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The VpnProvider example demonstrates how to use the VpnProvider API.
This NaCl SDK example can only be used as an extension on Chrome OS.
== Compile ==
Run "make" from this folder, then open up chrome://extensions
in the browser select "Pack extension...", browse to examples/api/vpn_provider,
click on "Open", then on "Pack extension" and "OK". Copy the .crx to the
== Install ==
To "sideload" an app or extension under Chrome OS, open up chrome://extensions
in the browser on the Chromebook, then open the file manager with Alt-Shift-M,
then drag the .crx file onto the extensions page.
== Test ==
After loading the extension to a Chromebook, open the 'VPN Provider' app.
Wait for the connection to be created. From the network configuration menu
select the 'Mock configuration' entry.
Observe the connection setup flow in the "VPN Provider" app.