List of CQ builders

Changes that only modify files in //infra/config, which do not change any build outputs, only require the chromium_presubmit builder to pass before landing.

Each builder name links to that builder on Milo. The “matching builders” links point to the file used to determine which configurations a builder should copy when running. These links might 404 or error; they are hard-coded right now, using common assumptions about how builders are configured.

Required builders

These builders must pass before a CL may land that affects files outside of //infra/config.

Optional builders

These builders optionally run, depending on the files in a CL. For example, a CL which touches //gpu/ would trigger the builder android_optional_gpu_tests_rel, due to the location_regexp values for that builder.

Experimental builders

These builders are run on some percentage of builds. Their results are ignored by CQ. These are often used to test new configurations before they are added as required builders.