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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Switches used by the ContextProviderImpl to configure each Context process.
namespace switches {
// Register custom content directories under the fuchsia-dir:// scheme. Value
// is a comma-separated list of key=value pairs mapping a directory name to a
// handle Id, e.g. foo=1234,bar=5678
extern const char kContentDirectories[];
// Prevents the use of video codecs that are not hardware-accelerated.
extern const char kDisableSoftwareVideoDecoders[];
// Enables Widevine CDM support.
extern const char kEnableWidevine[];
// Indicates that the Context was created without a |data_directory|.
extern const char kIncognito[];
// Enables PlayReady CDM and specifies the corresponding key system string.
extern const char kPlayreadyKeySystem[];
// Enables debug-mode DevTools. Value consists of a comma-separated list of
// handle-Ids to retrieve via |zx_take_startup_handle()|.
extern const char kRemoteDebuggerHandles[];
// Specifies a custom UserAgent product & version to use.
extern const char kUserAgentProductAndVersion[];
// By default, an https page cannot run JavaScript, CSS or resources from http
// URLs. This provides an override to get the old insecure behavior.
// TODO( Remove this switch when it is no longer
// necessary.
extern const char kAllowRunningInsecureContent[];
// Enables use of the fuchsia.legacymetrics.MetricsRecorder service for
// telemetry.
extern const char kUseLegacyMetricsService[];
// Specifies a comma-separated list of HTTP headers to exempt from CORS checks.
extern const char kCorsExemptHeaders[];
// Enables the Cast Streaming Receiver.
// TODO( Consider removing this flag when we have a better
// way of enabling this feature.
extern const char kEnableCastStreamingReceiver[];
// Data directory to be used for CDM user data.
extern const char kCdmDataDirectory[];
// Quota to apply to the CDM user data directory, in bytes.
extern const char kCdmDataQuotaBytes[];
// Soft quota to apply to the Context's persistent data directory, in bytes.
extern const char kDataQuotaBytes[];
// API Key used to access Google services.
extern const char kGoogleApiKey[];
} // namespace switches