tools addition to automate setting up windows toolchain

Attempting to make it easier and more reliable to set up a windows build toolchain. No need to acquire/install IDEs, service packs, patch things, etc. This tool downloads and unpacks sdks and compiler from various freely available sources.

On a clean machine, after getting depot_tools, and running "gclient" (which installs python), and "git clone ..." or "svn co ..." to get the main chromium repo:

c:\chrome>python src\tools\win\toolchain\
...wait 2-10 minutes depending on download speed...
c:\chrome>cd src
c:\chrome\src>gclient sync
c:\chrome\src>ninja -C out\Debug chrome

This script does not run any "installation" steps, it only extracts tools, and so avoids changing any global machine state. This way, it (intends to) avoid mucking up other compiler installations, and being mucked up by them.

Requires gyp patch at to avoid needing to add fake registry keys.

BUG=windows compilers is hard, let's go shopping
TEST=on clean vmware win7 x64, and many rollbacks to 'fresh install' snapshot. is in progress for a bot that does this.

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