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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/feature_list.h"
namespace web {
namespace features {
// Used to always allow scaling of the web page, regardless of author intent.
extern const base::Feature kIgnoresViewportScaleLimits;
// Used to crash the browser if unexpected URL change is detected.
extern const base::Feature kCrashOnUnexpectedURLChange;
// Used to enable the workaround for WKWebView history clobber bug
// (
extern const base::Feature kHistoryClobberWorkaround;
// Used to prevent native apps from being opened when a universal link is tapped
// and the user is browsing in off the record mode.
extern const base::Feature kBlockUniversalLinksInOffTheRecordMode;
// Used to ensure that the render is not suspended.
extern const base::Feature kKeepsRenderProcessAlive;
// Used to enable the workaround for a WKWebView WKNavigation leak.
// ( Clear older pending navigation records when a
// navigation finishes.
extern const base::Feature kClearOldNavigationRecordsWorkaround;
// Used to enable committed interstitials for SSL errors.
extern const base::Feature kSSLCommittedInterstitials;
// Used to enable using WKWebView.loading for WebState::IsLoading.
extern const base::Feature kUseWKWebViewLoading;
// Feature flag enabling persistent downloads.
extern const base::Feature kEnablePersistentDownloads;
// Feature flag for the new error page workflow, using JavaScript.
extern const base::Feature kUseJSForErrorPage;
// When enabled, for each navigation, the default user agent is chosen by the
// WebClient GetDefaultUserAgent() method. If it is disabled, the mobile version
// is requested by default.
extern const base::Feature kUseDefaultUserAgentInWebClient;
// When enabled, preserves properties of the UIScrollView using CRWPropertyStore
// when the scroll view is recreated. When disabled, only preserve a small set
// of properties using hard coded logic.
extern const base::Feature kPreserveScrollViewProperties;
// Use WKWebView.loading to update WebState::IsLoading.
// TODO( Clean up this flag after experiment.
bool UseWKWebViewLoading();
// Level at which battery power is considered low, and some cosmetic features
// can be turned off.
const float kLowBatteryLevelThreshold = 0.2;
} // namespace features
} // namespace web