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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include "base/profiler/unwinder.h"
#include "v8/include/v8.h"
// Implements stack frame unwinding for V8 generated code frames, for use with
// the StackSamplingProfiler.
class V8Unwinder : public base::Unwinder {
explicit V8Unwinder(v8::Isolate* isolate);
~V8Unwinder() override;
V8Unwinder(const V8Unwinder&) = delete;
V8Unwinder& operator=(const V8Unwinder&) = delete;
// Unwinder:
void InitializeModules(base::ModuleCache* module_cache) override;
void OnStackCapture() override;
void UpdateModules(base::ModuleCache* module_cache) override;
bool CanUnwindFrom(const base::Frame& current_frame) const override;
base::UnwindResult TryUnwind(base::RegisterContext* thread_context,
uintptr_t stack_top,
base::ModuleCache* module_cache,
std::vector<base::Frame>* stack) const override;
// Build ids generated by the unwinder. Exposed for test use.
static const char kV8EmbeddedCodeRangeBuildId[];
static const char kV8CodeRangeBuildId[];
// Invokes CopyCodePages on the Isolate. Virtual to provide a seam for testing
// of module processing behavior.
virtual size_t CopyCodePages(size_t capacity, v8::MemoryRange* code_pages);
// Custom container for storing V8 code memory ranges. We use this type rather
// than std::vector to guarantee that no heap allocation occurs during the
// operations used in OnStackCapture().
class MemoryRanges {
// Functions that must not heap allocate:
// Returns a pointer to the start of the internal buffer.
v8::MemoryRange* buffer() { return ranges_.get(); }
const v8::MemoryRange* buffer() const { return ranges_.get(); }
// The capacity of the internal buffer.
size_t capacity() const { return capacity_; }
// Sets the number of elements stored.
void SetSize(size_t size);
// Functions that may heap allocate:
// Ensures that the object can store |required_capacity| elements,
// allocating more space if necessary.
void ExpandCapacityIfNecessary(size_t required_capacity);
// The number of elements stored.
size_t size() const {
DCHECK_LE(size_, capacity_);
return size_;
// Capacity and size are denominated in number of elements.
size_t capacity_;
size_t size_;
std::unique_ptr<v8::MemoryRange[]> ranges_;
// Compares modules by their extents in memory.
struct ModuleCompare {
bool operator()(const base::ModuleCache::Module* a,
const base::ModuleCache::Module* b) const;
v8::Isolate* const isolate_;
const v8::JSEntryStubs js_entry_stubs_;
const v8::MemoryRange embedded_code_range_;
// Code ranges recorded for the current sample.
MemoryRanges code_ranges_;
// The number of code ranges required to represent all of ranges supplied by
// V8 on the last call to CopyCodePages().
size_t required_code_ranges_capacity_ = 0;
// Records the currently active V8 modules, ordered by their extents in
// memory.
std::set<const base::ModuleCache::Module*, ModuleCompare> modules_;