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Name: divsufsort
Date: 2016-06-01
Security Critical: no
License: MIT
License File: LICENSE
This directory contains a modified version of Yuta Mori's libdivsufsort,
available in its original form from:
The copy in this directory is so extensively modified that the binary format is
incompatible with the original and it cannot be compiled outside the Chromium
source tree or the Courgette project.
List of changes made to original code:
- Flattened directory and renamed .c files to .cc files.
- Extracted top-of-file license to common file LICENCE.
- Removed unused features, e.g., Burrows-Wheeler transformation.
- Removed Open EMP usage.
- Changed static functions to anonymous namespace functions.
- Moved various #define's from divsufsort_private.h to files that use them.
- Adapted code to enable PagedArray usage, to reduce effect of memory
- Classified saidx_t* to {saidx_t*, saidx_it, const_saidx_it}.
- Extracted ss_compare_internal() from ss_compare(), to break awkward usage
of local array at end of sssort().
- Defined saidx_it and const_saidx_it to use PagedArray iterators. To
restore old behavior, we can define DIVSUFSORT_NO_PAGED_ARRAY.
- Added namespace divsuf.
- Added divsufsort_with_empty().
- Added unit tests.
- Patch to avoid int/uint comparison warnings.