Add Linux Builder and Tester to chromium.linux console

Bug: 790133,790143
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  5. cr-buildbucket-dev.cfg
  6. cr-buildbucket.cfg
  7. luci-logdog-dev.cfg
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  12. project.cfg

infra/config branch

This branch contains chromium project-wide configurations for chrome-infra services. For example, cr-buildbucket.cfg defines builders.

Making changes

It is recommended to have a separate checkout for this branch, so switching to/from this branch does not populate/delete all files in the master branch.

Initial setup:

mkdir config
cd config
git init
git remote add -t infra/config origin
git config --add remote.origin.fetch '+refs/heads/infra/config:refs/remotes/origin/master'
git fetch

Now you can create a new branch (or more than one) to make changes:

git new-branch some_feature
# edit cr-buildbucket.cfg
git commit -a
git cl upload

To rebase your local branches on top of upstream:

git rebase-update