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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
def _project_settings(
"""Declare settings for the project.
This provides the central location for what must be modified when
setting up the project for a new branch or when a branch changes category
(e.g. moves from a standard release channel to the long-term support
* project - The name of the LUCI project.
* project_title - A string identifying the project in title contexts (e.g.
titles of consoles).
* is_master - Whether this branch is main/master/trunk.
* is_lts_branch - Whether this branch is in the LTS channel.
* ref - The git ref containing the code for this branch.
if is_master and is_lts_branch:
fail("is_master and is_lts_branch can't both be True")
return struct(
project = project,
project_title = project_title,
is_master = is_master,
is_lts_branch = is_lts_branch,
ref = ref,
settings = _project_settings(**json.decode(io.read_file("./settings.json")))
def _generate_project_pyl(ctx):
ctx.output["project.pyl"] = "\n".join([
"# This is a non-LUCI generated file",
"# This is consumed by presubmit checks that need to validate the config",
# On master, we want to ensure that we don't have source side specs
# defined for non-existent builders
# On branches, we don't want to re-generate the source side specs as
# that would increase branch day toil and complicate cherry-picks
validate_source_side_specs_have_builder = settings.is_master,
def _milestone_details(*, project, ref):
"""Define the details for an active milestone.
* project - The name of the LUCI project that is configured for the
* ref - The ref in the git repository that contains the code for the
return struct(
project = project,
ref = ref,
# The milestone names and branch numbers of branches that we have builders
# running for (including milestone-specific projects)
# Branch numbers and milestones can be viewed in the chromium column at
# The 3rd portion of the version number is the branch number for the associated
# milestone
m["name"]: _milestone_details(project = m["project"], ref = m["ref"])
for m in json.decode(io.read_file("./milestones.json")).values()