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WPT Configuration

There are some special files under this directory for adapting web platform tests for Blink:

  • web_tests/external/wpt/config.json: wptserve configuration file for overriding default routes and ports. Note that filesystem paths are relative to blink/web_tests, where wptserve runs. When changing the ports (HTTP/S, WS/S), make sure to also:
    • Update WPT_HOST_AND_PORTS in //third_party/blink/tools/blinkpy/web_tests/port/
    • Update WebTestContentBrowserClient::GetOriginsRequiringDedicatedProcess
  • web_tests/wptrunner.blink.ini: Describes WPT tests other than external/wpt, which is automatically mapped to the document root http://web-platform.test/. Note that this config is only ingested by wptrunner; automatically recognizes all tests under web_tests/.