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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/callback_forward.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "content/public/browser/download_interrupt_reasons.h"
namespace net {
class URLRequest;
namespace content {
class DownloadItem;
class ResourceContext;
class ResourceDispatcherHostDelegate;
struct DownloadSaveInfo;
struct Referrer;
class CONTENT_EXPORT ResourceDispatcherHost {
typedef base::Callback<void(DownloadItem*, DownloadInterruptReason)>
// Returns the singleton instance of the ResourceDispatcherHost.
static ResourceDispatcherHost* Get();
// This does not take ownership of the delegate. It is expected that the
// delegate have a longer lifetime than the ResourceDispatcherHost.
virtual void SetDelegate(ResourceDispatcherHostDelegate* delegate) = 0;
// Controls whether third-party sub-content can pop-up HTTP basic auth
// dialog boxes.
virtual void SetAllowCrossOriginAuthPrompt(bool value) = 0;
// Initiates a download by explicit request of the renderer (e.g. due to
// alt-clicking a link) or some other chrome subsystem.
// |is_content_initiated| is used to indicate that the request was generated
// from a web page, and hence may not be as trustworthy as a browser
// generated request. If |download_id| is invalid, a download id will be
// automatically assigned to the request, otherwise the specified download id
// will be used. (Note that this will result in re-use of an existing
// download item if the download id was already assigned.) If the download
// is started, |started_callback| will be called on the UI thread with the
// DownloadItem; otherwise an interrupt reason will be returned.
virtual DownloadInterruptReason BeginDownload(
scoped_ptr<net::URLRequest> request,
const Referrer& referrer,
bool is_content_initiated,
ResourceContext* context,
int child_id,
int route_id,
bool prefer_cache,
bool do_not_prompt_for_login,
scoped_ptr<DownloadSaveInfo> save_info,
uint32 download_id,
const DownloadStartedCallback& started_callback) = 0;
// Clears the ResourceDispatcherHostLoginDelegate associated with the request.
virtual void ClearLoginDelegateForRequest(net::URLRequest* request) = 0;
// Causes all new requests for the route identified by |child_id| and
// |route_id| to be blocked (not being started) until
// ResumeBlockedRequestsForRoute is called.
virtual void BlockRequestsForRoute(int child_id, int route_id) = 0;
// Resumes any blocked request for the specified route id.
virtual void ResumeBlockedRequestsForRoute(int child_id, int route_id) = 0;
virtual ~ResourceDispatcherHost() {}
} // namespace content