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  1. ar/
  2. autofill_assistant/
  3. cablev2_authenticator/
  4. dev_ui/
  5. keyboard_accessory/
  6. media_router/
  7. stack_unwinder/
  8. start_surface/
  9. tab_ui/
  10. vr/
  11. android_library_factory_tmpl.gni
  13. create_stripped_java_factory.pydeps
  14. DEPS
  15. OWNERS

Chrome on Android Feature Targets

This is the top-level directory for various feature targets for chrome on android. Each subdirectory should be one self-contained feature including all the source files, resource files, string translations that are part of that feature. See the directory structure for keyboard_accessory as an example. Some of these features are dynamic feature modules, and others are plain features that are in the base chrome module.

There are some useful GN templates in this top-level directory. For example: android_library_factory_tmpl.gni contains a template to make generating empty build-time factories easier. This allows chrome_java to not depend on the internal implementation of a feature but rather call these generated factories. The specifics are documented in the GN template file.