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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/containers/flat_map.h"
#include "base/sequence_checker.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/time/clock.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "content/browser/indexed_db/indexed_db_origin_state_handle.h"
#include "content/browser/indexed_db/indexed_db_task_helper.h"
#include "content/browser/indexed_db/scopes/disjoint_range_lock_manager.h"
#include "content/common/content_export.h"
#include "third_party/leveldatabase/src/include/leveldb/status.h"
#include "url/origin.h"
namespace content {
class IndexedDBBackingStore;
class IndexedDBDatabase;
class IndexedDBFactoryImpl;
class IndexedDBPreCloseTaskQueue;
namespace indexed_db {
class LevelDBFactory;
} // namespace indexed_db
constexpr const char kIDBCloseImmediatelySwitch[] = "idb-close-immediately";
// IndexedDBOriginState manages the per-origin IndexedDB state, and contains the
// backing store for the origin.
// This class is expected to manage its own lifetime by using the
// |destruct_myself_| closure, which is expected to destroy this object in the
// parent IndexedDBFactoryImpl (and remove it from any collections, etc).
// However, IndexedDBOriginState should still handle destruction without the use
// of that closure when the storage partition is destructed.
// IndexedDBOriginState will keep itself alive while:
// * There are handles referencing the factory,
// * There are outstanding blob references to this database's blob files, and
// * The factory is in an incognito profile.
class CONTENT_EXPORT IndexedDBOriginState {
using OriginDBMap =
base::flat_map<base::string16, std::unique_ptr<IndexedDBDatabase>>;
// Maximum time interval between runs of the IndexedDBSweeper. Sweeping only
// occurs after backing store close.
// Visible for testing.
static constexpr const base::TimeDelta kMaxEarliestGlobalSweepFromNow =
// Maximum time interval between runs of the IndexedDBSweeper for a given
// origin. Sweeping only occurs after backing store close.
// Visible for testing.
static constexpr const base::TimeDelta kMaxEarliestOriginSweepFromNow =
enum class ClosingState {
// IndexedDBOriginState isn't closing.
// IndexedDBOriginState is pausing for kBackingStoreGracePeriodSeconds
// to
// allow new references to open before closing the backing store.
// The |pre_close_task_queue| is running any pre-close tasks.
// Calling |destruct_myself| should destruct this object.
// |earliest_global_sweep_time| is expected to outlive this object.
IndexedDBOriginState(url::Origin origin,
bool persist_for_incognito,
base::Clock* clock,
indexed_db::LevelDBFactory* leveldb_factory,
base::Time* earliest_global_sweep_time,
std::unique_ptr<DisjointRangeLockManager> lock_manager,
TasksAvailableCallback notify_tasks_callback,
std::unique_ptr<IndexedDBBackingStore> backing_store);
void AbortAllTransactions(bool compact);
void ForceClose();
bool IsClosing() const {
return closing_stage_ != ClosingState::kNotClosing;
ClosingState closing_stage() const {
return closing_stage_;
void ReportOutstandingBlobs(bool blobs_outstanding);
void StopPersistingForIncognito();
const url::Origin& origin() { return origin_; }
IndexedDBBackingStore* backing_store() {
return backing_store_.get();
const OriginDBMap& databases() const {
return databases_;
DisjointRangeLockManager* lock_manager() {
return lock_manager_.get();
IndexedDBPreCloseTaskQueue* pre_close_task_queue() const {
return pre_close_task_queue_.get();
TasksAvailableCallback notify_tasks_callback() {
return notify_tasks_callback_;
bool is_running_tasks() const { return running_tasks_; }
bool is_task_run_scheduled() const { return task_run_scheduled_; }
void set_task_run_scheduled() { task_run_scheduled_ = true; }
base::OneShotTimer* close_timer() {
return &close_timer_;
enum class RunTasksResult { kDone, kError, kCanBeDestroyed };
std::tuple<RunTasksResult, leveldb::Status> RunTasks();
base::WeakPtr<IndexedDBOriginState> AsWeakPtr() {
return weak_factory_.GetWeakPtr();
friend IndexedDBFactoryImpl;
friend IndexedDBOriginStateHandle;
IndexedDBDatabase* AddDatabase(const base::string16& name,
std::unique_ptr<IndexedDBDatabase> database);
// Returns a new handle to this factory. If this object was in its closing
// sequence, then that sequence will be halted by this call.
IndexedDBOriginStateHandle CreateHandle() WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
void OnHandleDestruction();
// Returns true if this factory can be closed (no references, no blobs, and
// not persisting for incognito).
bool CanCloseFactory();
void MaybeStartClosing();
void StartClosing();
void StartPreCloseTasks();
void CloseAndDestruct();
url::Origin origin_;
// True if this factory should be remain alive due to the storage partition
// being for incognito mode, and our backing store being in-memory. This is
// used as closing criteria for this object, see CanCloseFactory.
bool persist_for_incognito_;
// True if there are blobs referencing this backing store that are still
// alive. This is used as closing criteria for this object, see
// CanCloseFactory.
bool has_blobs_outstanding_ = false;
bool skip_closing_sequence_ = false;
base::Clock* const clock_;
indexed_db::LevelDBFactory* const leveldb_factory_;
bool running_tasks_ = false;
bool task_run_scheduled_ = false;
// This is safe because it is owned by IndexedDBFactoryImpl, which owns this
// object.
base::Time* earliest_global_sweep_time_;
ClosingState closing_stage_ = ClosingState::kNotClosing;
base::OneShotTimer close_timer_;
const std::unique_ptr<DisjointRangeLockManager> lock_manager_;
const std::unique_ptr<IndexedDBBackingStore> backing_store_;
OriginDBMap databases_;
// This is the refcount for the number of IndexedDBOriginStateHandle's given
// out for this factory using OpenReference. This is used as closing
// criteria for this object, see CanCloseFactory.
int64_t open_handles_ = 0;
std::unique_ptr<IndexedDBPreCloseTaskQueue> pre_close_task_queue_;
TasksAvailableCallback notify_tasks_callback_;
base::WeakPtrFactory<IndexedDBOriginState> weak_factory_{this};
} // namespace content