Reland "[BGPT] Don't collect non-animation non-scroll element ids"

This is a reland of 2313e474dbcf48dd8a7858206b6e3343f0f473f9

Was reverted because before we reverted the depended
Reland because the depended CL has been rewritten and relanded.

Original change's description:
> [BGPT] Don't collect non-animation non-scroll element ids
> Collecting non-animation element ids gave compositor wrong information
> that they need to be handled by the compositor, causing non-composited
> animation (caused by will-change: contents) on composited-layer failed
> to start in BGPT mode.
> Also add virtual/disable-blink-gen-property-trees/transitions.
> Bug: 936912
> Change-Id: I3ff64a732920ef884d838064d2d3a005e8a50860
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Bug: 936912
Change-Id: If9688689ef6adefba3517c3f602b4a6b5ddafccf
Reviewed-by: Xianzhu Wang <>
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