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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/login_constants.h"
#include "ash/style/ash_color_provider.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/label.h"
namespace views {
class FocusRing;
class View;
class Widget;
} // namespace views
namespace ash {
namespace login_views_utils {
namespace {
constexpr int kDefaultLineHeight = 20;
// Helper function to get default font list for login/lock screen text label.
// It is slightly different from views::Label::GetDefaultFontList since the
// font size returned is 13 pt instead of 12 pt.
const gfx::FontList GetLoginDefaultFontList() {
return gfx::FontList(
{login_constants::kDefaultFontName}, gfx::Font::FontStyle::NORMAL,
login_constants::kDefaultFontSize, gfx::Font::Weight::NORMAL);
} // namespace
// Wraps view in another view so the original view is sized to it's preferred
// size, regardless of the view's parent's layout manager.
ASH_EXPORT std::unique_ptr<views::View> WrapViewForPreferredSize(
std::unique_ptr<views::View> view);
// Returns true if landscape constants should be used for UI shown in |widget|.
ASH_EXPORT bool ShouldShowLandscape(const views::Widget* widget);
// Returns true if |view| or any of its descendant views HasFocus.
ASH_EXPORT bool HasFocusInAnyChildView(views::View* view);
// Creates a standard text label for use in the login bubbles.
// If |view_defining_max_width| is set, we allow the label to have multiple
// lines and we set its maximum width to the preferred width of
// |view_defining_max_width|.
views::Label* CreateBubbleLabel(
const base::string16& message,
views::View* view_defining_max_width = nullptr,
SkColor color = AshColorProvider::Get()->GetContentLayerColor(
const gfx::FontList& font_list = GetLoginDefaultFontList(),
int line_height = kDefaultLineHeight);
// Get the bubble container for |view| to place a LoginBaseBubbleView.
views::View* GetBubbleContainer(views::View* view);
ASH_EXPORT gfx::Point CalculateBubblePositionAfterBeforeStrategy(
gfx::Rect anchor,
gfx::Size bubble,
gfx::Rect bounds);
ASH_EXPORT gfx::Point CalculateBubblePositionBeforeAfterStrategy(
gfx::Rect anchor,
gfx::Size bubble,
gfx::Rect bounds);
// Applies a rectangular focus ring to |focus_ring| and round ink drop to
// |view|. |focus_ring| may not be the ring associated with |view|. If |radius|
// is passed the ink drop will be a circle with radius |radius| otherwise its
// radius will be determined by the view's bounds.
void ConfigureRectFocusRingCircleInkDrop(views::View* view,
views::FocusRing* focus_ring,
base::Optional<int> radius);
} // namespace login_views_utils
} // namespace ash