtonState {
// Get/sets the current display state of the button.
ButtonState state() const { return state_; }
void SetState(ButtonState state);
// Starts throbbing. See HoverAnimation for a description of cycles_til_stop.
void StartThrobbing(int cycles_til_stop);
// Stops throbbing immediately.
void StopThrobbing();
// Set how long the hover animation will last for.
void SetAnimationDuration(int duration);
void set_triggerable_event_flags(int triggerable_event_flags) {
triggerable_event_flags_ = triggerable_event_flags;
int triggerable_event_flags() const { return triggerable_event_flags_; }
// Sets whether |RequestFocus| should be invoked on a mouse press. The default
// is true.
void set_request_focus_on_press(bool value) {
request_focus_on_press_ = value;
bool request_focus_on_press() const { return request_focus_on_press_; }
// See description above field.
void set_animate_on_state_change(bool value) {
animate_on_state_change_ = value;
// Returns true if the mouse pointer is over this control. Note that this
// isn't the same as IsHotTracked() because the mouse may be over the control
// when it's disabled.
bool IsMouseHovered() const;
// Overridden from View:
virtual void SetHotTracked(bool flag) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsHotTracked() const OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnEnabledChanged() OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsEnabled() const OVERRIDE;
virtual std::string GetClassName() const OVERRIDE;
virtual bool OnMousePressed(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool OnMouseDragged(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnMouseReleased(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnMouseCaptureLost() OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnMouseEntered(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnMouseExited(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnMouseMoved(const MouseEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool OnKeyPressed(const KeyEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool OnKeyReleased(const KeyEvent& event) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool AcceleratorPressed(const Accelerator& accelerator) OVERRIDE;
virtual void ShowContextMenu(const gfx::Point& p,
bool is_mouse_gesture) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnDragDone() OVERRIDE;
virtual void GetAccessibleState(ui::AccessibleViewState* state) OVERRIDE;
// Overridden from ui::AnimationDelegate:
virtual void AnimationProgressed(const ui::Animation* animation) OVERRIDE;
// Construct the Button with a Listener. See comment for Button's ctor.
explicit CustomButton(ButtonListener* listener);
// Invoked from SetState() when SetState() is passed a value that differs from
// the current state. CustomButton's implementation of StateChanged() does
// nothing; this method is provided for subclasses that wish to do something
// on state changes.
virtual void StateChanged();
// Returns true if the event is one that can trigger notifying the listener.
// This implementation returns true if the left mouse button is down.
virtual bool IsTriggerableEvent(const MouseEvent& event);
// Returns true if the button should become pressed when the user
// holds the mouse down over the button. For this implementation,
// we simply return IsTriggerableEvent(event).
virtual bool ShouldEnterPushedState(const MouseEvent& event);
// Overridden from View:
virtual void ViewHierarchyChanged(bool is_add,
View* parent,
View* child) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsFocusable() const OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnBlur() OVERRIDE;
// The button state (defined in implementation)
ButtonState state_;
// Hover animation.
scoped_ptr<ui::ThrobAnimation> hover_animation_;
// Should we animate when the state changes? Defaults to true.
bool animate_on_state_change_;
// Is the hover animation running because StartThrob was invoked?
bool is_throbbing_;
// Mouse event flags which can trigger button actions.
int triggerable_event_flags_;
// See description above setter.
bool request_focus_on_press_;
} // namespace views