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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "ash/login/ui/login_palette.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/login_types.h"
#include "ui/views/view.h"
namespace views {
class BoxLayout;
class Label;
class LabelButton;
class MdTextButton;
} // namespace views
namespace ash {
class AnimatedRoundedImageView;
class LoginPasswordView;
class LoginPinView;
class LoginPinInputView;
// Contains the debug views that allows the developer to interact with the
// AuthDialogController.
class AuthDialogContentsView : public views::View {
// Flags which describe the set of currently visible auth methods.
enum AuthMethods {
kAuthNone = 0, // No auth methods.
kAuthPassword = 1 << 0, // Display password.
kAuthPin = 1 << 1, // Display PIN keyboard.
kAuthFingerprint = 1 << 2, // Use fingerprint to unlock.
// Extra control parameters to be passed when setting the auth methods.
struct AuthMethodsMetadata {
// User's pin length to use for autosubmit.
size_t autosubmit_pin_length = 0;
AuthDialogContentsView(uint32_t auth_methods,
const std::string& origin_name,
const AuthMethodsMetadata& auth_metadata,
const UserAvatar& avatar);
AuthDialogContentsView(const AuthDialogContentsView&) = delete;
AuthDialogContentsView& operator=(const AuthDialogContentsView&) = delete;
~AuthDialogContentsView() override;
// views::Views:
void GetAccessibleNodeData(ui::AXNodeData* node_data) override;
void RequestFocus() override;
uint32_t auth_methods() const { return auth_methods_; }
class TitleLabel;
class FingerprintView;
// views::View:
void AddedToWidget() override;
// Add a view for user avatar.
void AddAvatarView(const UserAvatar& avatar);
// Add a view for dialog title.
void AddTitleView();
// Add a view that shows which website/app we are authenticating for.
void AddOriginNameView();
// Add a view for entering PIN (if autosubmit is off).
void AddPinTextInputView();
// Add a PIN pad view.
void AddPinPadView();
// Add a PIN input view that automatically submits PIN.
void AddPinDigitInputView();
// Initializes password input field functionality.
void InitPasswordView();
// Add a vertical spacing view.
void AddVerticalSpacing(int height);
// Add a view for action buttons.
void AddActionButtonsView();
// Called when the user taps a digit on the PIN pad.
void OnInsertDigitFromPinPad(int digit);
// Called when the user taps backspace on the PIN pad.
void OnBackspaceFromPinPad();
// Called when either:
// 1. the user inserts or deletes a character in
// |pin_text_input_view_| or |pin_digit_input_view_| without using the PIN
// pad, or
// 2. contents of |pin_text_input_view_| or |pin_digit_input_view_| are
// cleared by a Reset() call.
void OnPinTextChanged(bool is_empty);
// Called when the user submits password or PIN.
void OnAuthSubmit(const base::string16& password);
// Called when PIN authentication of the user completes.
void OnPinAuthComplete(base::Optional<bool> success);
// Called when fingerprint authentication completes.
void OnFingerprintAuthComplete(bool success,
FingerprintState fingerprint_state);
// Called when the cancel button is pressed.
void OnCancelButtonPressed(const ui::Event& event);
// Called when the "Need help?" button is pressed.
void OnNeedHelpButtonPressed(const ui::Event& event);
// Debug container which holds the entire debug UI.
views::View* container_ = nullptr;
// Layout for |container_|.
views::BoxLayout* main_layout_ = nullptr;
// User avatar to indicate this is an OS dialog.
AnimatedRoundedImageView* avatar_view_ = nullptr;
// Title of the auth dialog, also used to show PIN auth error message..
TitleLabel* title_ = nullptr;
// Prompt message to the user.
views::Label* origin_name_view_ = nullptr;
// Whether PIN can be auto submitted.
bool pin_autosubmit_on_ = false;
// Number of PIN attempts so far.
int pin_attempts_ = 0;
// Text input field for PIN if PIN cannot be auto submitted.
LoginPasswordView* pin_text_input_view_ = nullptr;
// PIN input view that's shown if PIN can be auto submitted.
LoginPinInputView* pin_digit_input_view_ = nullptr;
// PIN pad view.
LoginPinView* pin_pad_view_ = nullptr;
FingerprintView* fingerprint_view_ = nullptr;
// A button to cancel authentication and close the dialog.
views::MdTextButton* cancel_button_ = nullptr;
// A button to show a help center article.
views::LabelButton* help_button_ = nullptr;
// Flags of auth methods that should be visible.
uint32_t auth_methods_ = 0u;
const std::string origin_name_;
// Extra parameters to control the UI.
AuthMethodsMetadata auth_metadata_;
LoginPalette palette_ = CreateInSessionAuthPalette();
// Container which holds action buttons.
views::View* action_view_container_ = nullptr;
base::WeakPtrFactory<AuthDialogContentsView> weak_factory_{this};
} // namespace ash