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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "device/gamepad/gamepad_id_list.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <iterator>
#include "base/stl_util.h"
namespace device {
namespace {
static base::LazyInstance<GamepadIdList>::Leaky g_singleton =
constexpr struct GamepadInfo {
uint16_t vendor;
uint16_t product;
XInputType xtype;
} kGamepadInfo[] = {
{0x0010, 0x0082, kXInputTypeNone},
// DragonRise Inc.
{0x0079, 0x0006, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0079, 0x0011, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0079, 0x1800, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0079, 0x181b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0079, 0x1843, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0079, 0x1844, kXInputTypeNone},
// Steelseries ApS (Bluetooth)
{0x0111, 0x1417, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0111, 0x1419, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0111, 0x1420, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0113, 0xf900, kXInputTypeNone},
// Creative Technology, Ltd
{0x041e, 0x1003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x041e, 0x1050, kXInputTypeNone},
// Advanced Gravis Computer Tech, Ltd
{0x0428, 0x4001, kXInputTypeNone},
// Alps Electric Co., Ltd
{0x0433, 0x1101, kXInputTypeNone},
// ThrustMaster, Inc.
{0x044f, 0x0f00, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x044f, 0x0f03, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x044f, 0x0f07, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x044f, 0x0f10, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x044f, 0xa0a3, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb300, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb304, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb312, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb315, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb320, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb323, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb326, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x044f, 0xb653, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xb677, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xd003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xd008, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x044f, 0xd009, kXInputTypeNone},
// Microsoft Corp.
{0x045e, 0x0026, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x045e, 0x0027, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x045e, 0x0202, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x045e, 0x0285, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x045e, 0x0287, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x045e, 0x0288, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x045e, 0x0289, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x045e, 0x028e, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x028f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x045e, 0x0291, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x02a0, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x02a1, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x02d1, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x02dd, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x02e0, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x045e, 0x02e3, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x02e6, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x02ea, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x02fd, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x045e, 0x02ff, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x0719, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x045e, 0x0b0a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x045e, 0x0b0c, kXInputTypeNone},
// Logitech, Inc.
{0x046d, 0xc208, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc209, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc211, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc215, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc216, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc218, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc219, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc21a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc21d, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x046d, 0xc21e, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x046d, 0xc21f, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x046d, 0xc242, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x046d, 0xc24f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc260, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc261, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc262, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc298, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc299, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc29a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xc29b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x046d, 0xca84, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x046d, 0xca88, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x046d, 0xca8a, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x046d, 0xcaa3, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// Kensington
{0x047d, 0x4003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x047d, 0x4005, kXInputTypeNone},
// Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
{0x04b4, 0x010a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x04b4, 0xd5d5, kXInputTypeNone},
// Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
{0x04d9, 0x0002, kXInputTypeNone},
// Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
{0x04e8, 0xa000, kXInputTypeNone},
// Siam United Hi-Tech
{0x0500, 0x9b28, kXInputTypeNone},
// Belkin Components
{0x050d, 0x0802, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x050d, 0x0803, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x050d, 0x0805, kXInputTypeNone},
// Sony Corp.
{0x054c, 0x0268, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x0306, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x042f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x05c4, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x05c5, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x09cc, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x054c, 0x0ba0, kXInputTypeNone},
// Elecom Co., Ltd
{0x056e, 0x2003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x056e, 0x2004, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// Nintendo Co., Ltd
{0x057e, 0x0306, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x0330, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x0337, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x2006, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x2007, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x2009, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x057e, 0x200e, kXInputTypeNone},
// Padix Co., Ltd (Rockfire)
{0x0583, 0x2060, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0x206f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0x3050, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xa000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xa024, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xa025, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xa130, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xa133, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0583, 0xb031, kXInputTypeNone},
// Vetronix Corp.
{0x05a0, 0x3232, kXInputTypeNone},
// Apple, Inc.
{0x05ac, 0x3232, kXInputTypeNone},
// Genesys Logic, Inc.
{0x05e3, 0x0596, kXInputTypeNone},
// InterAct, Inc.
{0x05fd, 0x1007, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x05fd, 0x107a, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x05fd, 0x3000, kXInputTypeNone},
// Chic Technology Corp.
{0x05fe, 0x0014, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x05fe, 0x3030, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x05fe, 0x3031, kXInputTypeXbox},
// MosArt Semiconductor Corp.
{0x062a, 0x0020, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x062a, 0x0033, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x062a, 0x2410, kXInputTypeNone},
// Saitek PLC
{0x06a3, 0x0109, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0x0200, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x06a3, 0x0201, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x06a3, 0x0241, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0x040b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0x040c, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0x052d, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0x3509, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0xf518, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0xf51a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x06a3, 0xf622, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0xf623, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06a3, 0xff0c, kXInputTypeNone},
// Aashima Technology B.V.
{0x06d6, 0x0025, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x06d6, 0x0026, kXInputTypeNone},
// Guillemot Corp.
{0x06f8, 0xa300, kXInputTypeNone},
// Mad Catz, Inc.
{0x0738, 0x3250, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x3285, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x3384, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x3480, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x3481, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x4506, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4516, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4520, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4522, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4526, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4530, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4536, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4540, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4556, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4586, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4588, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x45ff, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4716, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4718, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4726, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4728, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4736, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4738, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4740, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4743, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x4758, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0x4a01, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0738, 0x5266, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x6040, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0738, 0x8180, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8250, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8384, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8480, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8481, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8818, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x8838, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0x9871, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xb726, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xb738, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xbeef, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xcb02, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xcb03, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xcb29, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0738, 0xf401, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0738, 0xf738, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x07b5, 0x0213, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x07b5, 0x0312, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x07b5, 0x0314, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x07b5, 0x0315, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x07b5, 0x9902, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x07ff, 0xffff, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// Personal Communication Systems, Inc.
{0x0810, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0810, 0x0003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0810, 0x1e01, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0810, 0xe501, kXInputTypeNone},
// Lakeview Research
{0x0925, 0x0005, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0925, 0x03e8, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0925, 0x1700, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0925, 0x2801, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0925, 0x8866, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0926, 0x2526, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0926, 0x8888, kXInputTypeNone},
// NVIDIA Corp.
{0x0955, 0x7210, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0955, 0x7214, kXInputTypeNone},
// ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
{0x0b05, 0x4500, kXInputTypeNone},
//, Inc.
{0x0b43, 0x0005, kXInputTypeNone},
// Zeroplus
{0x0c12, 0x0005, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x0e10, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0c12, 0x0ef6, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0c12, 0x1cf6, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0c12, 0x8801, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x8802, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x8809, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x880a, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x8810, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0c12, 0x9902, kXInputTypeXbox},
// Microdia
{0x0c45, 0x4320, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0d2f, 0x0002, kXInputTypeXbox},
// Radica Games, Ltd
{0x0e4c, 0x1097, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e4c, 0x1103, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e4c, 0x2390, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e4c, 0x3510, kXInputTypeXbox},
// Logic3
{0x0e6f, 0x0003, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e6f, 0x0005, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e6f, 0x0006, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e6f, 0x0008, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e6f, 0x0105, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0113, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x011e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x011f, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0124, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x0130, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x0131, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0133, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0139, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x013a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0146, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0147, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0158, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x015c, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0161, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0162, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0163, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0164, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0165, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0201, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0213, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x021f, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0246, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x02a0, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x02ab, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0x0301, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0346, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0e6f, 0x0401, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0413, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0x0501, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0e6f, 0xf501, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0xf701, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e6f, 0xf900, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// GreenAsia Inc.
{0x0e8f, 0x0003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x0008, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x0012, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x0201, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e8f, 0x1006, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x3008, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0e8f, 0x3010, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x3013, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x3075, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0e8f, 0x310d, kXInputTypeNone},
// Hori Co., Ltd
{0x0f0d, 0x000a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0f0d, 0x000c, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0f0d, 0x000d, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0f0d, 0x0010, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0011, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0016, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0f0d, 0x001b, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x0f0d, 0x0022, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0027, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x003d, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0040, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0049, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x004d, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0055, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x005b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x005c, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x005e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x005f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0063, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0f0d, 0x0066, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0067, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0f0d, 0x006a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x006b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x006e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0070, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0078, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x0f0d, 0x0084, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0085, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0087, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0088, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x008a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x008b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x0090, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f0d, 0x00ee, kXInputTypeNone},
// Jess Technology Co., Ltd
{0x0f30, 0x010b, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0f30, 0x0110, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x0111, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x0112, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x0202, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x0f30, 0x0208, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x1012, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x1100, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x1112, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x1116, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x0f30, 0x8888, kXInputTypeXbox},
// Etoms Electronics Corp.
{0x102c, 0xff0c, kXInputTypeXbox},
// SteelSeries ApS (USB)
{0x1038, 0x1412, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1038, 0x1418, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1038, 0x1420, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1080, 0x0009, kXInputTypeNone},
// Betop
{0x11c0, 0x5213, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x11c0, 0x5506, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x11c9, 0x55f0, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x11ff, 0x3331, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x11ff, 0x3341, kXInputTypeNone},
// Focusrite-Novation
{0x1235, 0xab21, kXInputTypeNone},
// Nyko (Honey Bee)
{0x124b, 0x4d01, kXInputTypeNone},
// Honey Bee Electronic International Ltd.
{0x12ab, 0x0004, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x12ab, 0x0006, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x12ab, 0x0301, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x12ab, 0x0302, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x12ab, 0x0303, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x12ab, 0x0e6f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x12ab, 0x8809, kXInputTypeXbox},
// Gembird
{0x12bd, 0xd012, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x12bd, 0xd015, kXInputTypeNone},
// Sino Lite Technology Corp.
{0x1345, 0x1000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1345, 0x3008, kXInputTypeNone},
// RedOctane
{0x1430, 0x02a0, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1430, 0x4734, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1430, 0x4748, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1430, 0x474c, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1430, 0x8888, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x1430, 0xf801, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x146b, 0x0601, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x146b, 0x0d01, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x146b, 0x5500, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x14d8, 0x6208, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x14d8, 0xcd07, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x14d8, 0xcfce, kXInputTypeNone},
// Razer USA, Ltd
{0x1532, 0x0037, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1532, 0x0300, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1532, 0x0401, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1532, 0x0900, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1532, 0x0a00, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x1532, 0x0a03, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x1532, 0x1000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x15e4, 0x3f00, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x15e4, 0x3f0a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x15e4, 0x3f10, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x162e, 0xbeef, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// Razer USA, Ltd
{0x1689, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1689, 0xfd00, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1689, 0xfd01, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1689, 0xfe00, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// Askey Computer Corp.
{0x1690, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
// Van Ooijen Technische Informatica
{0x16c0, 0x0487, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x16c0, 0x05e1, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1781, 0x057e, kXInputTypeNone},
// Google Inc.
{0x18d1, 0x2c40, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x18d1, 0x502e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x18d1, 0x9400, kXInputTypeNone},
// Lab126, Inc.
{0x1949, 0x0402, kXInputTypeNone},
// Gampaq Co.Ltd
{0x19fa, 0x0607, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0x0203, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0x0401, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0x0801, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0x0802, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0x0836, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1a34, 0xf705, kXInputTypeNone},
// Harmonix Music
{0x1bad, 0x0002, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0x0003, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0x0130, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0x028e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0x0301, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0x5500, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0xf016, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf018, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf019, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf021, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf023, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf025, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf027, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf028, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf02d, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0xf02e, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf030, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf036, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf038, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf039, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf03a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf03d, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf03e, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf03f, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf042, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf080, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf0ca, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0xf501, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf502, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf503, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf504, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf505, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf506, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf900, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf901, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf902, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0xf903, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf904, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf906, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xf907, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1bad, 0xfa01, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xfd00, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x1bad, 0xfd01, kXInputTypeXbox360},
// OpenMoko, Inc.
{0x1d50, 0x6053, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1d79, 0x0301, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1dd8, 0x000b, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1dd8, 0x000f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x1dd8, 0x0010, kXInputTypeNone},
// DAP Technologies
{0x2002, 0x9000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x20d6, 0x0dad, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x20d6, 0x6271, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x20d6, 0x89e5, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x20d6, 0xca6d, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x20e8, 0x5860, kXInputTypeNone},
// MacAlly
{0x2222, 0x0060, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2222, 0x4010, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x22ba, 0x1020, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2378, 0x1008, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2378, 0x100a, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x24c6, 0x5000, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5300, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5303, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x530a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x531a, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5397, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x541a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x24c6, 0x542a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x24c6, 0x543a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x24c6, 0x5500, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5501, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5502, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5503, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5506, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x550d, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x550e, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x551a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x24c6, 0x561a, kXInputTypeXboxOne},
{0x24c6, 0x5b00, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5b02, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5b03, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0x5d04, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x24c6, 0xfafb, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x24c6, 0xfafc, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x24c6, 0xfafd, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x24c6, 0xfafe, kXInputTypeXbox360},
{0x2563, 0x0523, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x25f0, 0x83c1, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x25f0, 0xc121, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2717, 0x3144, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2810, 0x0009, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2836, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
// Dracal/Raphnet technologies
{0x289b, 0x0003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x289b, 0x0005, kXInputTypeNone},
// Valve Software
{0x28de, 0x1002, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1042, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1052, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1071, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1101, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1102, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1105, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1106, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1142, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x11fc, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x11ff, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1201, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x28de, 0x1202, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2c22, 0x2000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2c22, 0x2300, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2c22, 0x2302, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x1003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x1080, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x2830, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x3000, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x3001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x3820, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dc8, 0x9001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x2dfa, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x3767, 0x0101, kXInputTypeXbox},
{0x3820, 0x0009, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x4c50, 0x5453, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x5347, 0x6d61, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x6469, 0x6469, kXInputTypeNone},
// Prototype product Vendor ID
{0x6666, 0x0667, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x6666, 0x8804, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x6666, 0x9401, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x6957, 0x746f, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x6978, 0x706e, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x8000, 0x1002, kXInputTypeNone},
{0x8888, 0x0308, kXInputTypeNone},
{0xf000, 0x0003, kXInputTypeNone},
{0xf000, 0x00f1, kXInputTypeNone},
// Hama
{0xf766, 0x0001, kXInputTypeNone},
{0xf766, 0x0005, kXInputTypeNone},
constexpr size_t kGamepadInfoLength = base::size(kGamepadInfo);
bool CompareEntry(const GamepadInfo& a, const GamepadInfo& b) {
return std::tie(a.vendor, a.product) < std::tie(b.vendor, b.product);
const GamepadInfo* GetGamepadInfo(uint16_t vendor, uint16_t product) {
const GamepadInfo* begin = std::begin(kGamepadInfo);
const GamepadInfo* end = std::end(kGamepadInfo);
GamepadInfo target_entry = {vendor, product, kXInputTypeNone};
const GamepadInfo* it =
std::lower_bound(begin, end, target_entry, CompareEntry);
if (it == end || it->vendor != vendor || it->product != product)
return nullptr;
return it;
} // namespace
// static
GamepadIdList& GamepadIdList::Get() {
return g_singleton.Get();
GamepadIdList::GamepadIdList() {
DCHECK(std::is_sorted(std::begin(kGamepadInfo), std::end(kGamepadInfo),
XInputType GamepadIdList::GetXInputType(uint16_t vendor_id,
uint16_t product_id) const {
const auto* entry = GetGamepadInfo(vendor_id, product_id);
return entry ? entry->xtype : kXInputTypeNone;
GamepadId GamepadIdList::GetGamepadId(uint16_t vendor_id,
uint16_t product_id) const {
const auto* entry = GetGamepadInfo(vendor_id, product_id);
// The ID value combines the vendor and product IDs.
return entry ? static_cast<GamepadId>((vendor_id << 16) | product_id)
: GamepadId::kUnknownGamepad;
std::vector<std::tuple<uint16_t, uint16_t, XInputType>>
GamepadIdList::GetGamepadListForTesting() const {
std::vector<std::tuple<uint16_t, uint16_t, XInputType>> gamepads;
for (size_t i = 0; i < kGamepadInfoLength; ++i) {
const auto& item = kGamepadInfo[i];
gamepads.push_back(std::make_tuple(item.vendor, item.product, item.xtype));
return gamepads;
} // namespace device